196 Impossible Would You Rather Questions 2021

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sparrow jack March 20, 2021
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Here are the 18 best would you rather conversation starters:


1. Would You Rather Give Up Breakfast, Lunch, Or Dinner?

You can also discuss whether or not brunch or “linner” are allowable loopholes. Are you willing to skip every meal of any of these?

2. Would You Rather Have To Wear Formal Attire Or Pajamas Every Time, Every Day?

Are you more of a dinner party or slumber party kind of person?

3. Would You Rather Spend All Day Sitting Or Standing?

Would you rather be able to sit or stand for the rest of your life? Both get old fast.

196 Impossible Would You Rather Questions 2021

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4. Would You Rather Be A Master Of Every Musical Instrument Or Be Fluent In Every Language?

How do you prefer to communicate with the world? Verbally or musically? Whichever direction you head, you’re going to be stellar.

5. Would You Rather Super Sensitive Taste Or Super Sensitive Hearing?

Both have their pros and cons. Discuss.

6. Would You Rather Be A Famous Director Or A Famous Actor?

Life’s like a movie. Would you rather live in front or behind the camera? Do you like to be the star or be in control?

7. Would You Rather Be Able To Go To Any Theme Park In The World For Free For The Rest Of Your Life Or Eat For Free At Any Fast Food Restaurant For The Rest Of Your Life?

For the rest of your life, would you rather get sick from rides or burgers?

8. Would You Rather Be Too Hot Or Too Cold Every Time?

Would you never be able to feel the other again? And how would you find relief?

9. Would You Rather Live As An Olympic Gold Medalist Or A Nobel Peace Prize Winner?

This question shows whether the other person values physical or mental prowess more.

10. Would You Rather Be Able To Live In A Cave Or Live In A Tree House?

Discuss decorations, locations, and amenities.

11. Would You Rather Have X-Ray Vision Or Bionic Hearing?

See all or hear all? Or would you rather read minds?

12. Would You Rather Be A Deep-Sea Diver Or An Astronaut?

The ocean is full of wonder and mysteries, but so is space. Which one is more intriguing?

13. Would You Rather Be Attacked By A Giant Snake Or An Angry Piranha?

And how would you fight back?

14. Would You Rather Be Able To Fly Or Be Invisible?

Two classic wishes. What would you do with your powers?

15. Would You Rather Visit The Moon Or Go On An All-Expenses-Paid Vacation Anywhere On Earth?

The moon doesn’t have much to offer as far as attractions, but it’s the moon.

16. Would You Rather Get A Horse Or A Dirt Bike As Your Only Means Of Transportation?

Both are impractical yet super fun.

17. Would You Rather Win $10,000 Or Let Your Best Friend Win $100,000?

Would you let greed take over? Would they share?

18. Would You Rather Live Hunting Or Growing Your Own Food?

Take it back to the days before grocery stores.

18 Best Funny Would You Rather Questions

When it comes to would you rather questions, funny ones are often the most memorable.

Putting yourselves in these imaginary situations gets the imagination juices flowing. It gives both of you a chance to flex your creativity muscles and bounce scenarios off each other. These questions are pure fun and hilarity. You can even do this game with your family. Plus, humor is one of the most powerful tools for bonding with someone.

A lot of these questions force you to choose between the lesser of two evils. Expect lots of face-palming, cringing, and, and sighs of dissatisfaction. Feel free to try to negotiate loopholes or suggest compromises.

Here are 18 of the best funny would you rather questions:

19. Would You Rather Have Hands That Kept Growing As You Got Older Or Feet That Kept Growing As You Got Older?

Either way you’re going to need to hire an appendage carrier.

20. Would You Rather Go Bald Or Be Forever Cursed To Have Terrible Haircuts?

Side question: what’s your favorite type of hat?

21. Would You Rather Have Edible Spaghetti Hair That Regrows Every Night Or Sweat Maple Syrup?

And how would you fend off hungry animals? Either your hair or your sweat tastes good. It’s like would you rather eat spaghetti or maple syrup forever.

22. Would You Rather Live In A Giant Desert Or A Giant Dessert?

One home is more delicious than the other, but both get sticky. Would you rather get sticky from food or from sand?

23. Would You Rather Eat A Sandwich Made From 4 Ingredients In Your Fridge Chosen At Random Or Would You Rather Eat A Sandwich Made By A Group Of Your Friends From 4 Ingredients In Your Fridge?

How much do you trust your friends, and when was the last time you cleaned your fridge?

24. Would You Rather Have No Eyebrows Or Only One Eyebrow?

Discuss whether drawn-on eyebrows are allowed.

25. Would You Rather Be Born With An Elephant Trunk Or A Giraffe Neck?

Both would be terribly inconvenient.

26. Would You Rather Have A 6-Pack (Abs) Or A Free 6-Pack Of Beer Every Night?

One would definitely affect the other.

27. Would You Rather Smell Like Cat Pee For The Rest Of Your Life, Or Smell Cat Pee Every Day For The Rest Of Your Life?

Talk about a lose-lose situation.

28. Would You Rather Have A Tarantula Or A Lobster As A Bed Mate?

And, yes, you have to sleep in that bed every night.

29. Would You Rather Have Wet Socks On Your Feet For A Year Or Dry Socks On Your Hands For A Year?

Who knew socks could be so intrusive?

30. Would You Rather Have Every Song You Heard Turn Into A Justin Bieber Song, Or Have Every Movie You Watched Turn Into A Shrek Movie?

Feel free to substitute the other person’s least favorite artist/movie.

31. Would You Rather Have A Dog That Could Hum Or A Cat Who Could Whistle?

Which would drive you up the wall faster?

32. Would You Rather Sneeze Once Every Hour On The Hour Or Burp Every Time You Saw An Attractive Guy/Girl?

The burp would be a belch — no hiding it.

33. Would You Rather Be A Millionaire Moron Or A Broke Brainiac?

This question funny, but it also gets to the root of what’s more important — money or smarts.

34. Would You Rather Eat Mayonnaise Out Of The Jar For Breakfast Every Day, Or Apply It To All Of Your Skin Three Times Per Day?

And you can only shower once per day in the morning.

35. Would You Rather Eat All Of Your Hair Knowing It Would Grow Back Or Never Grow Hair Again?

Sounds like a hairy situation.

36. Would You Rather Look Like Jar Jar Binks Or Sound Like Jar Jar Binks?

Which of Star Wars’ most endearing and beloved character’s features do you adore most?

20 Best Hard Would You Rather Questions

These hard would you rather questions are the type to keep you up at night. They’re the questions you hope you never actually have to answer.

These questions can get a little dark at times, so you may want to save them for someone you know well, or at least for someone who’s a good sport. Some of them are just straight-up hilariously twisted.

Feel free to modify these to fit specific situations in your lives. Sometimes the more you relate to them, the harder they get!

Here are the 20 best hard would you rather questions:

37. Would You Rather Be Rich Or Be Poor And Find True Love?

Does money buy happiness? Does true love?

38. Would You Rather Be Stuck On An Island Alone Or With Someone Who Talks Incessantly?

And, no, you can’t shut them up. Would you rather have one annoying companion and never be able to hear the end of it?

39. Would You Rather Take A Guaranteed $100,000 Or A 50/50 Chance At $1,000,000?

To gamble or not to gamble, that is the question.

40. Would You Rather Be Locked In A Room That Is Constantly Dark For A Week Or A Room That Is Constantly Bright For A Week?

No sunglasses allowed.

41. Would You Rather Be Poor And Work At A Job You Love Or Be Rich And Work At A Job You Hate?

Another question that touches on the relation between money and happiness. Which would you do for the rest of your life?

42. Would You Rather Be Blind Or Not Be Able To Talk For The Rest Of Your Life?

You can also discuss other senses too, like would you rather eat or would you rather smell?

43. Would You Rather Have No Sense Of Smell Or Smell Everything Near You As Though It Were Right In Front Of Your Nose?

Don’t forget that your sense of smell affects your sense of taste.

44. Would You Rather Save The Life Of Someone That You’re Close To Or Save The Lives Of 5 Random Strangers?

Try to make that impossible decision.

45. Would You Rather Have 1 Wish Granted Today Or 3 Wishes Granted 5 Years From Now?

And what would those wishes be? How about 5 wishes in 10 years?

46. Would You Rather Live Without A House Or Live Without Family And Friends?

How long could you get away with being the guy on the couch?

47. Would You Rather Sell All Of Your Possessions Or Sell One Of Your Organs?

You could live without both, but at what cost?

48. Would You Rather Live With No Fingers Or No Eyes?

Would you rather be able to hold or to see? Either option is going to make life more difficult. Would you rather never be able to hold something or see something?

49. Would You Rather Eat A Box Of Dry Spaghetti Noodles Or A Cup Of Uncooked Rice?

This one is funny, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult to choose.

50. Would You Rather Live Forever Or Die In The Next Five Minutes?

Living forever may seem nice at first, but what if you’re immortal and you get trapped somewhere and can’t escape? Would you rather live like that or would you rather die right away?

51. Would You Rather Cut Off One Of Your Fingers Or Pay $5,000 Of Your Own Money For The Person You Hate Most To Go On A Spa Vacation?

This question really shows you how much someone hates their nemesis.

52. Would You Rather Be Reincarnated As A Fly Or Just Cease To Exist After You Die?

Is a life as a fly worth living at all? But would rather be able to fly or just not be a fly?

53. Would You Rather Have To Say Whatever Comes To Mind Immediately Or Never Be Able To Speak Again?

Can you imagine you can never be able to talk? Or would you rather lose your self-restraint, like the rest of the world can read minds? Both make communication a chore every time.

54. Would You Rather Spend The Rest Of Your Life Being Itchy Or Being Tickled?

Please no. Would you rather never answer this question instead?

55. Would You Rather Have No Elbows Or No Knees?

It’s easy to take flexibility for granted. Which of the two would you rather live without?

56. Would You Rather Be Able To Change The Past Or See Into The Future?

Discuss which would lead to the overall betterment of humanity and society as a whole. Would you rather be able to make a better past or a better future?

13 Best Clean Would You Rather Questions

Perfect for when you’re hanging out in public areas, these clean would you rather questions are wholesome without sacrificing fun. Looking for would you rather for kids? You’re in the right place. You can also ask kids them for some hilarious responses.

Just because these questions are G-rated doesn’t mean they won’t make your heads spin. Clean doesn’t equal easy.

Whether you’re shooting the breeze with a co-worker, babysitting your younger sibling, or trying to make the girl you’re dating think you’re a class act, these would you rather questions are sure to come in handy.

Here are the 13 best clean would you rather questions:

57. Would You Rather Live Without Music Or Without TV?

This is a nice surface-level that makes you think about which types of media you prefer and which you would be able to go without. Would you rather never hear music or would you rather go without a tv show?

58. Would You Rather Eat Your Favorite Meal For Every Meal For The Rest Of Your Life Or Never Be Able To Eat Your Favorite Meal Again?

It all comes down to how much they love their favorite meal. Are they willing to go with it for every meal?

59. Would You Rather Wear Clown Shoes Every Day Or A Clown Wig Every Day?

Or would you rather go and be able to wear both? You can choose both if clowning around every time sounds pretty sweet to you.

60. Would You Rather Play Video Games Or Go On An Outdoor Adventure?

Would you rather win and explore worlds from your couch or the Earth on your feet?

61. Would You Rather Do A Cross Country Trip In A Car Or A Train?

Other options include motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, and hitch-hiking.

62. Would You Rather Be In Perpetual Summer Heat Or Perpetual Winter?

And how would you change your life to fit your new permanent climate?

63. Would You Rather Watch Comedies Or Action Movies For The Rest Of Your Life?

This is a simple question that actually says a lot about someone.

64. Would You Rather Go Camping Or Go To Las Vegas?

Big city or nature? Both have plenty to offer.

65. Would You Rather Be Famous For Athletic Skills Or Singing/Acting?

The stage or the field? Where would you prefer to be worshiped? Would you rather give your talent for sports or entertainment?

66. Would You Rather Eat Tacos Or Pizza?

Please don’t make me choose… Do I look like I can choose between the two?

67. Would You Rather Get Up Early Or Stay Up Late?

You would rather be the early bird or the night owl. When would you rather rest? Would you rather live in the day or night? Choose.

68. Would You Rather Be Able To Jump Incredibly High Or Run Incredibly Fast?

Either way you’re going to be an Olympic star.

69. Would You Rather Never Be Able To Eat Cold Food Or Never Be Able To Eat Hot Food?

Discuss favorite foods you’d be forced to give up. No one will be ready for it.

11 Would You Rather Questions For Girls

Would you rather questions can be flirty too (I told you they were versatile). They can also be a fun activity for you to enjoy with platonic female friends.

These questions to ask a girl are great because they help you two to relate to each other. You can connect over difficult decisions, and get to know her in a fun yet surprisingly effective way.

Talking to girls can be nerve-racking, but these questions make it easy. They’re not too personal, cheesy, or weird. They’re just fun questions that you can chat about pressure-free.

Don’t be afraid to get into good-natured arguments over the answers. These questions can lead to lasting inside jokes.

Here are 11 would you rather questions for girls:

70. Would You Rather Dump Someone Else Or Be The Person Getting Dumped?

Neither experience is fun. Would you rather go around dumping people? Which is worse? No one knows.

71. Would You Rather Hang With A Few Friends Or Go To Big Party?

Where would you rather spend your time? Is she more of a homebody or a party animal?

72. Would You Rather Have Many Good Friends Or One Very Best Friend?

This question helps you to understand her view on popularity and social dynamics. These things you are able to control, actually.

73. Would You Rather Eat Fast Food On All Of Your Dates With A Person You Like Or Eat At 5-Star Restaurants With A Person You Dislike?

This question provides some insight into her dating preferences and requirements.

74. Would You Rather Have Adventure Or Relaxation?

Is her ideal day spent exploring the mountains or watching Netflix and eating takeout? Name it. You can’t have everything.

75. Would You Rather Be An Amazing Dancer Or An Amazing Singer?

To make this question even more fun, whichever she chooses, she’s awful at the other. And she must perform on Broadway that night.

76. Would You Rather Have Fame And Fortune Or Love And Wisdom?

Which are more important to her? Would you rather lose love or fortune?

77. Would You Rather Go To The Beach For The Day Or Go To The Mountains For The Day?

Either way, you have an idea for your next date.

78. Would You Rather Have A Child Who Is Smart Or A Child Who Is Kind?

Yes, the smart child would be mean, and the kind child would be, well, not at the top of the class.

79. Would You Rather Find Your Soul Mate Or Have Your Dream Job?

Love or career? Would you rather never find love or never land your dream job? This may be an important question if you’re on a date.

80. Would You Rather Never Be Able To Wear Makeup Or Only Be Able To Wear One Color For The Rest Of Your Life?

Would you rather lose your makeup or lose your creativity with it? Talk about a fashion emergency.

14 Would You Rather Questions For Guys

If you’ve never played “would you rather” with your buds, you’re missing out. It’s one of the easiest ways to get some laughs and enjoy some comradery.

These fun would you rather questions to ask a guy are geared towards guys, but plenty of them would work for girls too. Guys get each other. That’s why these questions are awesome — they’re naturally going to hit home for both of you.

At the same time, your answers aren’t always going to be the same. Use these questions gain new perspectives, or just to try to figure out what in the world is going in your friends’ brains. Either way it’s a win-win.

Here are 14 would you rather questions for guys:

81. Would You Rather Be The First Person To Explore A Planet Or Be The Inventor Of A Drug That Cures A Deadly Disease?

Both bring glory and esteem. Which section of the history books would you like to inhabit?

82. Would You Rather Look Weak And Actually Be Strong Or Look Strong And Actually Be Weak?

Is the illusion of power better than the real thing?

83. Would You Rather Work Really Hard At An Interesting Job Or Slack Off At A Boring Job?

Career goals.

84. Would You Rather Never Have To Work Again Or Never Have To Sleep Again?

This question helps you to understand whether they’re more of a chiller or a go-getter.

85. Would You Rather Be The Worst Player On The Best Team Or The Best Player On A Great Team?

Is he willing to share the glory?

86. Would You Rather Never Play Or Play But Always Lose?

They say it’s not about winning or losing, but how you play. Is that true? Get your head in the game, right?

87. Would You Rather Be A Vegetarian Or Only Be Able To Eat Meat?

Think long-term for this one. Would you rather eat veggies or just meat?

88. Would You Rather Give Up Watching TV / Movies For A Year Or Give Up Playing Games For A Year?

Either way you’re going to spend less time on the couch. Which would you rather lose?

89. Would You Rather Have A Lamborghini In Your Garage Or A Bookcase With 9,000 Books And Infinite Knowledge?

Would you rather cruise the streets in style or be the closest thing to a wizard possible? Would you rather have one or 9,000?

90. Would You Rather Be A Character In An Action-Packed Thriller Or A Romantic Comedy?

Either way, you’re probably going to end up getting the girl. You can have everything, huh? So where would you rather spend your life?

91. Would You Rather Go Deep Sea Diving Or Sky Diving?

This is a great question for the adrenaline junkies out there.

92. Would You Rather Live In A Utopia As A Normal Person Or In A Dystopia But You Are The Supreme Ruler?

This question can lead to endless conversation about what you would do to either gain power or improve society.

93. Would You Rather Have A Happy Marriage Or A One-Night-Stand With Your Dream Girl?

Love or lust?

94. Would You Rather Be Able To Control Water Or Fire?

You can throw wind into the mix if you want to make it even tougher, but you can’t have everything.

10 Flirty Would You Rather Questions

One of the chief reasons human beings invented the question was to create a way to do some decent flirting. These flirty would you rather questions are the final evolution of that purpose. So pick a few and introduce them in the next flirty conversation.

Here are 10 flirty would you rather questions:

95. Would You Rather Go Out To Watch A Romantic Movie With Your Crush Or Stay Indoors To Watch A Romantic Movie With Your Crush?

Follow this up by immediately inviting them to a movie.

96. Would You Rather Take An Exhausting And Unenjoyable Trip To An Exotic Location For Your Honeymoon, Or Have A Relaxing Time At A Dingy Motel Along The Highway?

It’s all in the adventure.

97. Would You Rather Go Out For Dinner With Someone You’re Attracted To But Hardly Know Or With Someone You Know And Like But Aren’t Attracted To?

If she agrees to dinner, you’ll know which one you are.

98. Would You Rather Camp Out With Your Partner With Only A Small Survival Kit In A Beautiful Natural Location, Or Camp Out In A Comfortable RV In A Trailer Park Without Any Picturesque Views?

Is safety or adventure more important to her?

99. Would You Rather Wear A Dirty Outfit Or A Torn Outfit?

Find out how willing she is to rough it with you. Which would you rather wear and you’ll be able to wear out in public?

100. Would You Rather Have A Partner That Eats A Lot Or One That Sleeps A Lot?

For those of us who do both, find out which she prioritizes!

101. Would You Rather Be Kind Or Loyal?

Two crucial qualities to bring to any relationship, but which does she care about more?

102. If A Relationship Isn’t Working, Would You Rather Be The One To Leave Or The One Who Tries To Make It Better?

Good to know this upfront.

103. Would You Rather Be In A Long-Term, Steady, Sometimes Boring Relationship, Or An Intense, Steamy Short Term Relationship?

This way, you’ll know where things are headed from the start.

104. Would You Rather Get 100 Dollars For Kissing A Stranger Or A Dollar For Kissing Someone You Love?

If the answer is right, you can offer her a dollar afterward.

12 Best Would You Rather Questions For Couples

Looking for some new pillow talk? These would you rather questions for couples should fit the bill.

It’s no secret that sometimes couples run out of things to talk about or things to do. Use these questions for couples to keep conversations fresh and interesting.

These questions can shed some light into your partner’s feelings, or they can just be a fun way to pass the time on a road trip.

Here are 12 would you rather questions for couples:

105. Would You Rather Be A Parent Or A Child?

Both jobs aren’t easy.

106. Would You Rather Go Forward Or Back In Time?

You can’t change the past, but you can revisit it.

107. Would You Rather Take An Action-Packed European Vacation Or Spend Two Weeks At The Same Caribbean Resort?

This question helps you to understand if she’s more of a leisure or adventure person.

108. Would You Rather Spend $5,000 On Traveling Or On A Luxury Item Such As Jewelry?

This question makes you think about what’s more rewarding: experiences or possessions.

109. Would You Rather Go To A Fancy, Expensive Restaurant Or A Cheaper Relaxed Atmosphere Where The Food Is Equally Good?

Is eating out more about the food or the environment?

110. Would You Rather Save Up Money For A House Or For Travelling?

This question helps you to learn about each other’s future plans and goals.

111. Would You Rather Have An Elaborate, Expensive Wedding Or A Small, Private Wedding?

Don’t ask this question unless the relationship is getting serious.

112. Would You Rather Plan Out Our Vacation Yourself Or Let Me Do All The Planning?

A surprise trip can be a treat, but maybe she’d prefer to have some say in it.

113. Would You Rather Live In The Country Or Live In The City?

This is another question that offers insight into each other’s long-term dreams.

114. Would You Rather Be Caught Cheating Or Catch Me Cheating?

This is a hilariously difficult and evil question. Make sure you’re in a good place in your relationship, otherwise the answers could go sour fast.

115. Would You Rather Go On A Long Drive Or A Long Walk?

Either way, you should take her out for her preferred adventure

116. Would You Rather Take A Vow Of Silence Or A Vow Of Celibacy?

Don’t give your opinion on this one — either way it’s not going to end well for you.

14 Best Deep Would You Rather Questions

While they still follow the fun “would you rather” formula, these deep questions to ask yield introspective answers. They force you to dig deep and really dwell on some heavy topics.

These questions may not always be appropriate, so save them for when the mood is right. Give these deep questions the respect they deserve. Don’t just ask the question, get the answer, and then move on to the next one.

Let them lead to more in-depth conversations. Use them to learn and grow as a person. Use them to connect with the other person, and try to really understand their unique perspective.

Here are the 14 best deep would you rather questions:

117. Would You Rather Be Feared By All Or Loved By All?

Power or glory?

118. Would You Rather Know When You Are Going To Die Or How You Are Going To Die?

Choose your existential burden.

119. Would You Rather Be Dumb And Happy Or Smart And Never Fully Content?

Is ignorance bliss?

120. Would You Rather Die Happy In Five Years Or Die Unhappy In Sixty Years?

A long life or a happy one? What would you do with that time?

121. Would You Rather Be Held In High Regard By Your Parents Or Your Friends?

This question helps you to understand the other person’s family/friendship dynamics.

122. Would You Feel Worse If No One Showed Up To Your Wedding Or To Your Funeral?

Yes, your ghost would be present for the funeral.

123. Would You Rather Know The Uncomfortable Truth Of The World Or Believe A Comforting Lie?

What’s better, living in the Matrix blissfully unaware or unplugging?

124. Would You Rather Know All The Mysteries Of The Universe Or Know Every Outcome Of Every Choice You Make?

You could create the perfect life for yourself, or you could unravel the deepest of mysteries.

125. Would You Rather Be Forgotten Or Hatefully Remembered?

Neither is ideal. Which is worse?

126. Would You Rather Know It All Or Have It All?

Discuss the value of wealth versus knowledge.

127. Would You Rather Find Out That Other Intelligent Life Exists Or Find Out That Humans Are Alone In The Universe?

Both prospects are both terrifying and thrilling in their own ways.

128. Would You Rather Not Know Your Age Or Not Know Your Name?

And what age/name would you assign yourself?

129. Would You Rather Live Your Entire Life In A Virtual Reality Where All Your Wishes Are Granted Or In The Real World?

How importance is “real” life if both feel the same?

130. Would You Rather Never Be Happy Again But Everyone Else Would Always Be Happy, Or Always Be Happy And Everyone Remains The Same?

This question makes you think about the bigger picture, and whether you could overcome selfishness for the greater good.

Deep Would You Rather Questions

We often think of would you rather questions as silly conversation fillers that can insert a little extra fun into a flagging chat, but these hypotheticals can still be thought-provoking. These deep would you rather questions do more than get a laugh, they’ll get your conversation partners thinking.

131. Would You Rather Know The Uncomfortable Truth Or Believe A Comforting Lie?

Just how important is the truth and nothing but the truth to them?

132. Would You Rather An Unrecognizable Child Photo Of You Be The Subject Of A Vicious Internet Meme That Lasts For Years, Or Be The Laughingstock Of Twitter For A Day?

A fate we’ll all share at some point.

133. Would You Rather Donate Your Body To Science Or Donate Your Organs To People Who Need Them?

Either way, a very morbid—if important—way of giving back.

134. Would You Rather Be A Master Of Every Musical Instrument Or Be Fluent In Every Language?

The possibilities that come with either are fun to think about.

135. Would You Rather Have A Horrible Job, But Be Able To Retire Comfortably In 10 Years Or Have Your Dream Job, But Have To Work Until The Day You Die?

Is the point of work the money or the fulfillment?

136. Would You Rather Run A Restaurant Of Your Own At The Location Of Your Choice — Or Make Your Living By Reviewing Restaurants Around The Country And Tasting The Best They Have To Offer?

Is the joy in making the food or tasting it?

137. Would You Rather Have Whatever You Are Thinking To Appear Above Your Head For Everyone To See Or Have Absolutely Everything You Do Live-Streamed For Anyone To See?

Both will probably be possible with the next iPhone, so choose now!

138. Would You Rather Be The Last Person On Earth Or The First Person On Another Planet?

Either way, a lonely hypothetical world.

139. Would You Rather Find Out For Certain That There Is A God But He’s Judging Us According To The Bible Or That We Were Created By Aliens And They’re Just Observing Us Like Zoo Animals?

Theological, creepy, and really crazy to think about either way.

140. Would You Rather Lose All The Photos You’ve Taken On Your Smartphone This Year Or Lose All The Books You Own?

A test of a real bibliophile.

141. Would You Rather Be The Sand Castle Or The Wave?

A hundred ways to take this, but each one will lead to a great conversation.

6 Ice Breaker Would You Rather Questions

Ice breaker questions are one of the best ways to get to know someone. From their favorite music to how they take their coffee, it’s always good to have some would you rather questions up your sleeve.

Here are 6 ice breaker would you rather questions: 

142. Would You Rather Win The Lottery Or Live Twice As Long?

They say that the lottery of life is something you win or lose, but what if you won the lotto?

143. Would You Rather Listen To Music From The 70’S Or Music From Today?

I mean, both genres of music are great but the real question is, which one would you pick?

144. Would You Rather Have The Wisdom Of A 50-Year-Old At Age 25 Or The Body Of A 25-Year-Old At Age 50?

This is a real brain scratcher, but everyone has their own answer.

145. Would You Rather Become Someone Else Or Just Stay You?

As deep as questions get, this one really bites the dust.

146. Would You Prefer To Be Famous Or Be The Best Friend Of Someone Famous?

Amazingly, not everyone wants to be famous but we all want to know someone who is famous.

147. Would You Rather Be Able To Fly Or Swim Without Needing To Hold Your Breath?

The obvious answer is normally to fly, but it is amazing how many people would love to be able to swim without the need to hold their breath.

6 Would You Rather Questions To Ask Friends

It doesn’t matter how long you have known each other, you will never know everything about your friends. That’s why you need to have some questions to ask friends close by.

Here are 6 would you rather questions to ask friends: 

148. Would You Rather Always Take A Cold Shower Or Sleep An Hour Less Than You Need To Be Fully Rested?

As someone likes neither of these options, this question could be very difficult to answer.

149. Would You Rather Always Get First Dibs Or The Last Laugh?

This question is a real test of character. But beware, it may change your perception of the person.

150. Would You Rather Stink Or Have Everybody Else Stink (Except You)?

The obvious answer is neither, but if you had to choose, which one would you go for?

151. Would You Rather Always Lose Or Never Play?

If you never play, you never have to lose but for some, that means losing out on a whole load of fun!

152. Would You Rather Give Up Your Computer Or Your Pet?

We may be dependant on our phones and computers, but I bet that a lot of people will choose their pet over their computer.

153. Would You Rather Have Lots Of Money But Not Be Able To Buy Food Or Have Plenty Of Food But No Money?

Well, that depends, what kind of food are we talking about here?

8 Random Would You Rather Questions

Everyone has a weird side. So why not ask some random questions to find out just how weird they are?

Here are 8 random would you rather questions: 

154. Would You Rather Get Caught Singing In The Mirror Or Spying On Your Crush?

Singing in the mirror is funny but being caught spying on your crush is a little stalker-y.

155. Would You Rather Work For Someone Who’s Always Angry Or Work For Someone Who Always Gets You Angry?

For anyone who has worked in a toxic workplace, this is the kind of question that puts everything into perspective.

156. Would You Rather Kiss A Jellyfish Or Step On A Crab?

Basically, the question here is: which one would you rather not feel? Your foot or your face?

157. Would You Rather Snore Like A Small Dino Or Sleep Talk In Spanish?

When it comes to random questions, you won’t get one more random than this one. Imagine that you are able to speak in Spanish without you knowing.

158. Would You Rather Be Able To Talk To Dogs Or Talk To Birds?

Could you imagine if you could talk to your dog? Or ask birds to help you be able to fly? Magical!

159. Would You Rather Smell Numbers Or Taste Colors?

For some people, this is an actual thing. But for others, it is just another random question.

160. Would You Rather Live In Narnia Or Go To School At Hogwarts?

Which movie made more impact on your life since you were kids? This question is likely to split your friends into separate camps so beware!

161. Would You Rather Be A Wizard Or A Superhero?

As random questions go, this question is sure to have you and your friends thinking for a while. Both of these two will have you able to fly.

7 Would You Rather Questions For Couples

When you have been together with your partner for a long time, it is easy to talk about the same things over and over again. But when you have some questions for couples at hand, you can really get the conversation going. It’s just like playing a fun game for the two of you.

Here are 7 would you rather questions for couples: 

162. Would You Rather Prefer Kissing My Boss Or I Kiss Him/Her?

To be honest, the answer to this question could go either way.

163. Would You Rather Have A Big Smile Or An Infectious Laugh?

While a big smile is lovely, an infectious laugh makes everyone else laugh. This question will have you thinking every time.

164. Would You Rather Your Boss Catch You Dancing In Front Of The Mirror Or Picking Your Nose?

While dancing in front of a mirror is funny, picking your nose is just downright disgusting.

165. Would You Rather Have To Dress In Your Warmest Clothes And A Parka In The Heat Of Summer Or Wear Only A Bathing Suit In A Blizzard?

The world is split into two distinct camps. This one will tell you which one you and your partner are in.

166. Would You Rather Get Married Really Early Or Get Married Late?

This is a great question if you are thinking about popping the question.

167. Would You Rather Have Quadruplets Or Have No Children At All?

Depending on who you ask, the answer to this question can be very different.

168. Would You Rather Live In A Castle Or A Beach House?

To live like a King or live like a surfer. I know which one I’d pick.

7 Weird Would You Rather Questions

They say that weird can also be wonderful. So why not ask some of these weird questions to make a conversation wonderful?

Here are 7 weird would you rather questions: 

169. Would You Rather Be Able To Control Fire Or Water?

This question will really make you think. And then immediately make you change your mind.

170. Would You Rather Be Able To Remember Everything You Read Or Solve Any Math Problem?

Both abilities are really helpful, but which one would you pick?

171. Would You Rather Have Super Strength Or Super Speed?

To make this question even weirder, why not follow up by asking what their superhero name would be?

172. Would You Rather Have A Magic Wand Or A Cloak That Makes You Invisible?

Well, it really depends, doesn’t it? Do you want to magic up a new car or just be able to eat out of the refrigerator late at night?

173. Would You Rather Build A House Or Buy An Existing One?

When you are looking for a question that will lead to an in-depth design conversation, this question is the one for you.

174. Would You Rather Forget What You Are Saying While In Charge Of A Huge Presentation Or Trip And Fly Across The Floor In Your Office Lobby In Front Of All Your Peers?

There are so many variables to consider when answering this question. But to be honest, they are just as bad as each other.

175. Would You Rather Have One Wish Today Or Three Wishes In 20 Years?

Remember, no asking for more wishes!

7 First Date Would You Rather Questions

Sometimes the most stressful part of a first date is knowing what first date questions to ask. But don’t worry, we have you covered. 

Here are 7 first date would you rather questions: 

176. Would You Rather Meet Elton John Or Taylor Swift?

This really is an impossible question but it is a great way to start off a conversation.

177. Would You Rather Eliminate The Emotion Of Anger Or Guilt?

First date questions like this can lead to really in-depth conversations so make sure you’re ready for a long night.

178. Would You Rather Read A Really Good Book Or Watch A Great Movie?

With so many different books and movies out there, it’s difficult to pick just one.

179. Would You Rather Wear Clown Makeup Every Day For A Year Or Wear A Tutu Every Day For A Year?

Personally, I would wear a tutu every day. You know, Ace Ventura style.

180. Would You Rather Have Cookies Or Cake?

Well, that depends. Just how much chocolate is in them?

181. Would You Rather Save Someone’s Life Or Have A Bucket Full Of Gold?

On a first date, it can be difficult to find out the kind of person someone is. This question should tell you pretty quick.

182. Would You Rather Have A Constant Itch Or Be In Constant Pain?

Sometimes questions don’t have the right answers. Then there are questions that are difficult to answer. This question is the latter.

7 Interesting Would You Rather Questions

If you really want to get to know someone, you have to ask some hard questions. And by hard questions, we mean interesting questions obviously.

Here are 7 interesting would you rather questions: 

183. Would You Rather Be A Germaphobe Or Claustrophobic?

Both of these can be debilitating, but really which one would you choose?

184. Would You Rather Start Your Day At 3 Am Or 3 Pm For Your Job?

Some people are night owls while others work better during the day. Ask this question to find out which one they are.

185. Would You Rather Be The Center Of Attention Or Fade Into The Background?

This question really brings you to the heart of a person.

186. Would You Rather Be A Vegetarian Or Give Up All Cheese?

Imagine a world without cheese. I’d rather not.

187. Would You Rather Come Back As A Lazy Cat Or An Energetic Dog?

Lazing around the house all. Being fed. Who wouldn’t want that?

188. Would You Rather Keep The Life That You Have Or Have The Chance To Start Over Again?

This is one of the hardest would you rather question ever but it’s definitely one of the more interesting questions to ask.

189. Would You Rather Sit With A Resting Lion For Ten Minutes Or Run Across A Hungry Alligator’s Back?

Both options are terrifying but you have to pick one!

7 Personal Would You Rather Questions

So let’s get personal. But how do you do that? By asking some personal questions obviously!

Here are 7 personal would you rather questions: 

190. Would You Rather Work A High-Paying Job That You Hate Or Your Dream Job With Only Enough Money For Basic Necessities?

We are all looking for happiness but it’s still really hard to choose.

191. Would You Rather All The Chats On Your Phone Leak Or All The Photos?

For some people, they might not care. But for others, there is so much at stake.

192. Would You Rather Be Able To Read Your Partner’s Mind Or Have A Partner Who Can Read Your Mind?

They both have their merits, but really, who doesn’t want their partner to be able to read their mind?

193. Would You Rather Be Born Into A Loving Family Or Be A Wealthy Family?

You can’t buy love, but if you were born into a wealthy family you can buy a whole lot more!

194. Would You Rather Be Forced To Go Back To Kindergarten Or Suddenly Become Really Old?

Who doesn’t want to be 3 foot tall, playing with toys all day?

195. Would You Rather Be Surrounded By People Who Brag All The Time Or By People Who Complain All The Time?

Bragging is annoying but complaining can become seriously grating.

196. Would You Rather Die In A Fatal Accident Or Survive And Live In A Vegetative State From Thereon?

While this question is important, it’s also incredibly depressing.

Downloadable And Printable List Of Would You Rather Questions

Here is a downloadable and printable list of would you rather questions (right-click the image and select Save Image As…):

Looking For More Great Questions To Ask?

These questions will give you plenty of food for thought. That said, it never hurts to have some other types of questions ready to go.

If you want to keep the conversation flowing, check out some of our other awesome questions:

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