84 Best Unique Gifts – Get something 2021

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Here are the 11 best unique gifts:


1. 4 Bottle Wine Rack – Wood

A fantastic way to store and show off wine bottles in the kitchen.

2. Tree Of Life Dream Catcher

This beautiful dream catcher is perfect for a friend or loved one to display in their bedroom.

84 Best Unique Gifts – Get something 2021

3. Sunflower Straws

These reusable, eco friendly straws are a brilliant unique gift that can be enjoyed with every sip.

4. Favorite Song On A Pillow

If you know the recipient’s favourite song, this personalised gift would be perfect. You could also choose a song that holds memories for the two of you or one that you think describes them.

5. Joker Script, Screenplay With Signatures

Fans of the Joker movie will love this gift, which comes with the signatures of Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro.

6. Custom License Plate Sign

This awesome license plate sign is super unique and fully personalized – the recipient definitely won’t already have one of these.

7. Variety Pack Of Mini Succulents

A green fingered friend or loved one would be excited to see this collection of trendy succulents.

8. 70-Hour Beehive Candle

This stunning gift would be enjoyed by candle lovers as it features a very unusual design.

9. Whiskey Glass Embedded With A Real Acoustic Guitar Pick

Guitar players or rock music fans would be thrilled to recieve this cool glass which has a real guitar pick embedded.

10. Scientifically Proven Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow

An awesome gift for the traveller in your life and one that they’ll keep with them wherever their journey takes them.

11. Venture Pal Large Sports Water Bottle

Give the gift of hydration to a loved one or friend. They won’t fail to smile as they reach their hydration goals with this water bottle.

8 Cute Unique Gifts

If you’re looking for the perfect little something to give a girlfriend, wife or younger family member, you can’t go wrong with cute gifts. These sweet or funny gifts allow you to show someone special how much they mean to you.

Here are 8 cute unique gifts:

12. Apple Watchband Anime Dog Leather

Snoopy fans will adore this Apple Watch band which they can wear everyday and think of you.

13. Cute Funny Pint Glass

This amusing pint glass is sure to make the recipient smile.

14. Customized Cat Socks

This funny unique gift will go down a storm with that person in your life who is obsessed with their cat.

15. Baby Yoda Spoon

Cute and unique – what Star Wars fan wouldn’t love to have baby Yoda in their kitchen?

16. Mini Dumpling Gift

Let a special someone know how cute you think they are.

17. Kiss Cat Coffee Couple Mug Set

A super cute gift for your loved one or a couple that you’re friends with.

18. Glow In The Dark Constellation Blanket

This cool blanket features a constellation design that glows in the dark – you might never have seen a blanket like this before.

19. “Sip Sip Hooray” Funny Cute Wine Glass

A very cute gift for her which is sure to get lots of use, whether for wine or juice.

6 Unique Small Gift Ideas 18

Not every occasion requires a large gift. In fact, the smaller gifts can sometimes be the most exciting as they offer a special suprise. If small gift ideas don’t come easily to you, the list below is sure to be amazingly useful.

Here are 6 unique small gift ideas:

20. Tea Stocking Stuffer

This delicious little pot of loose tea is a great gift for friends who love a hot drink.

21. Soft Nose Warmer

This is a fun and incredibly unique gift for that person in your life who is always cold.

22. Cable Organizer

This gift is small but incredibly useful – a gift the recipient will definitely get use from.

23. What If?: Serious Scientific Answers To Absurd Hypothetical Questions

This amusing book will be loved by science fans.

24. Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light

This lovely little lamp will create a soft, romantic glow at night that is sure to be appreciated.

25. Clip On Book Light

Do you know a bookworm? This is a small but useful gift for someone who loves to read at night.

6 Unique Cheap Gifts

Want a cool gift but don’t have bags of cash to splash? Inexpensive gifts can be unique too and can make the recipient feel like you have taken the time to choose something they’ll really enjoy. The ideas for cheap gifts below will help you select something that your friend or girlfriend will love.

Here are 6 unique cheap gifts:

26. Personalized City Prints

A great inexpensive gift that can be personalized to the recipient’s city, making it seem far more expensive.

27. Magnetic Photo Display

A small but lovely home decor gift. Why not print a photo or two to give with this photo display kit?

28. Blue Dangle Earrings

These cool earrings are a lovely jewelry gift for a girlfriend, wife or female friend.

29. Burritos Tortillas Blanket

If you know someone who loves Mexican food, you definitely can’t go wrong with this blanket. It’s trendy and will amuse them every time they curl up under it.

30. 4WD Climbing Vehicle Motor Car DIY

For people that love to build and make, a solar powered climbing car is definitely one of the coolest things they can receive.

31. Handmade Nose Giraffe Eyeglass Holder

A super unusual present for people who are always losing their glasses.

6 Unique Birthday Gifts

Everyone knows what it’s like to try to think of amazing birthday gifts but get nowhere. You want to give something special but you just don’t have any good ideas. With a little bit of inspiration, you can up your gift-giving game and ensure you’re always giving the coolest gifts.

Here are 6 unique birthday gifts:

32. Vegan Gift Box Of Truffles

If you’re searching for a vegan gift, look no further. It can be tricky to find awesome vegan chocolates so these truffles won’t last long.

33. Not A Day Over Fabulous

A lovely gift for a special birthday which is useful any time of the year.

34. Custom Face Socks

These unique socks are awesome for everyone from kids to grandparents. Choose to use a photo of the recipient or even a photo of yourself.

35. Birth Flower Seeds In A Matchbox

The birthday girl or boy is sure to have never recieved a cute little gift like this before.

36. Silicone Rubber Bamboo Handle Cake Kitchen Spatula Gift Box Set Of 3

Can you think of anything better to give a baker on their birthday? This useful spatula set is sure to go down a storm.

37. Storm Glass Weather Predictor

This amazing weather predictor makes for an interesting gift.

6 Unique Romantic Gifts

It’s hard to be romantic. If you have an anniversary, the birthday of your girlfriend or Valentine’s Day coming up, you’ll want to choose a romantic gift to symbolize your love. But romantic gifts aren’t always easy to dream up. Don’t worry – the list below will give you a few fantastic ideas.

Here are 6 unique romantic gifts:

38. Romantic Unique Valentines Day Gift For Girlfriend

This personalized gift will be cherished for years to come.

39. Smitten Mittens

A super cute gift that lets you hold hands without your other half getting chilly.

40. Custom Constellation Map Poster

This personalized constellation map shows the stars in the sky on the night you met.

41. Wood Photo Frame Gift

Such a lovely gift for couples or a loved one.

42. Paint By Numbers Kits

Complete this painting then gift it to your loved one.

43. 3D Papercut Light Boxes Frame Night Lights

This romantic gift not only symbolizes your love but provides a warm glow for you to enjoy together.

6 Unique Gifts For Girlfriend

Sweet, cute and romantic presents are all brilliant gifts for girlfriend. But where do you find gifts like these? You want a present as special as your girlfriend it, not a run-of-the-mill gift that she may already have. For ideas for unique gifts for girlfriend, just look below and take your pick.http://unique gifts for girlfriend

Here are 6 unique gifts for girlfriend:

44. Custom Fingerprint Necklace

A super cute gift for your girlfriend that she can wear everyday.

45. Love Key Necklace

A unique gift for a birthday or anniversary.

46. Personalized Picture On Wood

Why not get a photo of both of you printed on wood?

47. 52 Date Night Ideas

Girlfriends will be thrilled to be able to pick date night activities with this gift.

48. 100 Dates Bucket List Scratch Poster

You can work together to complete these fun dates.

49. Oh, Susannah Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me

This sweet pillowcase is inexpensive but makes for a lovely gift.

5 Unique Gift Ideas For Wife

If you’ve been married for a while, you might be running out of options for great gift ideas for wife. Thankfully, there are loads of gifts you probably haven’t even thought of yet and we’re here to show you the very best presents for wives.

Here are 5 unique gift ideas for wife:

50. Custom Love Lock

This is a lovely little gift for the most important woman in your life.

51. Necklace Morse Code Jewelry

Your wife will be excited to receive this sentimental gift.

52. Your Wedding Song On Velvet Paper

This romantic gift will let your wife know how pleased you are to be her husband.

53. 3D Illusion Rose Flower

This is a super unique gift and one that will definitely intrigue the recipient.

54. Electric Wine Opener Set

If your wife is a wine lover, you can’t go wrong with this present.

6 Unique Gifts For Mom

Are you looking for unique gifts for mom? To show your mom how much you love her, you’ll want to find an unusual gift that she will adore. The very best ideas for fabulous gifts for mom can be found below.

Here are 6 unique gifts for mom: 

55. New Mom Gift For Mom From Kids

A funny gift for a mom to recieve from her kids.

56. Personalized MOMMY Photo Collage

A lovely personalized gift that she will cherish.

57. Actual Handwriting Necklace

This is a really delightful gift for a mom to receive – she’ll want to wear it all the time.

58. Custom Mosaic Gift

Mom will never have seen anything like this before.

59. Planters’ Choice Organic Herb Growing Kit + Herb Grinder

Moms with green fingers will be thrilled with this herb kit.

60. Ceramic Ring Dish

This is a small but beautiful gift to remind your mom how much you love her.

5 Unique Gifts For Dad

Searching for awesome gifts for dad? We have some amazing ideas to help you choose the best unique gifts for dad so that he knows how glad you are to have him in your life.

Here are 5 unique gifts for dad:

61. Rare Chilli Gift

The ultimate gift for dads who love heat.

62. Leather Key Fob

Dad will never lose his keys again with this cool gift.

63. Whiskey Dispenser

What do you get a whiskey lover who has everything? A cool whiskey dispenser, of course.

64. Engraved Leatherman – Personalized Multitool

Super useful and lovingly personalized.

65. Funny Wooden Coasters For Drinks

A funny gift for a dad who loves to laugh.

7 Unique Groomsmen Gifts

It doesn’t have to be hard to think of cool groomsmen gifts. In fact, all you need is a little help and you’ll be able to pick the most fun and unique groomsmen gifts.

Here are 7 unique groomsmen gifts:

66. Bourbon Nosing Kit

A super cool gift that whiskey-drinking groomsmen will love.

67. Personalized Mini-Oak Whiskey Barrel

If your groomsmen love whiskey, why not get them their own barrel?

68. Engraved Pocket Knife

This pocket knife is a unique and fun gift that isn’t too expensive.

69. Beer Chiller Sticks And Cap Opener

For guys who love a nice cold beer.

70. Personalized Leather Luggage Tags

Guys will love these stylish and useful travel tags that they can attach to their luggage.

71. Customized Flask Set

This set of customize flasks makes the task of buying groomsmen gifts super easy.

72. Tactical Pen For Self-Defense

A cool little multitool that will intrigue its recipient.

9 Unique Christmas Gifts

Christmas time can bring excitement, but also the worry of knowing you’ll have to find some amazing Christmas gifts. We’ve done the hard work for you – just take your pick from the list below.

Here are 9 unique Christmas gifts:

73. Women’s Backpack

This trendy backpack will go down a storm at Christmas time.

74. Large Elf Coffee Mug

Perfect for tea, coffee, egg nog or hot chocolate. A super festive Christmas gift.

75. Meteorites | Unique Christmas Ornaments

You could gift someone part of a real meteorite to hang on their tree. It’s unlikely they’ll have ever recieved anything as cool as this.

76. Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set In Gift Box

These beautiful knives are the ultimate gift for friends or family members who are often found in the kitchen.

77. Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

This unique christmas gift not only looks pretty but is useful too as it can hold calming and invigorating essential oils.

78. BillionDollarArtGallery Transform Your TV Into Wall Art

If a friend or relative enjoys art, gift them the joy of turning their TV into a beautiful painting.

79. Handmade Flower Glass Tea Mug Spoon Set

This delicate tea set is dainty and pretty – it’ll be a real hit.

80. Bambusi Cheese Board And Knife Set

Whose mouth doesn’t water at the sight of some delicious cheese? This platter is a great gift for party hosts and cheese lovers alike.

81. Wine Accessories Gift Set

Even the most dedicated wine aficionados will never have recieved a wine accessories set as unique as this one.

3 Practical Unique Gifts

Practical gifts don’t have to be boring. Many of the most useful things out there are also quite special and innovative.

Here are 3 practical unique gifts:

82. USB Clock Fan

Tellign the time never looked so cool. Connect this fan to your computer, and watch as the spinning LED lights form a clock.

83. Vertical Garden Planting Cylinder Display System

Adding plants to your house is always a solid choice, and this unique vertical planter helps make it special. It comes with a sturdy metal base.

84. Storm Glass Weather Predictor

With this unique little gadget, you can predict the weather using the power of crystals. The beautiful glass decoration contains crystals that react to the weather.

How To Pick The Best Unique Gift Ideas

Sometimes, finding ideas is easy but choosing between them is the hard part. Below is a quick guide to picking the best unique gifts for any occasion.

Here is how to pick the best unique gift ideas:

1. Remember Who You’re Shopping For

Not only is it important to remember who you’re buying the gift for, whether that is your girlfriend or even your dad. Remember that you aren’t shopping for yourself. Just because you love something, it doesn’t guarantee that they will. Look at gifts from the recipient’s point of view to decide whether it’s something they’ll adore.

2. Try Something New

Just because the gift recipient collects coffee mugs (for example) it doesn’t mean that you need to buy them a new coffee mug. You could take their interest and go in a different direction. For example, the coffee mug collector might really enjoy a set of coffee syrups or some cool new coffee beans to try.

3. Personalize It

If you want something truly unique, you can’t go wrong with a personalized gift. Everyone loves a present that has been made just for them, so a customized wall print or decor item is always a hit.

More Awesome Gift Ideas

By now, your brain should be full to the brim with ideas for cool unique gifts that friends, family members and loved ones can enjoy. But, if you need a little extra help, we have even more awesome ideas for you to look at below to help you choose the perfect gift.

  1. We all know people that love beer. But what can we buy for them except…beer? This list of cool beer gifts is packed full of ideas that they’ll enjoy.
  2. Whether we’re looking for presents for dads, brothers or buddies, sometimes we want particularly masculine gifts. This list of amazing manly gifts is just what’s needed.
  3. Gift buying often isn’t straight forward, especially when you’re buying for someone who seems to have everything. This fantastic list of gifts for men who have everything offers a lot of inspiration.
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