76 Unique Gifts For Dad – One of a kind 2021

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sparrow jack March 24, 2021
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Here are the 10 best unique gifts for dad:


1. Premium Stainless Steel BBQ Grilling Tools

With all the tools in the land (or at least in this set), your Dad is sure to be the BBQ King.

2. Personalized Leather Portfolio

Dads tend to sacrifice function over style but this leather portfolio case means he doesn’t have to.

3. Wooden Cards For Dad

Perfect for your Dad’s workspace, these wooden cards are a lovely way to show him you care.

76 Unique Gifts For Dad – One of a kind 2021

4. Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter

There’s Dad time and then there’s drinking time. This aerator decanter is perfect for both occasions.

5. Polymer Clay Custom Portrait

Your Dad may not be the Mona Lisa but this clay portrait will definitely make him into a masterpiece.

6. The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

Camouflage? Check!

Multiple pockets for BBQ utensils? Check!

Somewhere to hold a six pack? Check!

7. Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, Smartphone Powered Augmented Reality Experience By Lenovo

Everyone wants to be a Jedi and this augmented reality headset will make your Dad feel like he has the force.

8. Personalized Garden Tools

Great gardeners need great tools and these personalize garden tools are the perfect present.

9. Natural Himalayan Block Cooking Salt Plate & Holder Set

For most people, getting a giant block of Himalayan rock salt doesn’t seem like the best gift, but for the culinary Dad, it’s a great choice.

10. Beer Caddy

Spending hours out on the lake with beer may not seem like your idea of a great day but with this fishing caddy, it is a perfect day out for your Dad.

Unique Cool Gifts For Dad

Everyone thinks their Dad is cool but what can you get him to tell him he’s cool. What not buy cool gifts for Dad?

Here are 11 unique cool gifts for dad:

11. Baseball Print

There is no crying in baseball, but this print might just bring a tear to his eye.

12. Darth Vader Toaster

This gift is so cool, it’s actually toasting hot!

13. ClearClick Retro AM/FM Radio With Bluetooth

This classic vintage retro style speaker is a perfect gift but it’s made even cooler with its Bluetooth capability.

14. Seat Cushion

Cool doesn’t always have to be fun. Sometimes it’s something practical and thoughtful like this seat cushion.

15. Redneck Back Scratcher

If you’re Dad ever says, “I’m just gonna rake the front yard”. Don’t believe him, he’s using this cool back scratcher instead!

16. Large French Press Coffee Maker

The problem with coffee makers is that they don’t hold enough coffee. With this 34 fl. oz. coffee maker, your Dad can be fueled and ready to go.

17. Calhoun Game Of Thrones Dad Hat

Dads can’t pick between their favorite children but they can definitely pick what side they are on in the battle of the Iron Throne.

18. Sasquatch Soap

If your Dad is eco-friendly and loves only using natural products, this soap is the perfect cool gift.

19. Garden Genie Gloves

He may look like the Wicked Witch of the West with these gloves, but I’ll bet he won’t complain as he powers through soil and dirt.

20. Patent Print

Practical, retro and unique may be words to describe your Dad but they are also words that can be used to describe this print.

21. Treasure Chest Of Coffee

If your Dad loves coffee but you’re not sure which one, this treasure chest of coffee is your best bet.

Unique Cheap Gifts For Dad

When you haven’t got a lot of cash and want to buy something for your Dad, it can be difficult to pick cheap gifts for Dad. Keep it simple and remember, it is the thought that counts.

Here are 11 unique cheap gifts for dad: 

22. Beard Oil

Dads with beards always want to keep their beards in tip-top shape. This beard oil will help.

23. Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

What do you get the man who has everything? These memory foam slippers, of course!

24. Electric Wine Opener With Charger

This electric wine opener has the amazing ability to change your Dad into James Bond.

25. Real Men Do The Dishes Print

Househusbands work really hard. So make sure the rest of the house knows with this print.

26. Dad Rock

Payback for Dad jokes is made easy with this punny gift.

27. Damn Fine Hip Flask

Lord knows that parents need patience, and this hip flask will make sure he always has it to hand.

28. Dickies Work Gear 57061 Black Small Wrench Roll

Toolboxes are big and bulky but this small wrench set is perfectly sized for the Dad who loves fixing stuff.

29. Waterproof Poker Cards

Raise the stakes with these very cool (and cheap) waterproof poker cards.

30. Beer Soap Gift Set

What’s better than drinking beer? Washing in it, obviously.

31. Beer Puzzles For Adults

Make it easy for your Dad to torment his friends with this beer puzzle brain teaser.

32. Beer Is Good For You: A Comical Collection Of Quotes For Beer Lovers

If your Dad even needed a reason why beer was good for him, this book will tell all.

Unique Small Gifts For Dad

You don’t always need to buy big gifts to show your Dad you care. If you pick small gifts for Dad, he will still love them.

Here are 12 small unique gifts for dad: 

33. 12 Mini Cinder Block

Kids play with Lego. Adults play with these tiny cinder blocks.

34. Money Maze Puzzle Box

There will never be another dull moment in your Dad’s life with this money maze puzzle box.

35. Stuffed Burger Press And Recipe EBook

Let your Dad up his BBQ game with this stuffed burger press.

36. LED Flashlights Gloves

Dads love gadgets but these LED flashlight gloves are as practical as they are cool.

37. 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light

This LED light will make your Dad’s toilet look like something from a spaceship.

38. Miniature Tabasco Gift Tin

This gift tin of miniature Tabasco is perfect for the Dad on the go.

39. Tenmoku Western Tea Cup

Peace. Serenity. He may not get those things most of the time, but he’ll definitely get them with this ceramic glass cup.

40.  Skeleton Tankard Stein

Your Dad may never lift the real Stanley Cup but he can pretend with this beer stein mug.

41. Makin’ Bacon Dice Game

Bacon and board games. Never have a seen a more perfect combination.

42. Leather Cigar Gift Set

Decadence and sophistication go hand in hand with this stainless steel cigar cutter set.

43. Grave Before Shave™ Beard Care Pack

Shaving sets are great but beard care pack sets are so much more thoughtful.

44. Finest Irish Whiskey Marmalade

You may not be able to drink it, but your Dad can definitely spread it on his toast in the morning.

Unique Birthday Gifts For Dad

Your Dad’s birthday is one of the most important days of the year. No matter who well you know him and his hobbies, picking the best birthday gifts for Dad can be overwhelming.

Here are 8 unique birthday gifts for Dad: 

45. Wall Art Custom Atlas Heart

Living far away from your Dad is hard but you can both feel closer together with this map.

46. Handmade Wooden Liquor Dispenser

Drinking a perfectly aged whiskey is one thing, but drinking it from a handmade brass liquor dispenser is luxury.

47. George Washington Scented Candle

Has your Dad ever wondered what George Washington smelled like? Well, he’ll never have to guess again with this candle.

48. Custom Mini Lego Shadow Box

Every Dad is a hero but this shadow box will show him how he is better than every superhero.

49. Personalized Apron

Your Dad might not see you every day but he can if you put your face onto this apron.

50. Beer-Infused Hot Sauce

Your Dad can drink beer but just make sure he doesn’t chug down these Beer-infused hot sauces, ok?

51. Mixology Bartender Kit

Make your Dad’s dreams of being like Tom Cruise in “Cocktail” come true with this mixology kit.

52. Wooden USB Memory Stick

Modern technology is so sleek but your Dad is going to love this wooden USB stick.

Unique Christmas Gifts For Dad

When it comes to Christmas gift ideas, your gift should be thoughtful and unique. Once it ticks these boxes, your Christmas gift for Dad is sure to love it.

Here are 7 unique Christmas gifts for Dad:

53. Beer Sign

Some Dads love home brewing their own beer. This sign will make their homebrew garage look more like a cool brewery.

54. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Did you know that the quality of coffee is dictated by the quality of the coffee grinder? Making this a great Christmas gift.

55. Coasters Set Of 6 Colorful Retro Vinyl Record Disk Coaster For Drinks With Funny Labels

Music-loving Dads will love this set of retro coasters. Perfect for putting a beer on while dancing to music.

56. Multi Actifry Fryer

The ultimate practical gift. This air fryer is a great gift for the Dad who loves trying new gifts.

57. Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide To The World’s Hidden Wonders

Is your Dad a travel addict? Does he love finding new places and treasures? Well, he can do that from the comfort of his own couch with this book.

58. Custom Family Portrait

Immortalize your Dad and your family with this incredible Simpsons style portrait.

59. Jameson Whiskey Barrel Wood Ring

It may not taste like whiskey but this wooden ring has been crafted from the sacred barrel of Irish whiskey. Close enough.

Unique Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to think of gifts for dad who has everything. But don’t worry, we have some ideas.

Here are 7 unique gifts for dad who has everything:

60. Big Axe African Lion

If you Dad appreciates fine detail and handiwork, this big ax is a perfect choice.

61. Red Corvette Inspired Gumball Machine

Do you think your Dad has everything? I bet he doesn’t have this pinball machine!

62. Antique Toy Train-Postage Stamp

When someone has everything, the best gift to buy them is art, especially when it is as retro as this one.

63. Grilled Cheese Sandwich Toaster

Does your Dad ever wish that he would make grilled cheese with just a touch of a button? Well, now he can!

64. Storm Glass

Your Dad doesn’t need to check the weather anymore, not with this storm glass weather forecaster.

65. Silver Spoon Fish Windchimes

If your Dad loves being in the garden, he will love these unique silver spoon fish windchimes.

66. Handmadecart Men’s Auth Real Leather Messenger Bags

Every Dad has a messenger bag but how many Dads have a real leather messenger bag?

10 Unique Gifts For New Dads

Admit it. Having a first child is a big deal. It’s an occasion that should be celebrated with new dad gifts. After all, first-time dads need to feel special. While he didn’t deliver the baby, he still loves the little newborn he helped create. Here are some unique gifts for new dads that will help him navigate the early days of parenthood.

Here are 10 unique gifts for new dads:

67. Wood Photo Print

He’ll love a family photo on wood.

68. New Dad Survival Kit In A Can

Can a gift be too good?

69. Pebble Art Family Tree Picture

You can’t go wrong with a family tree on a wall.

70. Personalized New DAD Dog Tag

They’ll always remember this.

71. BBQ Grill Cooking Set

A BBQ set is any man’s dream gift.

72. Gun & Son Of A Gun Matching Set

Dad and son matching t-shirts are a practical and memorable gift.

73. World’s Best Dad Flask Gift Set

Unique and stylish gift for the new dad.

74. Baby University Board Book Set

Quantum physics for babies.

75. Baby Stroller 2020

A gift that keeps on giving…

76. Wipe Warmer And Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser

Baby wipes don’t have to be cold.

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How To Pick The Best Unique Gifts For Dad

Now that you have idea about what to buy, now it’s time to pick the best gift for Dad.

Here is how to pick the best unique gift for dad:

1. Know What He Likes

Before you start coming up with gift ideas, make sure you know what your Dad likes. There is no point buying him fishing gear if he loves golf. Keep to what he knows and you are sure to be on to a winner.

2. Functional Vs. Sentimental

Some Dads love practical gifts while others love gifts that are a bit more heartfelt. Make sure you know which type he would like before you buy gifts for Dad.

3. Make Sure It’s Thoughtful

We all know Dads are terrible at telling you what they want so when you are picking gifts for Dad remember, the more thoughtful the better.

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