39 Great Unanswerable Questions – Ask And Get 2021

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sparrow jack March 25, 2021
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Here are the 9 best unanswerable questions:


1. If You Describe Something As Indescribable, Haven’t You Already Described It?

Yes, but how would you describe the meaning of the word indescribable?

2. Who Taught The First-Ever Teacher?

The first-ever teacher was probably a self-taught monk who learned all they had to learn from life itself.

3. If You Expect The Unexpected, Doesn’t That Make The Unexpected Expected?

Are you confused too?

39 Great Unanswerable Questions – Ask And Get 2021


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4. Which Came First – The Chicken Or The Egg?

The OG of all the unanswerable questions out there.

5. Which Orange Came First – The Fruit Or The Color?

Pretty sure it was the fruit, but it can be debated.

6. If You’re Trying To Fail And You Succeed, Did You Fail Or Did You Succeed?

Isn’t it possible to both fail and succeed? This scenario proves so.

7. Which Armrest Is Yours In The Movie Theater?

This is a very important topic that needs to be overseen and something needs to be done about these “shared” armrests. It’s an outrage!

8. If Everyone Says That Life Is Unfair, Doesn’t That Mean That Life Is Fair?

A great response from a mother to her ungrateful teenager. Life is fair in the amount of unfairness it grants to every person.

9. Why Are They Called Buildings If They’re Already Built?

So true — They should actually be called builts.

9 Unanswerable Philosophical Questions

You might not be able to understand the world with these unanswerable philosophical questions, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth the read. These questions will make you look at the world in a different way and might even make you careful of common phrases we use.

Here are 9 unanswerable philosophical questions:

10. If You Had Fun While You Were Wasting Time, Can You Still Say That You Wasted Time?

It’s wasted time only if you had something more important to get done.

11. If You Hate Haters, Does That Make You A Hater And Will You Hate Yourself?

This comeback needs to be used on all the haters out there. They need to be told off once and for all.

12. If Nothing Is Impossible, Then Would It Be Possible For Something To Be Impossible?

Confused again?

13. If Killing People Is Wrong, Then Why Do We Kill People That Kill People?

Totally agree. Confinement is a much harsher sentence than death.

14. Why Do We Hit Our Hands Together When We Like Something? (Clapping)

Hmm, you’d need to ask a baby this question because they do this without even knowing it’s a thing.

15. Why Do We Base Our Age On The Number Of Times We Went Around A Burning Ball Of Gas?

It really doesn’t make sense. Babies age so much in just one month, while adults can look the same for a whole decade.

16. Are We Living Or Slowly Dying?

We are definitely dying slowly. Life is so sad.

17. Why Did We Decide To Give February Just 28 Days When Lots Of Other Months Have 31 Days? Couldn’t We Have Just Taken Some Of The 31st Days From Other Months And Added Them To February?

The Gregorian Calendar makes no sense…

18. If We Learn And Improve From Our Mistakes, Why Are We So Afraid To Make Mistakes?

So uplifting. We should actually love our mistakes. They make us who we are.

5 Interesting Unanswerable Questions

These unanswerable questions are quite interesting, don’t you think? These questions have probably got you thinking a lot right about now. Here are some more interesting questions to ask yourself things you definitely don’t have the answer to.

Here are 5 interesting unanswerable questions:

19. What Do They Call French Kissing In France?

Probably just kissing — the French are so passionate.

20. In The Word ‘Scent’, Which Letter Is Silent? S Or C?

We can definitely go further into this question and pretty much ask why there are even any silent letters. What’s their purpose?

21. What Is The Color Of A Mirror?

No one will ever know. But, it might be close to chrome.

22. If A Vampire Bites A Zombie, Does The Zombie Become A Vampire Or Does The Vampire Become A Zombie?

Why haven’t they turned this theory into a movie yet?

23. Isn’t The Word ‘Queue’ Just The Letter Q Followed By Four Silent Letters?

Another confusing aspect of the English written language.

10 Unanswerable Existential Questions

Unanswerable questions make us question our very own existence. The same thing can be said with existential questions, but when they are unanswerable, we start to wonder what life is really all about, and why we’re even here. Cheer up though, you may be able to come up with your own answers to these questions so you don’t have an existential crisis.

Here are 10 unanswerable existential questions:

24. What Existed Before The Universe?

Thinking about a time where there was no universe is extremely scary.

25. If God Created Adam And Eve, Did They Have Belly Buttons?

Kyle XY, anyone?

26. Do Caterpillars Know That They’re Going To Be Butterflies Or Do They Build The Cocoon Not Knowing What Will Happen?

The great mysteries of nature. How do all these creatures know their purpose in life?

27. If We Evolved From Monkeys, Why Are There Still Monkeys?

Maybe some of them just developed slowly, very, very slowly.

28. How Did The Person Who Invented The Calendar Know What Day It Was?

The first day the calendar was created was probably the first day to be recorded. The only logical explanation.

29. Did Time Exist Before The Universe Was Created, Or Did That Come Later?

Why do this to yourself. Some questions are better left unanswered.

30. Does Time Only Flow Forward Or Are There Exceptions?

If time could flow other ways, we’d have different dimensions and would be able to time travel back to the past.

31. Did We Invent Math Or Did We Discover It?

Pretty sure math was always present, so it had to have been discovered that we were using it all along.

32. Why Does Anything Exist?

Can’t we just love our lives and be happy? Why do we need to question our existence?

33. Is It Possible For Us As Humans To Comprehend The True Depths Of Our Reality And Existence

Thinking about this gives people anxiety, so it’s probably not possible.

6 Deep Unanswerable Questions

Unanswerable questions have a way of making you think deeply about things you’ll never know the answer to. It’s pretty crazy, but it’s also pretty extraordinary. Don’t hurt your brain too much with these deep questions. It is interesting to think about these things, but don’t hurt your head trying to figure out the impossible.

Here are 6 deep unanswerable questions:

34. When Does It Stop Being Partly Sunny And Start To Become Partly Cloudy?

The sun is huge, and the light from the sun overbears everything. That’s probably why…

35. If Life Is So Short, Why Do We Do Things That We Don’t Like And Like So Many Things That We Don’t Do?

Because, sometimes we have to do things that are good for us even if we don’t like it.

36. What Is The Purpose And Meaning Of Time?

Hmm, deep questions. We could live without time, but it does make life more interesting to know the time of the moment.

37. What Would A Room Made Of Mirrors Look Like If There Was Nothing Inside That Room To Create A Reflection?

This is just mind boggling because there’s no way to figure out what this would look like. It’s almost terrifying to think about.

38. If You Were To Dig A Hole That Went Through The Center Of The Earth And You Jumped Through, Would You Be Falling Or Floating Upwards?

One of the best questions that no one would ever be able to uncover.

39. What Would Happen To The World’s Oceans If Every Person On Earth Jumped Into The Water At The Same Time?

They’d probably overflow onto the land making the whole earth an ocean.

Downloadable List Of Unanswerable Questions

Here is a downloadable list of unanswerable questions (right-click the image and select Save Image As…):

More Awesome Questions

Have you had enough of questions you can’t find the answers to? Try these other questions that you can ask other people and actually get a clear answer.

  1. Try these personal questions to ask someone you’d like to know better. Just don’t overdo it.
  2. When you run out of things to say and topics to think of, use these random questions to ask just about anything.
  3. Get to know someone on a deeper level with these deep questions to ask deeply, interesting things.

How To Pick The Best Unanswerable Questions

These questions are great if your just like to ask them to yourself or someone else. Everyone’s able to come up with their own explanation to why these questions are so unanswerable. But, which questions are the best? And, why? Take our advice on how to pick the best questions, and you’ll be full of great things to talk about.

Here’s how to pick the best unanswerable questions:

1. Choose Questions With Lots Of Depth

When you read an unanswerable question that makes you think about all the possible answers, you have a good topic to discuss with others. Questions full of depth can make you wonder how anyone ever thought about asking them in the first place. Keep the questions deep and you’ve got a meaningful conversation.

2. Confuse People

Questions that are hard to comprehend will always stand out with others. You’ll even come off as looking smart and intellectual when asking questions that no one else seems to understand. And, once you explain it to them, you’ll look like the most interesting genius ever.

3. Interesting Questions Keep The Conversation Interesting

Well, of course, if you’ve got interesting things to say, people will want to talk to you. Just make sure you pick questions that others will find interesting, and not just that you find interesting. If you know a thing a two about the people you’re talking to, you’ll know which questions they’ll like to hear.

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