130 Truth or Dare Questions for Adults – Fun 2021

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1. What Is One Embarrassing Fact I Should Know About You?

This is a great early round icebreaker question.

2. Go To Your Neighbors House And Tell Him/Her A Joke.

Bring the neighbors in on the fun!

3. What Was Your Childhood Nickname?

Tell the truth, lil’ Buddy Bear!

130 Truth or Dare Questions for Adults – Fun 2021

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4. If There Was No Such Thing As Money, What Would You Do With Your Life?

This is a great question to get to know someone’s passions.

5. Wax Your Arms In Front Of Everyone.

Everyone likes to see a close friend in pain.

6. Let The Person Next To You Give You A Hair Cut Using Only His/Her Left Hand.

Hey, it’ll grow back, right?

7. Make An Outfit For Yourself Using No More Than 2 Rolls Of Toilet Paper.

Bring on the toilet humor.

8. What Are The Four Things You Notice In A Person At First Glance?

This gives fascinating insights into a person.

9. What Makes You Find Someone Attractive?

Everyone has something that makes them weak in the knees.

10. Show Your Whole Browsing History To The Players In The Room.

This dare is only for the brave or the pure.

11. What Is The Craziest Thing We Did Together?

Nothing makes a game of truth or dare like some good stories.

12. Call Your Best Friend Make Them Believe That You’re Fighting.

Don’t worry, best friends always forgive.

13. If You Could Take Away One Bad Thing In The World, What Would It Be?

Mosquitoes? hangnails? World hunger?

14. Call Your Dad And Tell Him That You Are Going To Elope In Vegas.

Make sure the call is on speaker.

15. What Country Would You Like To Live In If You Had The Chance?

What country matches that person’s lifestyle?

16. If You Could Change One Thing On Your Body, What Would It Be?

This is a great question to force people to open up a bit.

13 Truth Or Dare Questions For Adults – Tell Your Weirdest Habit.

17. Be Rude To Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend For The Rest Of The Game.

Hopefully this is difficult for the person to do.

18. How Soon Did You Realize That You Were In Love With Your Partner?

Get ready for a chorus of “awwwww”s.

19. Go To Your Neighbor And Ask If They Could Give You A Condom.

What a great way to meet the neighbors!

20. What Can Your Spouse Do/Say To Make You Do Anything?

It’s always helpful to know your friends’ soft spots.

21. Give A 3 Minute Lecture On Safe Sex.

Make it entertaining and informative.

22. If You Had Never Met Your Spouse Where Do You Think You Would Be?

This will get some fascinating answers.

23. Buy Beer For All The Participants In The Room.

I triple dog dare ya!

24. What Personality Trait Do You Least Like About Your Spouse?

Warning: This question should be asked with caution!

25. Have You Ever Been Close To Marrying Someone Else?

Sometimes close friends have mysterious pasts.

26. How Old Were You When You Had Your First Kiss?

Be sure to ask for the story!

27. Flirt With A Random Person In The Room.

It’s fun to observe another person’s technique.

28. Which Person Here Knows Something About You That You Wouldn’t Want To Be Revealed?

This one brings an air of mystery to the game.

29. What Personality Traits Would Cause You To End A Friendship?

Where is that line in the sand?

12 Dares For Adults

They say that fortune favors the bold, and that’s what those players who chose dares are counting on. These dares will get people acting a little wild and have everyone hanging on the edge of their seats.

Here are 12 of the best dares for adults.

30. Start Belly Dancing In A Circle Of Players Or Between Customers In A Bar.

Dare someone to get a little risque.

31. Dance Like A Ballerina, Instead Of Regular Walking.

Do you dare the graceful friend or the clumsy one?

32. Call To The Nearest Pharmacy And Ask Them If They’ve Got A Goldfish First Aid Kit.

They’ve got to really sell it.

33. Pretend To Be Another Player For The Rest Of The Game.

They have to answer to their name and everything.

34. Start Singing A Pop Song Out Loud Like You’re Singing Opera.

And then smile as the rest of the bar turns to watch.

35. Come Up With Famous People Each Person In Your Group Looks Like.

Everybody loves a good doppelganger.

36. Extend Your Hand Like Royalty And Get Three Random People To Kiss It.

People’s reactions are priceless.

37. Hold A Friend’s Hand, Then Act As If You’re Stuck Together With Superglue.

If they weren’t besties before they will be after.

38. Wear All Your Clothes Back To Front.

And have fun getting them that way.

39. Massage Your Friend’s Feet With Your Feet.

The perfect blend of weird and nice.

40. Write A Poem For Someone You Don’t Know In Your Group, Then Perform It To Them.

Who doesn’t appreciate a customized poem from a stranger?

41. Try To Make The Person Next To You Laugh. You’ve Got 60 Seconds.

Bust out the good stuff, the clock is ticking!

10 Funny Dares For Adults

These funny dares will have the whole group laughing and push people just outside of their comfort zones… exactly as a good game of adult truth or dare should.

Here are 10 funny dares for adults.

42. Crack An Egg On Your Head.

This dare is only for the bravest of players, but this is one of the classic truth or dare ideas.

43. Make A Shirt/Skirt Out Of A Garbage Bag And Wear It For The Next Two Rounds.

The drawstrings make great bow ties.

44. Call Your Parents And Tell Them That They Are Grounded For A Week.

My, how the tables have turned.

45. Sing The Latest Pop Song In The Worst Possible Way And Post The Video Online.

This dare is best used at a karaoke bar.

46. Fill Your Mouth With Crackers And Whistle.

Give everyone else goggles.

47. Stand In The Street And Yell “I Am (Name)! Hear Me Roar!!”

It’s pretty inspiring to watch.

48. Make A Romantic Marriage Proposal To The Person On Your Left.

Could be the start of something beautiful and honestly, one of the greatest truth or dare ideas out there.

49. Snort Like A Pig At The End Of Each Sentence You Say For The Rest Of The Game.

A little prolonged embarrassment is good for the soul.

50. Pretend To Spin An Imaginary Hula Hoop Around Your Waist For The Next Round.

Really work that imaginary thing.

51. Let Someone In The Room Write Whatever They Want From Your Facebook Account.

Relationship status is off limits. Or is it?

14 Truth Questions For Adults

Choosing truth might seem like an easy way out, but with these truth questions for adults, you can make sure there’s never a dull moment.

Here are 14 truth questions for adults

52. What Is That One Thing A Significant Other Must Have?

What does your friend think is most important in a partner?

53. What Are The Mistakes You Always Make While Talking With Someone You Have A Crush On?

There’s relief in knowing you’re not the only one who puts his foot in his mouth.

54. What Is The Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Done While Drunk?

Drunk stories are the best stories.

55. Have You Ever Lied To Your Partner To Avoid Sex?

Something you’d never understand when you were a kid.

56. What’s Your Wildest Fantasy?

Pull this question out when everyone’s nice and warmed up.

57. What Is The Stupidest Thing You’ve Done In Front Of A Crowd?

Reliving public humiliation is good for the healing process.

58. What Is The Dumbest Thing You’ve Said To Your Partner?

We’ve all stepped in it, but some of us can’t stay out of it.

59. If You Were Turned Into The Opposite Sex, What Is The First Thing You’d Do?

I’d bet $10 the answer involves a mirror.

60. Do You Have Any Tattoos And If So, Where?

This question is like a two-for one, since many tattoos come with great stories.

61. Have You Ever Sent An Embarrassing Text To The Wrong Person?

It’s fun to cringe when it’s someone else’s thumbs that misfired.

62. The Last Time You Argued With Someone, Did You Apologize First Or Was It The Other Person?

Some people are still learning which battles to pick.

63. What Is Your Excuse To Get Out Of Exercising?

Some days any excuse is a good excuse.

64. What Was The Most Embarrassing Thing That You Ever Did While On A Date?

This question is guaranteed to have everyone laughing.

65. Have You Ever Lied To Get Out Of Hanging Out With Someone?

Sometimes the couch calls louder than the bar.

44 Truth Or Dare Questions 18+ Over Text

A game of truth or dare can be a great way to get to know that new person you’ve been texting. These truth or dare questions over text can be modified for any situation, but they work great over text and they’re the perfect blend of funny, flirty, and challenging.

Here are 44 adult truth or dare questions over text.

66. What Is Your Biggest Fear In A Relationship?

If this is someone you’re interested in, it can be good to get this out in the open.

67. Make All Of Your Profiles On Social Media Public For A Whole Week.

Messing with privacy settings is a pretty serious dare.

68. Describe Your Worst Date Ever.

The worst dates make the best stories.

69. Record An Impression Of An Old Woman Entering A Drug Store And Asking For A Condom.

And they can’t use the word “condom.”

70. Write A Review Of Your Last Date.

Take the Yelp approach to dating. How many stars does the last date get?

71. What Is The Best Terrible Pickup Line You’ve Ever Heard?

One can never accumulate enough cheesy pickup lines.

72. Tell Your Weirdest Habit.

Friends are people who are the same kind of weird as us.

73. Publish The Most Embarrassing Picture Of You Taken Recently. Caption It #Loveyourself.

Spread the message of self love and embarrassing selfies.

74. Make A Toilet Paper Tube Top And Wear It.

If they’re careful they can re-roll the TP.

75. What Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

What good is life without a few indulgences?

76. What Was Your First Impression Of Your Me?

It’s always good to hear how you come across to new people.

77. What Is The Most Annoying Thing Your Roommate Has Ever Done?

Stories about bad roommates have universal appeal.

78. Do A Crazy Dance Outside. Record It And Send It.

Busting a move is a great way to push through barriers.

79. If You Were Marooned On An Island With One Person, Who Would You Want That Person To Be?

Who they choose will tell you a lot about their priorities.

80. Go Outside And Wrap A Toilet Paper Around Your Neighbors Tree. Send A Pic.

Dare them to get a little wild.

81. How Many Relationships You Have Ended?

If you’re thinking about a relationship with this person, it’s good to know how their past relationships have gone.

82. What Do You Like To Do First On A Date?

Go ahead and screenshot this message for later use.

83. Have You Ever Called A Teacher “Mom” Or “Dad”?

Hopefully this traumatizing moment is now safe to relive.

84. Record Yourself Eating A Lemon.

Nothing brings people together like making strange faces.

85. What Is One Thing That Makes You Relax?

Everyone has a ritual, what is theirs?

86. What Is One Thing You Are Always Losing?

Likely candidates: keys, phone, and mind.

87. Go To A Stranger And Hug Him Tightly And Then Turn Around And Never Look Back.

A little kindness goes a long way… and makes for a good story.

88. What Is One Thing You Like About Yourself?

It’s OK to take a little time to appreciate one’s self.

89. Have You Ever Fallen Asleep In Church?

Sometimes, no matter how hard you fight it, sleep wins.

90. If You Had A Remote Control That Could Control Anything, What Would You Control?

It’s like being given a super power that you constantly lose between the cushions.

91. Tell Your Mother That One Thing That You Have Been Hiding From Her.

It’s such a relief getting something off your chest.

92. What Is Your Favorite Spot To Go On A Date?

This question can tell you a lot about the person’s ideas about romance.

93. Leave Me A Voicemail As If You Were Drunk And Just Got Dumped.

Pretending to be an emotional mess is so fun. The real thing? Not so much.

94. Is There Anything You Regret Buying, And If So, What Is It?

Buyer’s remorse is the worst, but we’ve all experienced it.

95. Have You Ever Stolen Anything?

This is another way of asking “do you have a wild side?”

96. What Do You Like To Do When You Are Alone?

A person who’s comfortable being a lone is comfortable with his or herself.

97. Do You Prefer Comedies Or Romances?

Get ready to update your Watch List on Netflix.

98. What Was The Worst Day You Ever Had?

Bad days force us to appreciate good days.

99. What Is Your Favorite Go-To Website?

You can learn a lot about a person from their bookmarks.

100. What Makes You Furious?

You can’t avoid a pet peeve you don’t know about.

101. Make Your Voicemail Recording Gollum From Lord Of The Rings.

We can’t come to the phone, precious.

102. When You Think That No One Is Listening, Do You Sing In The Shower?

And do you keep on singing when people can hear?

103. Get Out On The Street And Sing The U.S. National Anthem As Loud As You Can.

Make that street the land of the free and the home of the brave.

104. If You Knew Then What You Know Now, What Would You Have Done Differently?

Perspective is an amazing gift. How should it be used?

105. On A Scale From 1-10, Where Does Your Patience Fall?

We all agree it’s a virtue, but we don’t all have it.

106. Tell Me Your Darkest Secret.

This is a truth disguised as a dare. Use it with caution.

107. Did You Ever Sneak Into An R Rated Movie When You Were Underage?

This was the ultimate rebel move for preteens.

108. Record Your Name While Burping Aloud.

Not everyone will appreciate this question, so feel out the situation first.

109. Have You Ever Sent An Inappropriate Text To Your Mom Or Dad By Accident?

This is the ultimate texting mistake.

10 Truth Or Dare Questions For Adult Couples

There are a lot of ways to build intimacySpeaking your truth in a safe spacetrying new things, and taking risks are all great ways to build an even stronger connection with your partner.

On your next date night, break out these truth or dare questions for couples and you’ll be able to feel your connection meter bounce off the charts!

Here are 10 truth or dare questions for couples:

110. What Was Your First Impression Of Your Spouse?

Were you what they expected?

111. How Many Children Would You Like To Have?

Is that pretty set in stone?

112. What Is Your Partner’s Most Annoying Habit?

Be nice! But this IS a great opportunity…

113. What Can Your Spouse Do/Say To Make You Do Anything?

Will you reveal your Achilles heel?

114. If You Had Never Met Your Spouse Where Do You Think You Would Be?

What does your alternate timeline look like?

115. What Body Part Of Your Spouse Do You Like The Most?

Feel free to be descriptive.

116. What White Lie Have You Told Your Partner To Make Sure Not To Hurt Their Feelings?

It’s time for the truth to come out.

117. What Personality Trait Do You Least Like About Your Spouse?

Try answering this constructively.

118. Which Physical Aspect Of Your Partner Do You Dislike? Why?

Unless it’s something that can be easily changed, I’d go with the dare…

119. What’s The Best Part Of Being A Guy/Girl?

What’s the biggest drawback?

10 Funny Truth Or Dare Questions For Adults

Even grown-ups need to have fun! Take a break from all of your serious adulting and have a little light hearted distraction!

These funny truth or dare questions make great ice breakers or are a fun way for a group of funs to get to know one another even more!

Here are 10 funny truth or dare questions:

120. Did You Ever Taste Your Pet’s Nourishment?

I mean, beef and cheddar DOES sound pretty good.

121. What Is The Craziest Thing On Your To-Do List?

How long will it take to finish?

123. Which Entertainer Would You Swap Your Existence With For 10 Days?

Has to be here and now!

124. Something You Wish You Didn’t Know?

What dark truths do you hold?

125. The Most Recent Reason You Went To The Drug Store After 11 O’clock PM?

My bet is on alcohol or medicine.

126. What Were You Doing One Year Ago Today?

Can you even remember?

127. What’s The Strangest Game You Used To Play As A Kid?

Do you remember playing it, or is it a family story now?

128. What’s The Lamest Thing You’ve Googled?

Did you delete the history, just in case?

129. What Did You Want To Be When You Grow Up When You Were 8 Years Old?

Why didn’t you become that?

130. What’s In Your Bedside Drawer?

Therapists will say this is the most revealing thing about you!

Downloadable And Printable List Of Truth Or Dare Questions For Adults

Here is a downloadable and printable list of truth or dare questions for adults (right click the image and select Save Image As…):

More Great Truth Or Dare Style Questions

Need more truth or dare questions? Check out the links below for questions that can easily be adapted to a game of adult truth or dare.

  1. This list of fun questions to ask is a great resource for questions that get people thinking outside the box and talking about themselves.
  2. These random questions will introduce just the right amount of chaos and spontaneity to your game of truth or dare.
  3. Adapt these funny questions to ask and you’ll have the group in stitches all night.

How To Best Ask Adult Truth Or Dare Questions: 3 Easy Steps

The perfect game of truth or dare has to push boundaries but can’t break them. It has to get people laughing but needs to have some substance too. To ask the questions that will lead you to the perfect game of adult truth or dare, follow these 3 steps.

1. Read The Room

Nothing kills a game of truth or dare like making it too real too fast. Ask questions that fit the tone of the party and the personalities of the people you’re with.

2. Baby Steps

Once you’ve figured out the game’s starting point, you’re going to want to slowly take it up a notch. As the rounds go on, ask more probing truth questions and give more daring dares.

3. Keep It Light

Many a game of truth or dare has been spoiled by a question that takes things in a… weird direction. Ask questions that get people a little hot under the collar, but don’t make them sweat too much.

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