60 Best Things To Do – Activities everyone 2021

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sparrow jack March 24, 2021
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Here are the 10 best things to do:


1. Take A Bartending Class

Ever wondered how your bartender makes those magical cocktails? A bartending class will give you the skills to impress your friends at your next house party.

2. Treat Yo Self

Originating in the cult classic TV show “Parks and Recreation”, Treat Yo Self is choosing to take one day out of a year to treat yourself to anything you wouldn’t normally do. Check it out here.

3. Take A Weekend Road Trip

The road trip is a classic American activity. On my list of things to do, it’s definitely near the top!

60 Best Things To Do – Activities everyone 2021


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4. Go To A Dance Class.

Dancing relieves stress, is great exercise, and can turn into an awesome social opportunity, too.

5. Give Lots Of (Genuine) Compliments This Week.

Need a little more positivity in your life? Start by putting some out there into the world, and I guarantee some will come back to you.

6. Try An Alternative Therapy Such As Reflexology, Reiki Or Acupuncture.

Western medicine is awesome for a lot of things, but older therapies can be amazing complementary medicine that will leaving you feeling great.

7. Attend A Men’s Retreat

Taking the time to get away from it all with a like-minded group of guys can be a powerful, even life-changing experience.

8. Go Skinny-Dipping.

A little bit risky, sure… But some of the most interesting and engaging things in life are a bit daring!

9. Try A New Sport

From judo to ping-pong to volleyball, anything that gets you moving is likely to improve your mood and your life.

10. Improve Your Wine Knowledge

Tasting a bunch of wines isn’t such a bad way to spend a day — and you’ll end up better prepared to order wine on your next date.

8 Best Things To Do When Bored

Boredom can set in for anybody. When you’re feeling awake and energetic, but not quite sure what to do — or not interested in what you’re doing — that’s when boredom is most likely to strike.

So what are some good things to do when bored? Anything that is simple, engaging, and novel will usually do the trick to break those boredom blues.

Here are the 8 best things to do when bored:

11. Go For A Walk And Practice Mindfulness

Zen monks call it “kinhin” — slow walking, paying close attention to the breath and posture. It’ll get your head back in the game.

12. Listen To Music

Sitting down to concentrate on music you really love can be a powerful way to break up boredom.

13. Start Volunteering

If you’re consistently bored, why not put that time to good use in helping others?

14. Gardening

Even taking care of a few houseplants can breathe fresh life into an otherwise boring day.

15. Try New Restaurants

You’ve gotta eat, so you might as well make it interesting!

16. Plan A Vacation

If your next time off is a long ways away, that just means you have even more time to plan ahead and dream.

17. Try A New Recipe

Cooking at home can be an awesome way to learn a new skill while you feed yourself.

18. Knit Or Crochet A Scarf

Hey, don’t knock it until you try it! They make excellent Christmas gifts, by the way.

10 Best Things To Do At Home

Feeling more like a homebody? Especially during the winter having plenty of things to do at home can keep the boredom away and enrich your home life. Plan things to do from the comfort of your home, and you’ll never be unsatisfied with staying in for the night.

Here are the 10 best things to do at home:

19. Call A Grandparent

Staying in touch with your elders is a great way to stay grounded — not to mention the benefit to their life, as well.

20. Try To Figure Out How To Fix Something Broken In Your Home.

Developing DIY skills around the house will always pay off in the future.

21. Make Dinner For Yourself.

Why not learn to cook a new recipe? You can save money, learn something, and have fun all at the same time.

22. Host A Game Night.

Fun and friends without all the screens is enlivening and rejuvenating.

23. Re-Arrange Your Furniture

Freshen up your feng shui to breathe a little life into your home routine.

24. Read

When was the last time you read a really good book?

25. Update Your Resume

Get ahead of the game for that next job or promotion you’re looking for.

26. Watch Documentaries.

Learning and watching television at the same time? Sign me up!

27. Take A Nap.

Especially if you’re an overly busy person, taking the time out of your day for a short nap can be reinvigorating.

28. Take A Soothing Bath

Need a little more rest and relaxation? Running a hot bath is a guaranteed way to settle down.

10 Best Things To Do With Friends

Staying social benefits both your physical and mental health, by exposing you to new ideas and staving off boredom and isolation. Whether you’re a dedicated extrovert or a casual introvert, spending time around your friends helps to make life more interesting and engaging.

What are the best kind of things to do with friends? Well, that can certainly depend on your unique friend group — but most of the time, looking for casual but engaging activities with an element of teamwork is the best way to go.

Here are the 10 best things to do with friends:

29. Sign Up For A 5k Together

Sign up, get fit, and have fun together. Consider placing a friendly bet on who’s more likely to win!

30. Tour Your Own Town

How well do you all know the city you live in? Going on a tour with your friends can reveal parts of your city that you wouldn’t see on your own.

31. Attend A Paint And Sip Event

Wine, art, and friends? Sounds like the perfect way to mix things up.

32. Create A Friendship Bucket List

What do you most want to do together in the time you have here on Earth?

33. Play Hide And Seek In The Park

Embrace your inner child by playing this most old-school of games. Bonus points if you can get away with it at night!

34. Go Camping Together

Ahh, the great outdoors: Getting away from your internet connection and exploring your friendship from another angle.

35. Go To A Film Festival

Whether you enjoy the films or not, going with a friend will give you plenty to talk about.

36. Join A Community Sports Team.

This is a fantastic way to get social on a regular basis, and great for your physical health too.

37. Host A Clothing Swap

This way, everybody in the group can have a chance to freshen up their wardrobes without spending a dime.

38. Brewery/Winery Tour

Liven up the usual “going out for a drink” by educating yourself on some new brews.

11 Things To Do On A Sunday

Ahh, Sundays — that magical time where you’ve had all of Friday night and Saturday to have fun and relax, and now you’re ready to kick back before getting into another work week.

What are the perfect things to do on a Sunday, though?

Sundays are Friday and Saturday’s easy-going brother; a perfect day to embrace your more domestic side, or maybe get involved with artistic endeavors. If you’re feeling particularly productive, Sundays can even be a great way to catch up on housework or organize the week ahead of you.

No matter what you choose, Sundays can be a time for much-needed R&R.

Here are the 11 best things to do on a Sunday.

39. Board Game Night

Turn off your phone and kick it old school with some board games. Your eyes will thank you for getting away from the screens for a while.

40. Geocaching

Up for an adventure? Geocaching will take you to places you never dreamt of visiting.

41. Visit A Free Museum Or Zoo

Cultural activities like taking in the arts are good for the soul, and give you plenty to talk about in your next conversation.

42. Drive Through The Countryside

For some people, nothing is more relaxing than a long, leisurely drive.

43. Go Get Lost.

Turn off your phone, pick a direction to walk or drive, and really let yourself wander!

44. Watch The Sunset

How often do you take time out of your day for life’s simple pleasures like this?

45. Have A Bonfire In Your Backyard

Especially as fall and winter settle in, having a small fire outside will speak to your soul.

46. Organize A Neighborhood Cleanup

It’s your neighborhood, after all! Having some pride in where you live will enrich all of your walks around the neighborhood.

47. Browse Pet-Adoption Websites

Be careful though, or you just may end up with a new furry friend!

48. Write Some Snail Mail To A Friend

The feeling of getting a letter in the mail is all the more rare and special now that we spend so much time communicating electronically.

49. Get Your Taxes Together.

Okay, so it may not be the most fun… But it will definitely pay off in the amount of time you save come tax season.

11 Adventurous Things To Do

It’s natural that on some days you want to do low-key activities in your home or yard, while on other days you want a full-blown adventure. If you crave new experiences and you want to explore a new area or do something that you’ve never done before, then you’re looking for fresh and adventurous things to do.

Finding fun new things to do should be an enjoyable activity and what could be more fun than looking at adventurous things to do? Some of these activities can be completed in your town, while others might require a road trip. All you need to do now is grab some friends and choose where you’re going to go.

Here are 11 adventurous things to do:

50. Hike To A Waterfall

Hiking is quite an adventurous pursuit, but hiking to a waterfall is something completely different. If you live close to a waterfall you can go and experience the sights and sounds of a natural phenomenon that you probably don’t see very often.

51. Do A Scavenger Hunt Around Town

A scavenger hunt takes a bit of organizing but these hunts are a super fun way to spend your time. Get someone to hide objects and clues around the town then form teams and try to collect them all. This is often a great way to give your brain a bit of a work out as you try to solve the clues.

52. Go To Disney

If you’ve never been to Walt Disney World or Disneyland, you really need to book a trip. This exciting, nostalgic place is sure to take you back to your childhood as you experience the rides and meet the characters. This adventure might take a bit of planning but it’ll definitely be worth it.

53. Try To Break A Guinness World Record

There are so many records that there will definitely be one that takes your fancy. The record might involve lots of practice, or it might just involve getting lots of people together. Whatever record you choose, make sure that it’s one of the more fun adventurous things to do to ensure that you’re entertained and your practise was worth it.

54. Let Someone Else Choose What You Do

Select one day where a friend or group of friends makes all the decisions for you that day, from where you go to what you eat. This can be a super fun way to experience new things without having to make any choices for yourself.

55. Go Scuba Diving

Now is the perfect time to try scuba diving if you’ve never experienced it. Getting to go deep under the sea to explore the scenery on the sea bed and look at the creatures is such an exciting thing. It might take you a little while to get the hang of things but you’ll definitely have a fun time.

56. Bungee Jumping

This is one of the most adventurous things to do in your lifetime. Bungee jumping is both terrifying and exhilarating, plus it offers a brand new perspective on the world. If you aren’t scared of heights then this is the perfect adventure for you.

57. Visit A Friend In Another City

There is probably at least one friend or family member who lives in a city you’ve never been to. If a friend has recently moved and you haven’t visited them yet, you could organize a last-minute trip to see them and experience their town.

58. Get A Tattoo

If you can legally get a tattoo and there’s a design you’ve always wanted, why not make an appointment? Large tattoos need several sittings in order to complete them and make them perfect, but small tattoos can be completed reasonably quickly.

59. Try To Cook And Eat An Exotic Cuisine

Cooking exotic cuisine is a great activity for people who usually eat the same types of foods. Being adventurous in the kitchen can mean that you branch out with ingredients, flavors and techniques. Sometimes half of the fun comes from hunting down the exotic ingredients mentioned in recipes in local stores and food markets.

60. Book A Skydive

If you’re feeling really adventurous you could book a skydive for a date in the future. This is an awesome activity for daredevils who really want to experience a thrill.

How To Pick The Best Things To Do

Oh, man… So, now that you’ve got all of these amazing ideas for things to do — how do you pick the best ones?

It all comes down to your purpose (why do you want to do it?), how much time you havewhere you’re at, and whether you want to go it solo or spend time with friendsLet’s check each one of these out together one-by-one to see the best way to pick what to do.

Here is how to pick the best thing to do:

1. Why Do You Want To Do It?

No matter what it is that you’re looking to do, it’s always a good idea to start with the why.

Whether you’re feeling bored, want to improve yourself, or feel the need to get social will determine the direction you’re heading. Depending on how you’re feeling about what it is that you want, check out our ideas under each header to orient yourself properly.

2. When Do You Have It, And How Much?

It doesn’t do very much good to plan a week away in the wilderness if you’re going back to work tomorrow, so think about what you’d like to accomplish in the time you have. Whether it’s five minutes or five days will determine a lot about what the best thing to do is in that moment.

3. Where Are You? Where Do You Want To Be?

Sometimes you might want nothing more than to be at home, resting and relaxing… While other times, adventure calls and you know you have to get out and explore! Which one calls to you more, and which one can you do right now given the time and the weather?

4. Do You Need More Social Time, Or More Alone Time?

Introverts and extroverts can be wildly different in their needs for solitude and social connection. Think about this when you’re picking activities to do, i.e. how’s your social battery doing, and what would be the best way to keep yourself happy and healthy?

Downloadable And Printable List Of Things To Do

Here is a downloadable and printable list of Things To Do (right click the Image and select Save Image As…):

More Fun Ways To Spend Your Time

There are so many amazing options for fun and interesting ways to spend your time, that it’s hard to fit them all in one place! Even if this list of things to do wasn’t exactly what you were looking for, we’ve got you covered:

  1. Looking for something to keep coming back to again and again? Our list of hobbies will point you in the right direction.
  2. If it’s something to do with that special someone, check out these date ideas!
  3. Is good conversation more your thing? We have plenty of things to talk about for the next time you’re hanging with friends.
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