31 Best Sweet Pick Up Lines – Make her 2021

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sparrow jack March 22, 2021
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Here are the 4 best sweet pick up lines:


1. They Might Ask You To Leave Soon… You’re Making All The Other Women Look Bad.

Girls might try to hide it, but they’re incredibly competitive. This sweet pick up line is effective because it strokes their ego and shows you’re only interested in them.

2. Of All The Beautiful Curves On Your Body, Your Smile Is My Favorite.

This sweet pick up line shows that you’re most attracted to her beautiful face – something every girl wants to hear. For extra points, you’re also complimenting her figure.

3. I Think The Gaps Between My Fingers Were Meant For Yours.

This line is very sweet and innocent, and it’s almost guaranteed to make a girl swoon. After all, what’s sweeter than holding hands?

31 Best Sweet Pick Up Lines – Make her 2021

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4. Do You Have A BandAid? I Just Scraped My Knee Falling For You.

This is one of those that is so bad it might just work. If you want a sweet pick up line that’ll make a girl blush and laugh at the same time, this is the one you’re looking for.

4 Sweet Cute Pick Up Lines

If you want to take a slightly more light-hearted approach when approaching a girl, consider trying some of these cute pick up lines. These lines are perfect if you want to show a girl that you’re really harmless deep inside.

Here are 4 sweet cute pick up lines:

5. I Like Legos, You Like Legos, Why Don’t We Build A Relationship?

Mentioning childhood toys is a cute way to remind a girl that you’re just a regular boy with a crush. Throw in a witty remark, and you’re good to go.

6. You Are The Marshmallow To My Hot Chocolate.

Hot chocolate and marshmallows evoke all kinds of cute, warm thoughts, and this is exactly what a girl will associate with you when you use this line.

7. Are You Lost Ma’am? Because Heaven Is A Long Way From Here.

Say this cute line with a completely serious tone, and watch her break out in a smile.

8. If You Were A Triangle, You’d Be Acute One.

Perfect for math class, this is another “so bad it’s good” line. She’ll love the goofy and undeniably cute pun, and this line has a high chance of success.

3 Sweet Funny Pick Up Lines

There’s nothing better than humor when meeting girls, especially if you’re speaking to them for the very first time. These funny pick up lines show that you’re witty, approachable, and creative – three things on every girl’s list.

Here are 3 sweet funny pick up lines:

9. If You Were A Transformer… You’d Be Optimus Fine.

Everyone has seen the Transformers movies at this point, so this joke is sure to land.

10. Have You Been To The Doctor’s Lately? Cause I Think You’re Lacking Some Vitamin Me.

The great thing about this is that you don’t have to think too hard about it. Just say it with confidence, and you’ll get some giggles in return. Now you’ve won her trust!

11. Are You A Magician? Because Whenever I Look At You, Everyone Else Disappears!

This is a very sweet and funny way to tell a girl that you only have eyes for her.

6 Sweet Cheesy Pick Up Lines

There’s nothing wrong with cheesy pick up lines. By using one these lines, you’re basically admitting that the situation is awkward. Instead of fighting it, you’re making a joke out of it, and girls will love that.

Here are 6 sweet cheesy pick up lines:

12. If I Could Rearrange The Alphabet, I’d Put ‘U’ And ‘I’ Together.

By now, almost everyone has heard this cheesy line. She might even look at you and ask “seriously?” Play up the cheesiness factor for best results.

13. Somebody Better Call God, Because He’s Missing An Angel.

Say it as if you think it’s the most romantic thing ever – even if you know it’s cheesy. She’ll either laugh, smile, or blush – all good signs.

14. We’re Not Socks, But I Think We’d Make A Great Pair

If you know that your crush appreciates a “random” sense of humor, try this out. You’ll have her falling in love with your weirdness in no time.

15. I’m No Photographer, But I Can Picture Us Together.

This famously cheesy phrase can work wonders if you pair it with a well-honed sense of humor.

16. My Feet Are Getting Cold… Because You’ve Knocked My Socks Off.

Say this with puppy dog eyes for extra effect. It’s sweet, a little cheesy, and almost guaranteed to get a positive reaction.

17. If You Were A Vegetable You’d Be A Cutecumber.

Flash your most dashing smile after and watch her defenses crumble. No one can resist laughing at such a sweet, cheesy line – especially if you say it with a straight face.

3 Sweet Smooth Pick Up Lines

If you want to take a more serious approach, there are plenty of smooth pick up lines you can try while still maintaining that sweet demeanor. These lines show your crush that you’re a suave gentleman with a sweet soul.

Here are 3 sweet smooth pick up lines:

18. I’ve Been Wondering, Do Your Lips Taste As Good As They Look?

This might be sweet, but it takes some smoothness to pull off. Do it right, and you might just see her knees start to shake with desire.

19. Do You Have A Name, Or Can I Call You Mine?

A little bit of wordplay never hurt anyone, and this smooth line shows that you’re not afraid to show off your witty side.

20. My Buddies Bet Me That I Wouldn’t Be Able To Start A Conversation With The Hottest Person In The Bar. Wanna Buy Some Drinks With Their Money?

You really can’t lose with this. She’s not going to turn down free drinks, and at the very least it’s a smooth, guaranteed conversation starter.

3 Sweet Clever Pick Up Lines

If you’re the smart type, these sweet, clever pick up lines will be right up your alley. They can also work wonders if you’re dealing with an intelligent woman who appreciates a bit of mental stimulation.

Here are 3 sweet clever pick up lines:

21. You Must Be The Square Root Of 2 Because I Feel Irrational Around You.

Girls love nerds, and this shows that you’re not afraid to show off your inner mathematician. Who says math isn’t sexy?

22. If I Had A Dollar For Every Time I Thought Of You, I’d Be In A Higher Tax Bracket.

This is a wittier twist on a more common pick up line, and it works well if you say it in an offhand manner. Sophisticated ladies will definitely take notice!

23. Good Think I Just Bought Term Life Insurance… Because I Saw You And My Heart Stopped!

This is another pick up line that can show off your brains and impress a girl with sweet words at the same time. She’ll know just how big of an effect she has on you.

5 Sweet Dumb Pick Up Lines

Playing dumb can sometimes be a solid choice when choosing pick up lines. These dumb pick up lines can be more effective than you might think, especially if she’s the type to take pity on you and laugh at your haplessness.

Here are 5 sweet dumb pick up lines:

24. I Was Blinded By Your Beauty; I’m Going To Need Your Name And Phone Number For Insurance Purposes.

This might sound dumb, but it’ll probably get your crush to lower their guard. It’s so dumb that it actually does a pretty good job of breaking the ice.

25. Do You Like Sales? Because If You’re Looking For A Good One, Clothing Is 100% Off At My Place.

This is quite daring, but you know what they say – fortune favors the bold. Its slightly dumb nature with “soften the blow,” making it seem less overt.

26. If Looks Could Kill, You’d Be A Weapon Of Mass Destruction.

This dumb pick up line sounds like it was taken straight from a cheesy 80s action movie. And you know what? It’s so dumb that it just might work.

27. I’ll Give You A Kiss. If You Don’t Like It, You Can Return It.

This cheeky, dumb line can leave a girl speechless – in a good way. Being bold enough to say you want to kiss a girl is tough, but you might just get rewarded…

28. Baby, If You Were Words On A Page, You’d Be Fine Print.

This walks the line between dumb, cheesy, and somewhat witty. Your crush won’t know what hit her when you say it, and surprising her is always a smart move.

3 Sweet But Cringy Pick Up Lines

Can cringy pick up lines actually work? Sometimes. People react to cringiness in different ways – some get really embarrassed, while others think it’s hilarious.

If your crush is the latter type, then these face-palm inducing lines might just work.

Here are 3 sweet but cringy pick up lines:

29. It’s A Good Thing I Have My Library Card Because I Am Totally Checking You Out.

This cringy line is great if your crush likes the nerdy type. She might just take pity on how hopeless you are.

30. My Love For You Is Like Diarrhea, I Just Can’t Hold It In.

Use this one at your own risk. All we can say is that it takes a very “special” kind of lady to fall for this one…

31. If You Were A Fruit, You’d Be A Fineapple.

The only thing we can say about this is that she probably hasn’t heard it before. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to make an impression.

How To Pick The Best Sweet Pick Up Lines

If you’ve reached this stage in the article, you’ve probably picked out a few pick-up lines that you want to try out on your crush or the next beautiful girl you see. Remember, you only get one shot. How do you know which one of these lines to actually use?

Here is how to pick the best sweet pick up lines:

1. Make Sure You’re Not Faking It

Women can smell a “faker” a mile away. If your pick up line sounds too “plastic,” it’ll backfire on you. Choose one of these that actually matches with your personality, and it’ll seem more genuine.

2. Humor Is Always A Good Plan

When in doubt, choose sweet pick up lines that’ll make her laugh. Making the move is always going to be a little awkward, so cracking a few jokes can break the ice and raise your chances of success.

3. Take Her Personality Into Account

Do you know the girl you’re approaching? If so, you might want to take her personality into account. Choosing pick up lines that have special meaning for her will show her that you know her and you’re making more of an effort.

Downloadable And Printable List Of Sweet Pick Up Lines

Here is a downloadable and printable list of sweet pick up lines (right click the image and select Save Image As…):

More Cool Lists Of Pick Up Lines

If being sweet and innocent isn’t really your style, there are many different approaches you can use when choosing the best pick up lines. Here are some other pick up lines to try out (and lines to avoid):

  1. First and foremost, you need to figure out what not to do when learning how to talk to girls. Check out this list of worst pick up lines for some pointers.
  2. Do pick up lines work? Not if you try any of these bad pick up linesSteer clear if you want to get the best results.
  3.  If you’re trying to figure out how to start a conversation with a girl you like, then, by all means, don’t use any of these dumb pick up linesYou’ve been warned.
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