118 Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend 2021

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1. What Cheesy Song Do You Have Memorized?

Goofy songs are always fun to share with someone. And when you hang out with her you can belt it out together. This one is my favorite.

2. What Is The Scariest Thing You’ve Ever Done?

We all have that one time where we almost died. This is a good opportunity to share your experience as well, which will make her more comfortable knowing that you can admit you get scared sometimes.

3. What Is The One Thing You Find Weird, But Attractive In A Person?

You’d be surprised some of the things people find attractive (slightly NSFW because fetishes). Maybe you’re really hairy and she’s into hairy dudes. This is the best way to know!’

118 Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend 2021

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4. What Was Your Favorite TV Show As A Kid?

This question to ask your girlfriend can open up the door to her current favorite shows, something you two can bond over.

5. What Celebrity Would You Trade Lives With?

Follow-up question: Would you be comfortable being stalked by people you don’t know?

6. What’s The First Thing You Would Do If You Won The Lottery?

Reddit user /u/BlakeClass has a great write-up on this subject.

7. What Are Your Top Played Songs On Spotify/ITunes/Etc?

Ask her to play them the next time you’re in the car together. You might find something you like! Common ground is always good for a relationship and life per se.

8. What’s The First Thing You’d Do After School When You Were In High School?

Extracurricular activities are one of the best ways to bond outside of high school.

9. Where Would You Live If You Could Change Where You Live Now?

Italy for the inspiration? Japan for the culture? Australia for the Kangaroos?

10. What’s Your Favorite Place To Go For Lunch?

This question to ask to your girlfriend is the perfect excuse and the best way to meet up with her for lunch some time if you can! A relationship is something that gets better over food, right?

11. If You Can Change One Thing About The World, What Would It Be?

Of course, there are things in life we cannot change, but we can always do wishful thinking.

12. What’s The One Thing That’s So Strange But You Ate Anyway?

Date idea: Take her to an international food market. You’re guaranteed to find something delicious you’ve never seen before.

13. Do You Have A Bucket List?

You’d be surprised to find out that there are people who don’t bother about a bucket list.

14. What’s The Furthest You’ve Ever Got A Paper Airplane To Fly?

Challenge her to a dollar bill paper airplane contest. Whoever makes the airplane that flies the farthest gets to keep both dollars!

15. What’s The One Thing You Love About Being Your Gender? If You Could Change To A Man, Would You Do It?

This one has the potential to introduce sex into the conversation, but please consider where you are in the relationship before you go there.

16. What’s Your Worst Habit? Do You Wish You Could Change That?

If she bites her toenails, be sure to ask if she brushes and flosses on a regular basis.

17. What Would Your Parents Be Surprised To Learn About You?

Another good one to turn the conversation naughty.

18. What Is Your Most Bizarre Pet Peeve?

Comedian Michael Ian Black has a hilarious bit on banana noises.

19. When You Talk About Me To Others, What Do You Say?

Women tell their girlfriends everything, especially the guy their dating. This is the best way to make sure she’s sharing good things about you.

20. Do You Have Nightmares? Is It Something Like We See In A TV Show?

Jokingly interpret her nightmares if you’re looking to make her laugh.

18 Best Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Maybe you’ve been dating her for a while or you want to progress the relationship and get a little more personal while staying lighthearted.

These questions to ask your girlfriend will push her mind into overdrive and really get her thinking about the answers. They might even make her laugh. So, if you’re wondering what questions to ask a girlfriend are out there, you can start with this.

Here are the 18 best questions to ask your girlfriend:

21. When’s The Last Time You Really Indulged, And For What Occasion?

Did she devour a tub of Häagen-Dazs or run through fields of wheat?

22. Do You Have Any Secret Untapped Passions?

Help her get started on tapping into them. Maybe she wants to learn how to paint. Take her to one of those Paint and Wine places where you paint a pretty picture and get wine drunk.

23. Do You Prefer Group Dinners Or One-On-Ones With Friends?

Once you get this one answered, offer to host a dinner party with her pals or take them out to eat. You;ve got to have a relationship of some sort with her friends too.

24. What’s The Most Bizarre Situation You’ve Ever Walked Into?

Hopefully she’s never walked in on her parents having sex, like what we frequently see in a TV show.

25. Which Of The Places You’ve Traveled To Inspired You The Most, And Why?

If she travels and appreciates those opportunities, she has the capacity to motivate you to be more worldly.

26. What Is The One Thing That Breaks The Deal For You?

Everyone has dealbreakers when it comes to relationships. Have yours defined as well.

27. If Earth Could Only Have One Condiment For The Rest Of Time, What Would You Pick To Keep Around?

Is she that person who puts ketchup on literally everything she eats? Ypu, sometimes life is weird like that.

28. What Story Do Your Friends Still Give You Crap About?

Some things our friends will never let us live down. What’s her story?

29. Are You Religious?

Find out this one thing early and you’ll avoid an awkward drive home.

30. What One Thing Would You Be Most Disappointed If You Never Got To Experience It?

Did she miss out on that eclipse we had not too long ago?

31. What’s The Last Book You Really Loved?

Maybe the two of you have similar reading tastes. If neither of you are readers, audiobooks are a non-invasive way to experience a well-written story. I listen to them when I’m meal prepping for the week.

32. If You Had To Pick One, Which Of Your Five Senses Would You Rather Lose?

Each can be argued and some might be easier to manage than others.

33. What Would You Consider Your Greatest Accomplishment In Life? What Would You Like To Be The Greatest Accomplishment Of Your Entire Life?

What is she most proud of? One of the keys to a happy relationship is support. Help her out and encourage her to reach her goals for one of the healthiest relationships you’ll ever have.

34. What Do You Have In Your Purse Right Now?

You never want to go through a woman’s purse but you can still ask about what secrets it holds.

35. What Is The One Thing That Makes You Feel Disgusted About People?

Maybe she bites her toenails but finds people who pick their noses disgusting. Life is unfair, right?

36. Where And When Was The Most Amazing Sunset/Sunrise You’ve Ever Seen?

Was she one of the first people to see the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park? What are you going to do to make her new favorite a reality?

Side note: I’ve been to roughly 30 National Parks and monuments and Acadia is in the top 3. I highly recommend you visit.

37. Where Is The Worst Place You’ve Ever Been Stuck For A Long Time?

Airports are a nightmare when your flight gets delayed or canceled. What experience made her want to pull her hair out?

38. What Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

I once sang One Direction with a girl I was dating and ended up finding out I actually like One Direction. Another life mystery there.

20 Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend To Get To Know Her

You’ve passed the test by asking questions to ask to get to know a girl and she’s now your girlfriend. Good job! That doesn’t mean you can start slacking though. Life doesn’t end there.

A happy relationship takes work to maintain and while you may know what her favorite dinner spot is, do you know about her hidden talent that she’s freakishly good at? Simple get to know you questions are great, but she’s your girlfriend and you need to dig a little deeper to truly understand her.

Think of these as a window into the future of your relationship and a potential avenue that can lead to a long and happy life and time, or lifetime together.

Here are 20 questions to ask you girlfriend to get to know her better:

39. Which Good Cause Is Closest To Your Heart?

Look into volunteer work the two of you can do together for a memorable date. You’ll help others and opens the prospects of meeting new people, thus making new friends. It’s also free!

40. Under What Circumstances Do You Tend To Feel Shy?

Keep this in mind and whenever you’re with her, do your best to help her feel comfortable when she’s uneasy. She’ll notice.

41. Is There A Talent Or Skill You’ve Always Secretly Wanted?

Learning a new skill can be challenging and terrifying but it’s surprisingly easy if you remain committed. Help her get started.

42. Which Of Your Family Members Do You Admire Most, And Why?

Hopefully, she has a family member she looks up to. This is good because you can delve into family life and her life as a child with it, those definitely made her the person she is today.

43. What Would You Say Is Your Greatest Talent?

She should have at least one thing she takes pride in. Ask her to demonstrate.

44. What Made You Decide To Study [Insert College Major]?

Her choice in major should give you an idea of her interests, which will come in handy as you go further with the relationship.

45. What’s The Funniest Or Most Traumatic Thing That’s Ever Happened To You On A Date?

Many of us have a terrible date story. They’re great to laugh about. Be careful though because what’s funny to you may be offensive to another person.

46. When’s The Last Time You Stayed Up All Night?

That term paper wasn’t going to write itself. If you’ve reached the point where you’re comfortable talking about sex, ask her if she wants to stay up all night tonight.

47. Does Your Family Members Have A Pet Name For You?

A pet name is something that we either totally love or completely hate, isn’t it?

48. Have You Ever Had Your Fortune Told By A Psychic Or A Tarot Card Reader And If So, What Did You Learn?

No matter your beliefs on fortune tellers, it’s kind of fun having your fortune read and not terribly expensive. Plus, you’re helping another person make a living.

49. What About Your Teenage Self Embarrasses You Most?

Did she have a swoop haircut and say “Rawr” unironically? Pop out that yearbook and have laugh at your blunder years.

50. What Is The Best Present You’ve Ever Received?

Does she prefer experiences or material goods? It’s something to keep in mind when planning that awesome birthday for her.

51. What Would You Change About Yourself?

Self-improvement is essential to being a better person. If she’s constantly looking for ways to improve herself, you probably want to keep her around more than anything.

52. Who Was Your Best Friend In Elementary School?

There’s always this one person we call our best friend. Get a glance of the relationship she had during her childhood.

53. Do You Tend To Follow Advice From Your Friends?

Some people like to learn from their own mistakes while others prefer to follow the advice they receive.

54. What Is A Controversial Opinion You Have?

If it’s a deal breaker for you, don’t get discouraged. You have the power to change anything, including opinions.

55. What Benefit Do You Bring To The Group When You Hang Out With Friends?

Where does she see herself in her friend group? Is she the loner? The leader? The hot one? This will speak a lot about the relationship she has with her friends.

56. Would You Rather Be Alone Or In A Group Most Of The Time?

Or do you need just one person to be with you?

57. What Do You Fear Is Hiding In The Dark?

Darkness houses our deepest fears. What monsters stalk her in the night? Is there anything particular she’s afraid of?

58. What’s Something Silly That You Fear?

Sometimes those monsters aren’t monsters at all. Sometimes, they’re relationships, commitments, or even persons.

17 Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend Over Text

Since you kept things interesting in the beginning and you asked the best questions to ask a girl over text, you now have a girlfriend and are on Cloud 9.

Keep it up. You’ve only just begun.

Things don’t get magically easier and require less work once you attach a label to them. You’re still expected to work at it if you want a solid foundation for a relationship. Texting is a convenient and socially acceptable way to do so! (Just don’t overdo it).

The following will leave her wishing you weren’t on the opposite end of her phone but instead snuggling under a blanket with her.

Here are 17 great questions to ask your girlfriend over text:

59. What’s Your “Go To” Video Or Gif For A Laugh?

She may have already showed you a few of her favorites.

60. What’s Your Favorite Quote From A Movie? What’s The Worst?

You can’t handle the truth.

61. What’s Your “Go To” Joke?

Q: How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?

A: Tentacles!

Silly, stupid and hilarious.

62. Would You Rather Text Or Call?

You should take the hint, you know.

63. What Is The Most Interesting Thing You Have On You Or Near You Right Now? Send Me A Pic Of It.

If she’s the type to send nudes, you’re probably going to get one with this one.

64. What’s Your Favorite Photo?

Send her a flattering picture of her as your example. She’ll melt.

65. What’s The Worst Text That You Accidentally Sent?

Maybe she’s sent a rude message about someone to that someone. Embarrassing!

66. What Thing Do You Really Wish You Could Buy Right Now?

Add that to her birthday or Christmas list. Or just buy it for her out of the blue. She’ll be impressed you remembered.

67. What’s The Funniest Thing That Someone Could Spend Money On / Buy On The Internet?

There’s a NSFW Donald Trump blowup doll that you can get creative with.

68. What Dumb Pickup Lines Do You Know?

Did it hurt?

When I fell from Heaven?

No, when you fell down the stairs the other day.

I pulled this one on my girlfriend and while the resulting punch didn’t feel so great, we both laughed like idiots about it.

69. What’s Something That Happens In Real Life But Rarely Gets Portrayed In Movies?

It turns out missiles fired from helicopters move much more quickly in real life than in movies. (That video is LOUD)

70. What Isn’t Real But You Desperately Wish It Was?


71. What’s The Best “Hidden Gem” That You’ve Found?

Restaurants, entertainment, hidden spots or just about anything that qualifies as a gem to her. She hopefully has a few she’ll take you to.

72. What’s Your Favorite Scent That Brings Back Great Memories?

Scents can send us back in time. What are her favorites from her past? Search them out to have that smell forever linked to you.

73. What’s Your Favorite Skill?

She has skills and she’ll love that you’re taking an interest in them.

74. What Makes You Nervous?

From large crowds to complete silence to anything under the sun, we all have triggers that make us uneasy. Ask her how you can help her feel more comfortable when she’s skittish.

75. What Weird Or Useless Talent Do You Have?

Some people can do some strange things with their bodies. Is she pointlessly talented?

20 Intimate Romantic Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Intimacy and romance are what woo a woman. She wants to feel loved, and wants to talk about love, the past and future, and her hopes and dreams. A man who can talk to her about these things is tough to come by but you’re a commodity and you don’t mind talking about that stuff, do you?

Intimate and romantic questions are seriously deep and can have unexpected consequences. They can certainly bring you two closer together but they may also make you realize that she’s not the one for you (or vice versa).

No worries though. They’re perfect for figuring out if she’s the right girl for you because honestly, you don’t want to be with someone who isn’t your cup of tea. Asking questions that are intimate/romantic will bring about necessary discussions and will help you both find your flavor of love.

Here are 20 romantic questions to ask your girlfriend:

76. Have You Ever Received A Love Letter?

Consider writing a love letter and mailing it to her. Sure it’s antiquated but she’ll tell all her friends about how amazing her boyfriend is.

77. How Important Is Marriage To You? How Important Are Children And Family? Do You Have A Personal Timeline Set For Such Things?

Asking these might make or break your relationship. You both need to be on the same level when it comes to these or be able to find a compromise.

78. What’s Your Favorite Thing About Me?

She has her reasons for liking you. There’s nothing wrong with asking her what her favorite parts are.

79. Do You Have Needs In Your Life That Are Not Being Met? What Can I Do To Help With Those Needs?

We all have different needs, which can pretty much be anything. If she’s willing, help her with hers and if she loves you, she’ll do the same. Don’t be too clingy about it though.

80. Would You Remain With Me If You Discovered That I Couldn’t Bear Children? If I Had A Criminal Record? If I Had A Lot Of Debt? If I Had A Terminal Disease?

These are extremely important to ask in a long-term relationship.

81. Have I Ever Hurt You In Any Way That You Haven’t Told Me About?

People sometimes interpret things in ways we couldn’t imagine. There’s bound to be a time or two where you said something in the wrong way so talk it out, listen and offer a genuine apology and you should be good. Just don’t let it happen again.

82. What Could I Do That Would Make You Believe That I Love You?

Listen to her answer and never forget to give her genuine compliments. Forehead and neck kisses work great too.

83. Do You Feel As Though You Could Tell Me Anything?

Share a thing you’ve never told anyone.

84. Do You Still Have Feelings For Someone From Your Past?

You never forget your first love so don’t be too angry if she says yes. Talk it out.

85. Why Were You Initially Attracted To Me?

Maybe she thought you were a big doofus at first but slowly grew to like you as time went on.

86. How Would You Define A Good Sexual Relationship?

My definition: One with LOTS of communication and a mutual desire to please the other person. If you don’t like getting each other off, you’re going to run into trouble.

87. What About Me Would You Change?

Don’t take her answer personally. Remember, change is necessary for growth. If anything, just think that this can make you a better person.

88. How Would You Define Love?

To love is to live. Here’s a resource in case you’re having trouble defining it yourself.

89. What’s Something Don’t Know About Me But You Want To Know?

She probably has something she’s been dying to ask you but has been too nervous to actually do it. Open up and answer honestly.

90. If You’re Sad, Or Upset, How Would You Like Someone To Take Care Of You? In General What Makes You Feel Cared For?

Tucking her in at bedtime, bringing her a care package when she’s sick, surprising her with flowers when she has a bad day, and kissing her on the forehead just because you love her are all great ways to show her you care.

91. What Are Some Really Romantic Dates? And Some Sexy Ones?

We have plenty of romantic ideas. Going to your local sex shop and searching for new toys is 100% worth it. Also, I hear the strip club can really get her in the mood for the rest of the evening (if she’s into that).

92. When Did You Know You Were Falling For Me?

Her answer will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

93. What Is A Fancy Restaurant You’ve Been Wanting To Try? What About A Home-Cooked Meal You Like?

Save up and surprise her with a couple of plates you can’t normally afford or stay in and treat her to a candlelit dinner. You can’t go wrong either way unless you burn the food.

94. If You Wanted To Look Very Sexy, How Would You Dress?

Ask her to have a fashion show. And then when you take her on that surprise fancy dinner, tell her to wear that dress you like.

95. Do You Believe In Marriage? Or Do You Prefer Committed Relationships?

Sure tax incentives are nice, but divorce can be a nightmare. If legal marriage isn’t for her, you can still have a fun ceremony without having to worry about dividing everything between the two of you if things don’t work out.

6 Relationship Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

The only way to know where you really stand with your girlfriend is to ask her, but it can seem difficult to find the right words. The beauty of relationship questions to ask your girlfriend is, the wording is all done for you.

Just sit down and ask these to find out how she’s feeling and where things are going.

Here are 6 relationship questions to ask your girlfriend:

96. Do I Make You Happy?

Perhaps the most important by far.

97. When Exactly Did You Fall In Love With Me?

It may not be when you think it was.

98. How Can I Make You Feel More Special?

Every girl wants her guy to ask her this from time to time.

99. Describe Your Idea Of A Perfect Night Together.

Take notes, you’ll want to put this night together at some point.

100. What Is Your Idea Of Being Happily Married?

Find out now in case you’re heading their with this one.

101. What Is Intimacy For You?

It’s philosophical, but you want to make sure you’re reaching that standard she sets.

3 Personal Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

When the mood is getting intimate, you should absolutely have some personal questions to ask prepared.

Having some questions handy will help you ensure the conversation never goes stale.

Our list of personal questions to ask a girl will help you prepare but check out the best of them below.

Here are 3 personal questions to ask your girlfriend:

102. Do You Think We Need Children Immediately After Our Marriage?

Before committing to a long-term relationshipyou HAVE to be on the same page when it comes to kids. Otherwise you’re destined to fail.

103. Suppose I’m Forced To Move My Career From Here, Would You Come With Me?

Relationships require compromise. If she can’t compromise in this instance, at least you’d be moving to a new place with new women to meet.

104. Describe Your Favorite Dream That Involved Me?

Our subconscious does some wacky things when we’re asleep.

16 Personal And Deep Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Once the conversation starters and text questions have lost their luster, you should find some deep questions to ask your girlfriend; the kind that teleport her to a different time in her life or cause her share her favorite kink.

Deep questions to ask can be uncomfortable to answer but that’s why they’re fun. They force us to open Pandora’s box and unleash the things we’ve been keeping locked up for millennia, which isn’t always a bad thing.

Everyone’s different. Embrace it and have fun. So if deep questions to ask a girl interest you (and they should)… then:

Here are 38 personal and deep questions to ask your girlfriend:

105. If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself, What Would It Be?

If it’s something she can change, offer to help drum up a plan of action.

106. Did You Feel Closer To Your Mom Or Dad Growing Up?

Our parents have their favorite child so we can have our favorite parent. This will let you know what kind of relationship she has with her parents, who are big parts of her life.

107. Who Do You Trust More Than Anyone Else?

That person already knows everything about you and your life.

108. Have You Ever Left Someone You Still Loved?

Occasionally we have to get out of a relationship because it’s unhealthy for us. Be the best man you can be for her and she hopefully won’t have to do this to you.

109. When’s The Last Time You Felt Seriously Disappointed?

What bummed her out most recently? Has the moment passed or is there something you can do to help?

110. When’s The Last Time You Failed Spectacularly At Something?

She didn’t fall down the stairs. She performed an ancient dancing ritual to demonstrate how gravity works.

111. What’s The Best Thing That Makes You Smile Without Fail?

What act or experience always brightens her day? Can you do anything to make it a less unusual happening?

112. If You Could Switch Careers Without Any Concern For Money, What Would You Do?

She doesn’t have to switch immediately. She can always keep her day job and follow her passion part time. In fact, that’s a big reason I’m the author of this article.

113. What’s The First Thing You’d Do If You Were The Opposite Sex For One Day? Is There Something In Particular About The Opposite Sex You Want To Know?

Of course she’s going to swing her penis around like a helicopter. You don’t do that every morning?

114. In Which Of Your Past Relationships Were You The Happiest? Is The Ending Something You’ve Ever Seen Coming?

A lot of people say it’s a bad idea to talk about exes. I disagree. The things you can learn from her past relationships can highlight red flags you may have missed or – in this case – show you what someone else did that made her happy.

115. Have You Forgiven Yourself For Your Wrongdoings?

We’ve all done things in life that we regret. We have to forgive ourselves if we’re to move forward with our lives and be happy.

116. When Did You Lose Your Virginity? How Did It Happen?

Your first time is something special. There’s nothing wrong with looking back at it fondly and there’s nothing wrong with avoiding discussing it if it was less-than-ideal. If you feel that she’s uncomfortable, ask about her first kiss instead. Sometimes, the first kiss is epic.

117. In An Ideal Intimate Relationship, How Often Do You Look Forward To Sex?

Communicate your needs and find a happy medium you can both agree on.

118. What Do You Fantasize About? Is There Any Particular Fantasy That You’d Like To Make A Reality? How Would You Feel About Role Playing?

If you’re having sex a lot, it can get repetitive and boring. Mixing things up in the bedroom and trying new acts will keep your sex life interesting and help you find your new favorite kinks.

How To Start A Conversation With Your Girlfriend

Starting a conversation with your girlfriend can be nerve-wracking if you’re in the early stages. What if she finds ends up not liking some part of you?

On the other hand, if you’ve been dating for a while it can be a sign that things are a bit rocky.

Luckily you already know how to start a conversation but just in case you’re still struggling…

Here is how to start a conversation with your girlfriend:

1. Relax

She already likes you, otherwise she wouldn’t be texting and hanging out with you. Don’t get caught up in what could go wrong and just let things happen naturally.

2. Listen

Listen and don’t forget what she says. Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused but she’s your girlfriend, and when the two of you are together, she deserves your undivided attention.

3. Ask Followup Questions

The list you see here won’t take you all the way. Asking for specific details or further elaboration on her answers show her you’re listening and truly want to understand where she’s coming from.

4. Be Yourself And Have Fun!

You don’t want to lose her. If you hide your true self, she’ll see right through you.

Downloadable And Printable List Of Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Here is a downloadable and printable list of questions to ask your girlfriend (right click the image and select Save Image As…):

Looking For More Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend?

  1. We have a solid list of questions for couples that can drastically improve your time together.
  2. Would you rather be pursued by the mafia or the FBI? Regardless of who’s after you, would you rather for couples are always a blast.
  3. Sometimes your typical getting-to-know-you questions aren’t what you’re looking for. Interesting questions to ask a girl are exactly what they sound like: interesting! The answers will be too.
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