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sparrow jack March 11, 2021
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1. Couple game: relationship quiz Android / Iphone
Do you wanna know how much your partner know about you and how much you know him/her? Well, we have found the perfect question game for couples that will help you know each other better. Thousands of couples have tried and loved this couple game relationship quiz and they have admitted that this has helped them to know each other better. This couple question game will ask questions from your favorite books to intimacy that will surely help you to know them better. It has a bright question interface that is really simple to use. Play at your own pace, phase and play whenever you want and track your progress.
2. iPassion: hot games for couples and relationships Android
If you wanna spice things up with your partner then you have to try out this fun couple question game where you can get to know your partner even better in a most fun way. This question game for lovers is going to a little adult way to keep the excitement between you and your partner. Get all the hot details about your boyfriend/girlfriend that you may think twice before asking in general. Discover about the likes and dislikes of your partner and know how he /she wants to be treated. Stick to the end where you can win a favor that you can ask your partner to do!
3. Desire – couples game Android / Iphone
One of the best question game for lovers who wants some adventure in their love life. Don’t worry about what they will think about just download desire app and make things fun and interesting and above all have some adventurous nights with your love! Emphasize your love and intimacy with your partner by using this app as it will push you to the next level with your partner where there will be just fun and adventure. It has really cool features where you get to dare your partner and give each other points. One of the cutest features of this question game for couples is that you can send each other cute messages (eLoves) by simply shaking your phone.
It has a couple’s journal where you can write all the great and happy moments of your life with them. It is a great way to enhance love in your relationship life.
4. Happy couple – love quiz Android / Iphone
A friendly couple question game like a happy couple will strengthen your already existing relationship. Although we believe every relationship is perfect in their own way but we also believe there is always room for improving your relationship and love for each other. There will be a variety of six different topics where you and your partner can try answering 5 questions a day about each other’s feelings. Guess your partner’s answers and match them with yours and see what the other one thinks about you and the way they feel about this relationship.
5. How much do you know me? Android / Iphone
The name says it all about this question game for lovers. The thing is we all assume so much about other people and sometimes the reality is highly different then what we have assumed. To clear all the assumptions about your partner you should definitely try this question game for couples and it will calculate your answers and tell you how much you and your partner know each other. The best thing is you can play this game with your friend too.
6. Truth or dare fun questions Android
Unlike other question games for couples, this one actually makes it fun by turning the questions into fun truth and dare game. It is simple but at the same time, it is the most unpredictable game that will not fail to surprise you with its amazing truth and dare questions. It is suitable for all age groups from teens to adults. Make it a fun game or make it sexy and adult game the choice is yours but the one thing is guaranteed that you will have fun while playing this question game for lovers. There are thousands of questions from different categories which will definitely keep you engaged.
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