Purple Harmony Pillow Review 2021

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sparrow jack March 25, 2021
Updated 2021/04/13 at 5:28 AM

Here are 4 things to love about the Purple Harmony Pillow:

1. Purple Grid Hex

Responsible for the No Pressure Support, the Purple Grid Hex is the proprietary technology that makes the Purple Harmony Pillow a truly unique and comfortable pillow.

2. 1500+ Open Air Channels

With its 1500+ open air channels, optimum airflow is something that this pillow boasts. This means that there’s literally no need to flip your pillow to get the colder side. Both sides are cool!

Purple Harmony Pillow Review 2021


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3. Durable Material

Who likes a pillow that they need to replace in a very short time? Definitely nobody! This is why this pillow is made from an ultra-durable material that’s sure to last you for years.

Purple Harmony Pillow Shipping Breakdown

Purple Harmony Pillow ships to US and Canadian addresses for free. They also offer white-glove delivery if you want only the utmost care for your new pillow.

Purple Harmony Pillow Price

The Purple Harmony Pillow comes in two heights.

via: Purple

Purple Harmony Pillow Coupon Or Promo Code

Grab the best price that Purple has to offer right now, with their Cyber Monday deals. You can get up to $400 off when you buy a mattress PLUS a sleep bundle which can include the Purple Harmony Pillow. You can also upgrade your Purple Sheets to their SoftStretch Sheets and pay only the difference! Now, this is something you should definitely take advantage of!

Is Purple Harmony Pillow Worth It?

The Purple Harmony Pillow is really worth it because the comfort, support, and flex you get from it is absolutely incomparable. This is definitely a good deal, it’s a no-brainer.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

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