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Best Portable Hand Washing Stations

1. Yescom Portable Hand Wash Stand Camping Sink

Our first pick for the best portable hand washing stand is Yescom! This one can be used as a multipurpose cleaning station and it would serve your needs pretty well. The hand washing station features a 17-liter water tank which would be enough for a group of people. The hand washing station is hand free as it comes with a foot paddle so you won’t have to use the faucet. The station also features a soap dispenser and a towel rack.
For portability, the hand washing station features a handle and wheels which would help you move it around easily. The assembling is quite easy and would take less time as well. It also features a flexible drainage hose that can be used to recycle the water and easily clean the station. Overall the station is versatile and can be used anywhere to keeps your hand clean and disease-free.
Key Features
  • Features a 17-liter water tank
  • Comes with a soap dispenser and towel rack
  • Highly portable with wheels and a handle
  • Easy to set up




2. ConcessionSinks Electric Hand Washing Cabinet Sink

If you live in a cold area where you would need a warm water supply for washing your hands then ConcessionSinks should be the perfect pick for you. This one is an electric cabinet sink that includes 2.5 gallons of a water heater. Users can set the temperature of the water as well which would be from 50 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The water heater can be shut off it’s not necessary.
The under sink cabinet is quite useful too as you can store the soap or other products in the cabinet of the sink. The whole sink unit weighs 75 lbs without water so you might need some help moving it from one place to another.
The hand washing station is pre-assembled so you won’t need to do assemble it on your own apart from a few easy steps to make it all ready to use. The heavy-duty design is durable and sturdy. It’s quite expensive but given the water heater and other amazing features, it is well worth it.
Key Features
  • It comes with a water heater and the temperature range is between 50 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It requires electricity
  • Weighs 75 lbs
  • Expensive

3. WISAMIC Portable Sink

The next best portable hand washing station on our list is the WISAMIC portable Sink. This one features a simple design and the highest portability and value for your money. The hand washing station comes with a foot pump so you won’t have to use your hands at all.
The hand washing station features a 17-liter water tank which is quite impressive. The hand washing station features wheels and the whole unit is lightweight which makes it easy to move from one place to another. Users would find an integrated soap dispenser which makes things easier. The dry weight of the hand wash unite is 4.5 kgs.
On the downside, the hand wash station doesn’t feature the wastewater tank you have to buy that additionally. Overall, it is a decent pick and would be useful for camping and other outdoor events where people would need to wash their hands often. It’s pretty cheap so you would be getting the best value.
Key Features
  • Features 17-liter water tank
  • Integrated soap dispenser
  • Affordable price and provides the best price.

4. Univedis Portable Handwash Sink

We are yet again present with a heavy-duty and expensive hand washing station that should be used in commercial places or for big events. This one is also an electric portable hand wash station that features an auto shut off option when there is no fresh water to wash hands. The station would let you know when the tank is empty so you can refill it. Here the table capacity is 6 gallons of freshwater. This one also features a grey tank that holds up the dirty water and its capacity is 7.5 gallons. There is also a back flow option as well.
The unit comes pre-assembled and you won’t need to waste your time assembling it either. The station is pretty heavy and expensive so it might not be for everyone. It does features an eater heater either.
Key Features
  • Features 6 gallons fresh water tank and 7.5 gallons of the grey water tank
  • The hand wash station is electrically operated so might not be convenient for camping
  • Pre-assembled and quite heavy

5. VINGLI Portable Sink with Towel Holder

VINGLI has also made it as a top portable hand washing station for our list and you would certainly find it useful as well.
The portable hand washing station is easy to set up and it takes only a few minutes to assemble it. The design of the hand washing station is durable and leak-free. It features a 19-liter water tank and there is a foot pulp present for a hands-free experience. There is also a faucet present with a manually controlled switch as well.
The design of the hand wash station is compact and every part can be detached which would help you to store it while it’s not in use. To make it highly portable, it features a handle and rolling wheel, so you won’t have any problem moving it from one place to another.
Key Features
  • Features 19 L tank and it works well with a hose connection
  • Features easy assembling and dissembling
  • Wheels and handle are present
  • Soap dispenser and towel rack are also present.

6. ZHUOFU Portable Hand Wash Station

ZHUOFU portable Hand Wash Station has also made it to our list and it is known as one of the best all-rounder options for a hand wash station.
This one has all the necessary features such as an integrated soap dispenser, wheels for portability and easy transfer, a rack for holding towels, and last of all the compact and lightweight design. For a hand-free experience, there is a foot-activated pump as well. The station has a 17-liter water tank along with a 24-liter waste water tank. It’s small, easy to set up, and cost-efficient.
Key Features
  • Comes with a 17-liter fresh water tank and a 24-liter waste water tank
  • Integrated soap dispenser and towel holder
  • Value for money and cheap price

7. Coldcreek Outfitters Outdoor Washing Table and Sink

The ColdCreek Outfitters is much more than a hand washing station, as it provides a whole washing unit table that can be used for multiple purposes as well. It’s quite large but can be easily moved from one place to another. There are two deep sinks present in the table. The unit also includes a wastebasket. You won’t need any power source to use this portable hand washing station.
Key Features
  • Ideal for multipurpose washing use
  • A wastebasket is integrated
  • It’s portable and easy to assemble

8. Tasty Totter Hand Wash Unit

We have yet another ideal portable hand wash unit for people who live in a cold area and need warm water to wash their hands. This portable hand wash station features a temperature gauge that can keep the water warm for up to 6 hours. Its water capacity is 19 liters. It features two soap dispensers, one can be used for soap and the other for sanitizing gel (which is a need of an hour in the present situation). On the downside, the user would have to buy an additional wastewater tank and they have to keep on on a raised surface.
Key Features
  • Features a 19-liter tank
  • The water would be warm for up to 6 hours
  • Features 2 soap dispensers
  • Lightweight and cost-effective

9. The Living Store Portable Outdoor White Basin Wash Sink

The Living Store Portable Outdoor White Basin Wash Sink is our next pick and it would meet your needs as well. The 19 Liter water tank is more than enough. It features flexible hose drainage. The portable hands washing basin features rolling wheels and a handle. It comes with a foot pump too. Its durable and sturdy design would last long. Users would be able to recycle the water.
Key Features
  • 19 Liter water tank capacity with a flexible hose drainage
  • Features handle, rolling wheel, and soap dispenser
  • Compact and durable design

10. SereneLife Portable Camping Sink with Wheels

SereneLife is another one of the best portable hand wash stations that you need to know about. This one, too, is a decent station to buy given its amazing features and ability to meet the requirements for a big event or other fairs and festivities. One of the reasons why we picked this one is that it comes at a cheap price and good enough features.
It features a 5 gallons fresh water tank that would be enough for a small group of people. It features wheels and a towel handle to make it easier for people. The foot pump is also an amazing touch.
Key Features
  • 5 gallons of the freshwater tank
  • Rolling wheels for portability
  • Affordable and feature-packed

11. Deluxe Camp Sink

Going camping? Need the best portable hand washing station for camping? Well, Deluxe Camp Sink should be the best one for you. It is easy to transport from one place to another and can be used anywhere. The soap dispenser and foot pump are integrated for easy functionality. This one features a greywater bracket too, but you will have to dump the grey water regularly and empty the bucket. Although some might feel it a little bit expensive for a camping portable hand washing station.
Key Features
  • 5 Gallons of the freshwater tank and wastewater bucket
  • The food pump and soap dispenser is present
  • Easy to use and transport

12. Portable Hand Wash Station and Soap Dispenser

This one is the cheapest portable hand wash station that you can buy. It comes under 55 dollars and you can easily use it anywhere you please. It features a 5-gallon water tank and a soap dispenser on top of it so it would be quite easy to use. The hand wash unit needs to be placed on a top surface to use. This one would be an ideal hand wash station for camping or long drives.
Key Features
  • One of the cheapest portable hand station
  • 5 gallons water tank and an integrated soap dispenser
  • Ideal for road trips and camping

13. Hike Crew Portable Camping Sink with Collapsible Basin

portable hand washing station for camping
We have found yet another amazing portable hand wash station for you and it’s going to be one of the best as well. With a 5-gallon water tank, this would serve your needs. It also features a soap dispenser and a towel rack. Handles and wheels are present to make it portable. The water can be recycled as well. It looks quite good so that’s a plus point too. It’s easy to assemble as well.
Key Features
  • Features a 5-gallon water tank and flexible drainage hose
  • Looks good and can be used for multipurpose as well
  • Easy to transfer and assemble

14. ZHIHUITONG Outdoor Garden Portable Camping Hand Sink

This portable hand washes sink as amazing as its name suggests. The sink features one of the highest water reservoirs that is 24L and it is said that the water can last up to three days for washing hands. The soap dispenser and foot pump are available as well.
Key Features
  • 24 liters of the water tank with flexible water drainage hose
  • Made up with high quality and durable HDPE material

15. SereneLife SLCASN25 Portable Hand Wash Station

best portable hand washing stations for camping
SereneLife promises you high quality, durability, and reliability and this one has lived up to all of its promise. It is made up of durable and high-quality HDPE material.
Key Features
  • Features a 7 gallons water tank with a flexible water hose
  • Strong wheels are present for portability
  • Features a great design

Buying Guide for Portable Hand washing Station:

Choosing a perfect portable hand washing station can be a lot harder than one can imagine. You have to pick the hand washing station that would be best in every aspect and would serve your needs as well. To pick up the best hand washing station you have to know which featured to look for.
We have selected a few features that you need to look for in a portable hand washing station, take a look!
1. Size of Portable Hand washing Station
The size of a portable hand washing station can be one of the most crucial parts of the portable hand washing station. You have to consider your needs and the space you can give to the portable washing station. Since it’s portable, you might have to use it at different places as well and store it when it’s not being used. The size has to be compact but it shouldn’t be too small.
2. The Cabinet and Foot Tank
The cabinet and foot tank are also important features of the look. The portable hand washing stations come with different designs for the cabinet and the foot tanks. The water reservoir should be around 2 to 5 gallons.
Some of the portable hand washing stations come with a tank at the bottom and a foot paddle for a hand free experience. The more the size of the tank, the less you would be worried about filling it after a few hours. In some portable hand washing stations, the tank is connected to the cabinet as well.
3. Construction of the portable handwashing station
The portable hand washing stations don’t come cheap and that is why you have to make sure that the station you are buying is solid built. You need to make sure that the materials that are used in the construction are durable and sturdy. The material should be anti-rust as well.
The material would also decide the weight of the hand wash stations, you might wanna consider that as well.
4. Mobility
Since it’s a portable hand wash station, you would want it to move from one place to another. So it should be light in weight as well as the wheels should be present as well. The wheels would make it easier to move it around easily.
5. Easy to Set Up
You don’t want to spend hours setting up the hand washing station as you might be looking forward to saving time and energy. Before buying the portable hand washing station, make sure it is easy to set up.
6. Cost-Efficient and Value for Money
You don’t want to spend a fortune and still want the best features right? So you might want to set a price range and then look for the best portable hand washing station in that price range. This way, you won’t overspend. Along with this, you should also check whether the features you are getting with the portable hand washing station is worth the money that you are spending on it.
7. Customer Reviews
It’s always a good idea to check the customer reviews for the product you are about to buy. This would help you understand if it lives up to the expectations and if it’s worth it. After all, people who have used the hand washing station would be the best critic and the reviews would help you to choose the best product as well.
So these are a few things that you need to consider while buying the best portable hand washing station for yourself.
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