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Good Mr And Mrs Questions

If your partner were a sandwich, which sandwich would they be
Who has the weirdest orgasm face?
What’s his shoe size
Is he a bum or boob guy?
Where did you go for your first date
Where were you both when you first said ‘I love you’ to each othe
Who wears the trousers in the relationship?
What is his claim to fame
What is the naughtiest thing he ever did at school?
Which celebrity does he think he looks most like
What do you two argue about the most?
Who makes the best jokes?
If he could have a super power, what would it be
Who is the smartest?
What three words would he use to describe you
How would you describe him in three words?
What was the best gift he ever gave you (excluding the ring)
Does he fart in bed while sleeping?
Who is most likely to trip over on a daily basis
Who snores the loudest?
Who cooks the most in the house?
Who is the best cook?
What would be his dream day out
How many children does he want?
What colour are his eyes?
What were his exact words as he proposed to you?
Who gets horny the most
Who takes longer to get ready?
Where would be his dream honeymoon location?
Would you trust him to choose your wedding and brides mad dresses
What is his favourite band of all time?
You, his games console, his job, his mates, how would he order these in priority (change these for relevant ones to him).
Who is the best dancer?
Who gets angry the most
Who is the most attractive?
Would he rather be a musician or a sports star?
Would he rather be playing at Glastonbury or running the country?
Does he prefer cats or dogs
What item of his clothing do you absolutely hate the most?
What item of your clothing does he hate the most?
What is his favourite colour?
Does he prefer football or rugby?
Would he prefer a wild night out or a calm night in?
Would he rather swim in custard or baked beans?
Who has the worst hangovers?
Which room does he most like to have sex in?
Who will remove a spider from the room?
If he had to eat/lick food off of you, what food would he choose?
If he was in a fire, what object would he first save from the house?
Who would play him in the movie of his life?
Who is his celebrity crush?
Who has the best fashion sense?
Name his grandparents names
What is his number one fear?
What was his first job?
Where is the strangest place you both had sex together?
What’s his favourite meal?
Who smells the best?
What is his pet name for you?
What is your pet name for him?
What does he think are your worst habits?
Who has the worst memory?
What is his favourite sex position?
What is his guilty pleasure?
What was his first impression of your parents?
What’s your favourite part of his body?
What’s his favourite part of your body?
Is he a tidy person?
Who drives better?

Alternative Mr And Mrs Questions

What’s going to be the best part of the wedding
If they could live in any sitcom, which would it be?
Whose poster did they have hanging on their wall as a teenager?
What subject do they know so much about, they could give a one-hour lecture on it with zero preparation?
What would be the title of their autobiography?
Which of their exes would they least like to run into
Which one of their exes would they most like to run into?
Which actor would play them in the movie version of their life
If they could instantly speak another language, which one would they choose?
What household chore would they happily never do again for the rest of their lives?
What’s the first thing they say and/or do when you walk through the door at the end of a long day?
What was the last message you sent them?
What was the last message they sent you?
Name five items that are in their handbag/backpack/car boot/desk drawer right now.
What book could they happily read over and over again?
What was their favourite book as a child?
If they were forced to wear a slogan T-shirt for the entire hen party, what would they like it to say?
What is their favourite and least favourite form of physical exercise?
If they could only follow one sport for the rest of their lives, which would it be?
If they were allotted one extra hour of time in every day, how would they spend it?
What is one thing that they can do better than anyone else?
Which would they rather give up for a week – Wi-Fi, TV, or junk food?
Which era would they most like to have lived in?
Who is their personal style icon?
If they won the lottery, what’s the first thing they’d buy?
Who’s the first person they tell when they get good news?
What’s the one sentimental item they’ll never be able to throw out?
If they were a superhero, what would their super power be?
Name one song that would feature on their episode of Desert Island Discs.
Which one of the seven dwarfs do they most identify with?
If your partner were a condiment, which condiment would they be?
What’s their guilty pleasure?
If they were to whisk you away for a weekend, where would they bring you?
Which musical artists do they listen to on
Spotify when the sharing settings are turned off?
What’s their favourite sexual position?
What do you wish their favourite sexual position was?
What or who is their spirit animal?
What would they love to have a bigger collection of?
At what precise moment did they fall head over heels for you?
If they had to get an exotic animal for a pet, which would they choose?
Which drink gives your partner the worst hangover?
What’s their favourite place in the world (apart from home)?
What’s their favourite snack food?
What’s their middle name?
Demonstrate their signature dance move!
Which celebrity would they kiss, marry and kill?
What’s the most essential item of clothing in their wardrobe?
If you were going to get matching tattoos, what would they be of?
Where’s the last place they would ever go on holiday?

Classy Mr And Mrs Questions

Where did you go on your first date?
What did the bride wear on your first date?
If he could be anybody famous for a day, who would he be?
What is the bride’s most annoying habit?
What is his favourite book?
Where does he think the most romantic place in the world is?
What is his favourite thing about the bride?
What was the last film he cried at?
What is his proudest moment?
What is his most embarrassing moment?
What way does she like her eggs?
What’s was her first job?
What size shoe is she?
If she was on a desert island what is three things she would take?
What is her guilty pleasure?
Describe her in 3 words
What did she wear on your first date?
Tell us something about her that might surprise us
If she was to have plastic surgery what would she have done?
What is her worst habit?
Who would play her in a film of your life?
What color are her eyes?
What is BRIDE’ favourite chocolate bar?
What perfume does she like to wear?
What’s her favourite part of your body?
What will she say is his most annoying habit?
What’s the first thing he does in the morning?
Name 3 things you love about him?
Who would play him in a film of your life?
What color are his eyes?
What is his favourite sport?
What’s his shoe size?
Is he a tidy person?

Mr And Mrs Wedding Questions

Would they rather spend an evening in with you or a night out with you?
What would be their last meal?
What are you most likely to argue about?
What celebrity couple are you most like?
What is their favourite flavour of crisps?
If they could only eat one food for the rest of his/her life what would it be?
Who has the worst handwriting?
What would be your partner’s favourite job, other than the one they are doing now?
If they could throw a themed party what would it be?
How does your partner like their tea/coffee?
How does your partner like their eggs cooked?
Who is the better driver?
What’s their dream car?
Who has the most exes?
Most prized possession? The item they’d save in a fire (apart from you!)
What is their karaoke go-to song?
What celebrity would they want with them on a desert island?
Favourite movie/band/tv show if they’re trying to be cool?
Favourite movie/band/tv show if they’re being honest?
What is their biggest fear?
What was their first pet called?
Your partner wins the lotto – how would they spend it?
What was the best present they ever gave you?
What is his/her favourite flavour of ice-cream?
What’s his/her favourite thing for you to wear?
Which item of clothing of his/hers do you hate the most?
Who would win in a game of Monopoly?
If they were on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’, who would their phone a friend be?
Who will be the most hungover after the wedding?
What did they wear on the first date?
Who said ‘I love you’ first?
Who’s the better kisser?
What is their star sign?
What’s their weirded quirk?
Embarrassing crush?
Which Disney character are they most like?
Who is the tidiest
Who is the best cook?
Who is most likely to deal with a spider
What is their worst habit?
What is their pet name for you?
What is their favourite thing about you?
What is their favourite thing about themselves?
The thing they’re most likely to end up in jail for?
The thing they’re most likely to go viral for?
What is their perfect pizza topping?
What is the first movie you saw together?
What is their favourite movie?
What’s her bra size?

Mr And Mrs Questions

Who gets scared easiest
Who wastes the most money
Who has the least common sense
Who is the boss
Who takes the longest getting ready for a night out
Who can eat the most
Who is the laziest
Who is most likely to trip over
Who has the best taste in clothes
Who is the best looking
Who is the most stubborn
Who smells the best
Who is the most romantic
Who has the worst memory
Who has the weirdest orgasm  face
Who is the party animal
Who is the grumpiest
Who is the cleveres
Who has the most important job
Who is the best driver
Who has the best sense of direction
Who can drink the mos
Who’s parents are the most fun
Who is the fittest
Who has had the most partner
Who snores the loudest
Who has the worst habits
Who is the most talkativ
Who is the messiest
Who is the best dancer
Who is the best in be
Who is the best singer
Who is the funniest
Who is the best cook
Who is most laid back
Who is most up tight
Who breaks wind the most
Who drinks the most
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