42 Men’s Medium Hairstyle – The only list 2021

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Here are the 9 best men’s medium hairstyle:


1. Quiff

A bit pompadour, a bit flat top: in short, a bit ’50s but reinvented and newly cool.

2. Side Part Hairstyle

Somehow both a haircut for good, straight-laced guys and cool, dangerous guys.

3. Pomp + Burst Fade

The pompadour is forever popular and the burst fade is just a great look on the sides.

42 Men’s Medium Hairstyle – The only list 2021


4. Spiky Low Fade Haircut

Popular with the uber cool European soccer stars, which will give you a bit of that cool, exotic charm, too.

5. Tousled Balayage Hair

A little “just got out of bed but I look good” vibe here.

6. Medium Length Undercut

A great look for those with the medium length straight hair to pull it off.

7. Pompadour With Short Sides

If it was good enough for James Dean, it’s good enough for you.

8. Classic Tapered Sides + Thick Brushed Back Hair

A little business and a little wild all in one cut.

9. Classic Side Part + Short Sides

This adds a little bit of a modern medium hairstyle spice to the traditional side part.

10 Men’s Medium Hairstyle With Thick Hair

Guys with thick hair often feel like all they can do is look on with envy at all the cool men’s medium hairstyle options they see on the street. Their hair is too tangled and awkward to force into some of those cool styles. But not to worry, thick haired dude, you can find a hairstyle for men with thick hair.

All of these options hit the right length and the right amount of cool, all for thicker hair.

Here are 10 medium men’s hairstyles for thick hair:

10. Shaggy Brush Cut

Just long enough to be medium length and just manageable enough for thick hair.

11. Long Curly Top And Short Sides

Got curly hair, use it to your advantage with this trendy hairstyle.

12. Mens Medium Layered Haircut

Layers aren’t just for the ladies, lads, they’re also for guys with the thick hair to pull it off.

13. Fade Haircut For Guys With Thick Hair

Go for a fade on the sides and back and show off the thickness on top.

14. Wavy Side Swept

Let your natural waves come out while also enjoying the trendy side sweep.

15. Swept Back Hairstyle

Grow it out and brush it back for a wild but managed look.

16. Mild Quiff

Take the quiff down a notch so you can more easily manage it with that thick head of hair you’ve got.

17. Clean High Fade

Avoid all the hassle of thick hair on the back and sides by basically removing all of it, then focus on the top.

18. Textured Crop

Grow your hair out to medium length for that extra texture.

19. The Ivy League Cut

It’s a cut that’s been making men look successful for ages.

10 Men’s Medium Hairstyle For Curly Hair

Sometimes, it can seem that guys with straight hair have all the luck. Straight hair can be so much easier to style, particularly with medium hairstyle options.

However, finding a hairstyle for men with curly hair isn’t nearly as hard as it might at first appear. All of these styles are cool and attractive while maximizing the benefits of those curls.

Here are 10 men’s medium hairstyle for curly hair:

20. Curly Fringe

Really display those curls by letting them fall forward right over your forehead.

21. Messy Curly Quiff

One of the great advantages of curls is you can really pull off the messy look.

22. Professional Curls

Give a bit more of a business cut to those curls.

23. Curly Drop Fade

Get that fade right on the sides and back so the curls are really displayed on top.

24. Tight Curls

Easily one of the coolest cuts, and for some guys, it’s so natural it takes little upkeep.

25. Short Afro

If the ‘fro grows naturally, you might want to lean into it. Then, it’s just a choice between short and long.

26. Long Afro

A bit bolder, sometimes a bit wilder, but still with all the great afro benefits.

27. Short Sides + Curly Hair On Top

With a little bit more length than a fade on the sides, you won’t let the curls take over your whole image.

28. Curly Hair Undercut

When your curls are unmanageable, use the undercut to just let them go wild.

29. Messy Curly Hairstyle

Get that perfect messy, artistic look down with this one.

9 Men’s Medium Hairstyle For Men With Thin Hair

Whether you were born with thin hair or you’re seeing your hair thin on you over time, you are probably very aware of how difficult it is to find a hairstyle for men with thin hair. All those beautiful coifs require so much hair, and you just don’t have it.

But you don’t have to settle for wearing hats for the rest of your life. There are still plenty of men’s hairstyle choices out there for you. All of these styles are great for thinner hair.

Here are 9 men’s medium hairstyle for men with thin hair:

30. Stylish Side Swept

A style that works even when there’s not a ton on top.

31. Faux Hawk

Let your product do a lot of the filling out for you.

32. Irregular Spiky Textured Hair

Spikes can suggest a lot more thickness than is actually there.

33. Brushed Up

By brushing up, your working to your hair’s natural advantage.

34. Thin Hair Hipster

Leave it to hipsters to find a way to make thin hair cool.

35. Slicked Back Fade Cut

This style can create the illusion of thickness, particularly for tall guys.

36. Choppy High And Tight Shaved

This cut draws the eye away from where you are probably thinnest.

37. Subtle Fade

Let some of that thickness on the sides and back fill out the rest.

38. Spiky Crew Cut

With the extra length, this can look very full even when you aren’t working with a ton on top.

4 Mens Medium Long Hairstyles

If you’re looking for a style that’s not too short and not too long, it’s best to choose medium long hairstyles the next time you visit the barber.

Here are 4 mens medium long hairstyles:

39. Tousled

If you enjoy the look of messy, unrehearsed hair, then the tousled look might be for you. This medium-long hairstyle looks great even if you’ve just woken up.

40. Slicked Pompadour + High Fade

If you enjoy the body and length of a pompadour but you’re also a fan of fades, there’s no reason you can’t have both. This cut blends the best of both worlds. 

41. Side Part

A side part is an excellent choice if you enjoy classic styling, and this haircut can look incredible even with slightly longer hair.

42. Bowl Cut

While it takes a little bit of bravery to pull off the bowl cut, this medium-long style has an air of refinement, bringing a risque, artistic touch to your hair.

Downloadable And Printable List Of Men’s Medium Hairstyle

Here is downloadable and printable list of men’s medium hairstyles (right click the image and select Save Image As…):

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How To Pick The Best Men’s Medium Hairstyle

Looking over the medium hairstyle choices above, you may run into the familiar problem of having too many great cuts to choose from. Do you go pomp or quiff, fringe or brushed back? To make your choice simpler, just use these five steps to find the best medium hairstyle for you.

Here is how to pick the best men’s medium hairstyles:

1. Work With What You’ve Got

Look, you were born with a certain kind of hair, and it’s always best to work with what comes naturally. To change what grows out of your head takes a lot of time, effort, and money, so take what you’ve got and use it to your best advantage.

If you have thick hair, choose a style that works well with thick hair. Likewise for thin or curly hair as well.

2. Consider What A Style Communicates

Hair, like clothes, communicates something to others. A pompadour often makes you look like a bit of a casanova (which is why casanovas love it). Spikes and texture suggest something more sporty. Meanwhile, curls and a brush back have something a bit more poetic to them.

So, think about what your preferred hairstyle will say about you. Make sure your hair says something true about your personality, because others will assume it of you anyway.

3. Who Wears It Well?

Adding on to Step 2, one of the great ways to choose a hairstyle is to look at men you admire who are already pulling it off. Not only does that give you an impression of just how good the style can look, it also tells you what that style says about that person and what others will think of when they see you wearing it.

4. Get Opinions You Trust

You may love a certain style, love the guys who wear it, and love what it would say about you…but that style may still not look great on you. It can be tough to tell what styles look great on you partly because you don’t spend all day looking at yourself.

So, ask someone who does look at you a lot. Once you have chosen a style, ask people you trust if they think you’ll look good with it. While you don’t want others choosing your style, finding out a cut won’t work before you commit to it for the next few months can be a lifesaver.

5. Make Sure You’re Committed To Upkeep

Some styles take no more than a bit of water and a brush or comb. Others take product and quite a bit of time in front of the mirror. Before you commit to a style, make sure you are committed to keeping that style upThere’s nothing worse than getting a really great cut and then letting it get all sloppy.

If you won’t put the time in, just stick with something low maintenance.

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