How To Tell A Girl You Like Her (7 Steps) 2021

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sparrow jack March 22, 2021
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Here are 7 powerful steps on how to tell a girl you like her:

1. Approach Her

It can be intimidating to approach an attractive girl, but it doesn’t have to be! Your style for how to approach a girl is going to depend on the situation. Is she with a group of friends? Is timing relaxed or rushed? What if you can’t pinpoint a conversation starter?

Here are some pointers for each unique situation:

1.Be warm and friendly with her friend group. 

If they see you as a catch for her, they’ll be your best advocates and cheerleaders. Same with her bestie.

How To Tell A Girl You Like Her (7 Steps) 2021

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2. Don’t be afraid to “eavesdrop.”

If you sense a girl and her friends having an open, relaxed conversation in a public place, you can use it to your advantage by drifting over and saying something like: “Hey there. I couldn’t help overhearing that you thought (event x) was great. I couldn’t agree more! What did you think of (y)?”

3. Give her your card when time is limited.

Every man should carry cards. Sometimes time is of the essence: You’re chatting in a queue. Or stopped at a traffic light! When it turns green, tell her you’d love to continue this, and hand her your card.

4. We all experience fascination that we can’t reason.

Just go over there and say: “I couldn’t help but coming over to say hello. You’ve got a great energy about you.”

2. Compliment Her Sweetly

Sweet things to say to a girl make her feel nurtured. We bond closely in those tender moments.

Here are some simple, yet beautiful things to say to a girl you like:

  1. What would I do without you?: You’d be heartbroken without her.
  2. I’ve waited all my life to have a girl like you: You dreamed of her before you met her.
  3. You’re a queen among princesses: No other woman compares to her.

3. Recognize Her Deeply

Although girls definitely do tend to communicate differently than we do, at the end of the day, we’re all human. 

A huge part of how to let a girl know you like her is mastering how to talk to a girl you like.

The strongest compliments for girls communicate the depth of your understanding of her values. When you consider how to compliment a girltry to recognize something in her that nobody has ever seen in her before. She will be deeply moved by your ability to read her soul.

Here are some choice examples:

  1. When I watch you dance, it’s like you’re telling a story of the freedom so many long for: Her art is powerful enough to express not only her own emotions, but those of others.
  2. When I see you managing your team, I can see that everyone feels safe enough to be themselves: She is a strong leader who is able to help people open up and realize their potential.

4. Tease Her Playfully

Light teasing is one aspect of flirting. It’s the next level of communication in which you say one thing but mean something more. It builds trust. Your lighter words are carrying the deeper message of your attraction. Flirty banter displays your sense of humor, a must in every relationship!

Here are some examples to lighten the mood:

  1. Say the opposite of what you mean. Deliver it with a smile: Her: Do you think this looks good?You: I think it looks appalling–(pause, wait for her surprised look)–ly perfect. I don’t know how you always manage to have such good taste.
  2. Exaggerate: Her: Do you like this?You: I love it more than life itself.

5. Surprise Her

Surprises are the next level for telling her that you like her because they show you went out of your way to give her an exciting experience, ease her burdens, or just make her happy. They come in two types:

Type 1: The Carefully Planned

Planned surprises are powerful. They show time, effort, resources, and creativity on her behalf. They say that she was on your mind even when you were apart.

Planned surprises can be as simple as a cooked meal for two, or handling a chore you know she dreads. They can be as lavish as a multi-day trip. They can be experiences, favors, things you made, or things you bought.

Type 2: The Completely Spontaneous:

Spontaneous surprises show her your willingness to take chances and leaps of faith to be with her in new ways.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Ask her if she wants to just keep driving and see where you end up.
  2. Use a childhood game like hide-and-seek or tag to explore a new place together.

6. Hug And Hold Her

You’ll want to know even more about how to tell her you like her as you grow closer. Keep her interested and engaged with gentle and protective physical contact to convey your deep attraction.

Here are 2 ways on how to tell a girl you like her through touch:

  1. Stand close behind her with your chest against her back. She’ll feel the warmth of your constant presence.
  2. Wrap your arms around her in a front-to-back hug. It’s great for standing concerts and fireworks displays. Start by wrapping your arms around her shoulders and clasping your hands around your wrists. If she welcomes that, the more intimate version is wrapping your arms around her belly.

7. Open Yourself Up To Her

Gentlemen, listen up! Once you’re connecting with a girl regularly, this is the most important step of all.

Opening up to a girl is going to be the driving power behind your words. You can tell her you like her a million times. You can shower her with experiences, cuddles, dates, and gifts meant to tell her you like her.

But if you’re not sharing your heart and soul with her, those words and actions will mean less and less over time. 

For a lot of guys, trusting a girl completely with your deepest feelings and fears is the most difficult step to master. It happens over time as you become closer.

This may fly in the face of everything you learned growing up about masculinity: Girls are not looking for a man that suppresses and denies his feelings, or fakes an image. That just looks insecure.

Girls are looking for a man with the courage and audacity to take responsibility for his emotions and communicate them honestly. 

When you are honest with yourself, she knows you can handle being honest with her.  That shows her you trust her. It helps her trust you. There is no greater way to say you like her.

Here are some places to start:


  1. Tell her a story about a time you failed, and what you learned about yourself through failure.
  2. Tell her about a childhood fear. How did you master it? Does it still stick with you?

More Steps On How To Get The Girl

When you have accomplished how to tell a girl you like her, there are more ways to progress.

Here are additional ways to grow your self-confidence when connecting with girls:

  1. Flirt with her: There’s buddy talk and then there’s how to flirt with a girl. Flirting lets her know clearly that you are attracted to her.
  2. Impress her: There’s a difference between being a great friend and how to impress a girlMake her proud to be seen on your arm.
  3. Get her to like you: When you cultivate the assets women desire, she’ll be immediately drawn to you. Make sure you know how to get a girl to like you.
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