55 Gifts For Wine Lovers – Perfect gifts 2021

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Here are the 18 best gifts for wine lovers: 


1. Classic Series

What does a wine lover want other than wine? So get them enrolled in this wine of the month club.

2. Bold Reds Wine Club

Another club, this one for those who are most passionate about a great bottle of red.

55 Gifts For Wine Lovers – Perfect gifts 2021

3. Christmas Tree Shaped Metal Cork Holder

A seasonable accessory great for Christmas dinner bottles.

4. Electric Wine Opener With Charger

End the stress of bottle opening forever.

5. Gold Series Wine Club

Get award-winning wines from California every single month next year.

6. Kato Insulated Wine Tote Bag

Make it easier and more fashionable for them to lug those bottles out of the store next time.

7. Plonk 2 Bottle Wine Club

A great club for wine novices.

8. Wine-Opoly Monopoly Board Game

Great for a long evening of fun over a few bottles.

9. Le Chateau Wine Decanter

A classy way to make sure the wine gets the air it needs and looks good on the table.

10. Discovery Club

An affordable wine club that is offering three extra bottles when you sign up!

11. Premier Club

Some of the best wine anywhere in the world, all delivered to your door.

12. Rabbit Electric Wine Set

Corkscrews for those who are serious about getting into their wine.

13. Wine Accessories Set For Women

All the accessories you need, themed for the lady wine lovers in your life.

14. Wine Bingo

A fun game for the next wine party.

15. Home-X – Wall Mounted Metal Wine Cork Holder

A great way to hold on to those corks and remember all those great bottles.

16. PortoVino Beach Tote

Make sure the next trip to the beach comes with enough wine for the afternoon.

17. Tasting Journals

Help a wine lover keep up with keeping track of all their great wine experiences.

18. Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide

An amusing book that teaches you all you need to know about wine.

11 Funny Gifts For Wine Lovers

Here’s the thing about wine lovers: they like to laugh. For that reason, funny gifts often go over well with the special wine lover in your life. Find thoughtful gifts for her that are great for a birthday, or else find the best Christmas gifts for a girlfriend right here.

Regardless, the great thing about funny wine gifts is that it leads to the two of you enjoying a great bottle together in the end.

Here are 11 funny gifts for wine lovers: 

19. Shh… There’s Wine In Here

Go undercover with your wine-filled coffee cups.

20. Education Is Important Drinking Wine Is Important

Hang this on the dining room wall to remind you how much you believe it’s true.

21. Bad Advice From Wine

Funny and useful for the wine loving writers and diarists out there.

22. Wine Birthday Card

A card that gets right to the point (and the bottle).

23. 5 Wine Stoppers

Remove the risk of any spills with these customizable stoppers.

24. Funny Wine Saying Sign

A way to remind her it’s okay to skip the yoga to stay home with you sometimes.

25. Who What When Where Wine T Shirt

Wear your wine love proudly.

26. Dreaming Of White Christmas

A Christmas coffee cup a wine drinker can really get into.

27. The Weather Outside Is Frightful Wine Is So Delightful Let It Flow

Get matching ugly Christmas sweaters that really speak to the reason for the season.

28. Funny Wine Gift Flour Sack Towel

An amusing towel to clean up all those wine-related spills.

29. Home Is Where The Wine Is

This speaks to the sentiments of all true wine lovers.

Unique Gifts For Wine Lovers

For the more creative or eccentric drinkers out there, here are some gifts that are a little more on the unique side.

Here are 14 unique gifts for wine lovers:

30. Wicker Wine Basket

It’s a lovely way to cradle that beautiful bottle of wine.

31. Wine Stopper, Star Wars

Keep the wine fresh, you must.

32. Wine Clock – Walnut

A reminder it’s always time for another glass of wine.

33. Cabernet-Merlot Wine Spa Gift Basket

Relaxing, and it smells like wine.

34. Personalized Photo Wine Bottle Stopper

A romantic or cheesy gift so your wine lover always thinks of their wine-loving partner.

35. Sovrano Wine Gems

A classy way to keep your wine that right chilly temperature without relying on ice.

36. Insulated Wine Tumbler Glass With Lid

For wine, coffee, or any other beverage. Comfortable to hold, amusing to look at, too.

37. Sugar Scrub Rosé ALL Day

Keep that winy scent all day long.

38. Vintage Merlot WINE SOAP

Relax in the bath with a glass of merlot and a soap of merlot as well.

39. Wine Table (Folding+Portable)

Drink your wine in perfect comfort anywhere with this portable table.

40. Unbreakable Silicone Wine Glasses

The perfect gift for wine lovers who are just a bit clumsy after the first glass.

41. Bottle Lights

Creates a great party effect while also keeping your wine fresh.

42. Home Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack

A sign that reminds you why it’s so good to be home.

43. Wine Soap Wine Lovers

Get clean with the soothing scent of mulled wine.

12 Cheap Gifts For Wine Lovers

Let’s face it, finding gifts is often hard because wine is an expensive habit. For those of us shopping on a budget, it can be difficult to find cheap gifts that are also great gifts when it comes to wine.

This list will help you find the right cheap Christmas gifts or birthday gifts that are affordable and enjoyable for every wine lover.

Here are 12 cheap gifts for wine lovers: 

44. Host Wine Freeze Cooling Cups

Keep that wine chilly without watering it down.

45. Sorbus Bamboo Foldable Countertop Wine Rack

An attractive wine rack that looks far more expensive than its price tag.

46. Christmas Bottle Cover Bag

Find an affordable bottle and dress it up with these bags full of holiday cheer.

47. Stemless Wine Glass – Because Kids

If you’re buying for parents of young kids, they’ll appreciate this sign of sympathy.

48. Wine Journal

One of the cheapest gifts for wine drinkers, but incredibly useful.

49. Save Water Drink Wine

For the environmentally conscious wine lover.

50. The Best Wines We Drink With Friends

A sweet, cheap gift that shows how much you enjoy sharing a glass with your friends.

51. Prescription Wine Bag

A silly gift at a good price. Great for the doctors who moonlight as wine lovers.

52. Beatles Inspired Wine Charms

A great set of affordable gifts for your next wine party.

53. BigMouth Inc Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

A glass sure to get a laugh and easy on your wallet.

54. Wine Glass Markers

For those who love having wine parties, this will be a much appreciated gift.

55. Wine Chiller

Helps with pouring and chilling all at once.

How To Pick The Best Gifts For Wine Lovers

We’ve highlighted a lot of gifts above, and in some ways, that can make finding the right gift even harder. What option is best out of the dozens listed above for the wine lover in your life?

To help you, here are 5 steps that will make it easier to find the exact gifts that are perfect for the person you’re buying for.

Here is how to pick the best gift for wine lovers:

1. Find Out A Little About Their Preferences

Perhaps the worst thing you could do to a wine lover is buy a kind of wine they don’t like. If someone lives for red and you buy a bottle of white, you’ve not really given them a gift they can properly enjoy.

Worse, you expose yourself as not thinking very hard about the gift in the first place.

So, do a little research. Find out the kind of wine they like. Are they all for whites from Napa Valley or do they only drink reds imported straight from France? Do they like sweet, semi-sweet, or dry as a bone?

The best gifts for wine lovers are those that hit on the right bottle or accessory that the drinker has been missing. To accomplish that, you need to get your info in order now.

2. Find Out What They Have And What They’re Lacking

Some wine lovers have it all. They’ve got a cellar full of the wines they love. Others are scraping buy to just get a cheap bottle or two a month.

These different wine lovers will require different things from wine givers. The first may like fun little accessories for their wine—funny corkscrews, amusing wine bags, etc.—while the second could really use the main thing a wine lover requires, namely: wine.

Getting this wrong could leave a wine lover with plenty of wine with a bunch of extra bottles they don’t need or a wine lover without a bottle in the cabinet with a bunch of new wine glasses and no wine to pour into them.

3. Find Out If They Like Wine Parties Or Keep It More Private

Another major thing to consider when getting gifts for wine lovers: just how social are they? Sure, wine is a social beverage. That doesn’t mean the person you know loves drinking socially. Lots of wine lovers drink a glass or two at night to relax alone or just with their romantic partner.

For these wine lovers, board games and social wine accessories would be extremely misplaced. So, make sure your wine lover is the right kind of wine lover for cheese boards, board games, and long social wine nights.

4. Decide On Wine, Wine Accessory, Or Both

At this point, you’re just about ready to make that big wine purchase. The last thing you need to decide is whether you’re going for the wine, the wine accessory, or both.

This choice is a bit about the wine lover’s profile (particularly Step 2) and a bit about your wallet.

An ideal option is to combine wine with a good accessory. Either buy a bottle of their favorite wine or get them a wine of the month club subscription, and then get them some nice chilled glasses or an amusing sign to hang on the wall.

If you only have the money for one option or the other, focus in on a single gift that really speaks to exactly who the wine drinker is.

5. Enjoy Together But Don’t Impose

As we said above, wine is a social drink. It’s best with friends …but that doesn’t mean you should impose too much on your own gift. Once you’ve bought and present the gift, you have a delicate balance you need to strike between accommodating and over eager.

If you buy a wine of the month membership, for instance, you should make sure it is known that you’d be happy to join them and share a glass each month. Be careful, though, some people buy wine (or beer/liquor) gifts with an idea they’re half buying it for themselves.

Make sure it’s clear this is a gift to be used as the receiver wants. You’d like a glass, but if they want to horde it and keep it for themselves, that’s cool too.

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