112 Best Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything 2021

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sparrow jack March 22, 2021
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Here are the 16 best gifts for dad who has everything:


1. The Original Gourmet Cheese Club

A cheese of the month club, like from our friends at The Original Gourmet Cheese Club is great for any cheese lover.

2. Corkcicle Cigar Glass

A whiskey glass with room for a cigar.

 3. Tool Roll

A leather tool roll with plenty of room for his favorite tools.

4. Jedi Fleece Bathrobe

The Force is strong with this one.

5. GrilliACS BBQ Aprons For Men

He’s already the king of the grill… This apron lets everyone else know.

6. Cordless Air Compressor

It charges in your car so it’s the perfect addition to a trunk survival kit, which everyone should have.

7. What If?: Serious Scientific Answers To Absurd Hypothetical Questions

From the creator of the popular web comic comes this book full of serious answers to ridiculous questions. Great bathroom reading material.

8. Cross Body Bag

A ridiculously cool cross body bag that’ll fit all his favorite things.

9. 8-In-1 Survival Kit

Small enough to fit in a backpack or go bag, this little survival kit has plenty of tools he’ll love.

10. Globe Whiskey Decanter Gift Set

The perfect decanter set for the well-traveled dad.

11. Party Drinking Games

A fun drinking game he’ll love to pull out at family gatherings.

12. Digital Meat Thermometer

An upgrade from his old meat thermometer.

13. Personalized Toiletry Bag

A dropp kit you’re able to personalize with his initials.

14. Home Safety Movable Camera Robot

Give him a little more home security.

15. Golf Pen Set

When his boss asks what he’s doing, your dad can tell him he’s just writing a note… But he’ll really be playing golf.


He’ll amp up all of his favorite cocktails with this infusion kit.

15 Cheap Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything

Below you’ll find a list of our favorite cheap gifts for dad.

And these gifts are just plain cool.

Here are 15 cheap gifts for dad who has everything:

17. Manicure Pedicure Set

No more, “Honey, where are the nail clippers?”

18. Beard Comb Kit

A good beard needs a good beard comb to keep it looking full.

19. Smoking Pipe

Ground Control to Major Tom.

20. Beard Wash & Beard Conditioner Set

Help him strengthen his beard while keeping it smelling great.

21. Kentucky Bourbon WHISKEY SOAP

This cruelty-free soap is made with real Kentucky whiskey. And it smells great!

22. Spice Blends Gift Set

A travel spice kit just in case he gets the urge to cook while he’s on vacation.

23. Schick Hydro Sense Razors For Men Gift Set

Five blades from a brand he trusts. A practical gift set.

24. Single Portable Camping Hammock

Every man deserves his own hammock so he can relax wherever he likes.

25. Camping Mug

This double-walled mug seals temperatures inside while clipping to anything you can clip to.

26. Fish Grip Tools Set

A handy tool for any fisherman dad.

27. Waterproof Dry Bag

If you’re a camper or spend any time outdoors, you NEED a dry bag.

28. Collapsible Travel Water Bottle

This water bottle rolls into itself while it’s empty.

29. Vintage Money Clip

An actual vintage 1960’s money clip from a former store owner who had it gathering durst in his upstate New York home.

30. 12in1 Survival Gear Gift

A super cool survival kit filled with tons of survival equipment.

31. Men’s Ascot

The most gentlemanly tie around. He’ll look ridiculously classy in this ascot.

13 Birthday Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything

He has everything he needs and now it’s his birthday again. Another reminder he’s getting older.

Help him forget his age for a littler while with these birthday gifts for dad.

Here are 13 birthday gifts for dad who has everything:

32. Igourmet Bacon Of The Month Club

IGourmet is one of our favorite bacon of the month clubs… Dad will like it too.

33. Portable Espresso Maker

An espresso maker that can be used anywhere. Perfect for campers and backpackers.

34. Knight Rider KITT

He’ll want to get started on this KITT replica immediately.

35. CUSTOM Morse Code Men Bracelet

Create your own message in Morse Code and have it put on a leather or silicone bracelet.

36. Birthday Newspaper

A personalized newspaper for his 40th birthday. The cost for this is only for a digital copy of the paper. You can have it printed to a poster at any office supply store.

37. GPS Golf Watch With Step Tracking

Comes with a STAT tracker to help him improve his game.

38. Personalized Portrait

A Simpson’s-styled personal portrait made just for him.

39. Handmade Whiskey Dispenser

Put the bottle on top and distill with ease.

40. Engraved 3 In 1 LED Flashlight

Engrave a personal message he’ll be able to read in the dark!

41. 50 Caliber Bullet Pen

A pen made from a real .50 caliber casing.

42. Gourmet Hunting Gift Basket

If the old man loves his deer, this is the gift basket for him.

43. Mens Leather Jacket For Biker

We don’t recommend using this jacket as a riding jacket while on a motorcycle. That being said, it’s still a ridiculously cool jacket.

44. Electronic Hearing Protection Muffs

These bad boys can amplify or dampen the sound around you… All while keeping your inner ear protected from damage.

15 Unique Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything

For a lot of dads, the more unique the gift, the better.

These unique gifts for dad will make him realize that maybe he doesn’t have everything…

Here are 15 unique gifts for dad who has everything:

45. Emoji Golf Balls

Since these balls are bright yellow, he’ll have no trouble finding them when he slices them into the woods.

46. Wood Crossbow DIY Kit

A little DIY project he can use to annoy your mom with.

47. Tobacco Kit For Smoking

This kit can be personalized and comes with plenty of cleaning brushes, a stand, all in a wooden gift box.

48. Engraved Sugar Skull Comb

A ridiculously cool wooden comb. A truly unique gift!

49. Wild Game Meat Sticks

A sampler pack of Buffalo Bob’s Wild Game Meat Sticks. Comes with spearmint-flavored toothpicks!

50. Golfer’s Best Golf Gift Set

All the tools a golfer needs for a successful day on the links.

51. Damascus Chef Knife

These knifes are handcrafted using traditional Japanese techniques.

52. Personalized Leather Valet Tray Box

This handy tray will add a bit of class to the top of his dresser.

53. Engraved Wooden Watch For Men

An extremely unique wristwatch that looks awesome.

54. Personalized Leather Belt

Sure, dad already has a belt… But does he have one with his initials on it?

55. Personalized Custom 2D/3D Holographic Photo

Turn any photo you want into a hologram.

56. Zippo Personalized Custom Engraved Lighter

Give him his very own Zippo that’ll last a lifetime.

57. Personalized Journal

Dad can keep his thoughts organized with this customized journal.

58. 18 Karat Gold Plated Gift Pen And Pencil Set

A fantastic addition to his desk at work or at home. It’s a good gift to complement that personalized journal.

59. Engraved Wood Handle Steel Hammer

A sweet “thank you” gift that’s actually useful.

15 Small Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything

Sometimes it’s the little things that have the biggest impact. These small gifts for dad won’t weigh his pockets down.

Here are 14 small gifts for dad who has everything:

60. Metal Fishing Reel Keychain

He’ll want to grab his sticks every time he grabs his keys with this fishing reel keychain.

61. Toothpaste & Toothbrush Holder

Add a small touch of class to his bathroom with this sea stone toothpaste holder.

62. Custom Personalized Wood Guitar Pick Box

A personalized guitar pick plus a personalized box option.

63. Personalized IPhone Stand

So he always has a place to store his iPhone.

64. 37 In 1 Wallet Multitool Card Set

A tool that’s small enough for his wallet and will help him tackle any handyman task.

65. Personalized Black Leather Magnetic Business Card Holder

Business cards are already fancy… This holder makes them even more fancy.

66. Personalized Keychain

A personalized keychain. Small enough that it won’t bulk-up his keychain.

67. Copper Wallet Insert

Just a little wallet card. Engrave it with whatever message you like for a constant reminder.

68. Personalized Pocket Compass

Remind him he never has to find his way on his own and you’re always there to help.

These little guys will make all of his suits stand out against the crowd.

70. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Classy whiskey stones. Hell love them.

71. Shaving Soap

Help him smooth his skin out after a close shave.

72. Initial Bracelet

Beaded bracelets are super stylish. This one’s personal.

73. Monogram Knife

A personalized knife with plenty of tools.

74. Engraved Mini Hatchet

Small enough and light enough not to weigh him down on his backpacking trips.

15 Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything And Wants Nothing

He may not want anything but you’re still going to get him something because you’re an awesome child of his.

These gifts for dad who wants nothing will still excite him… Even if he won’t show it.

Here are 15 gifts for dad who has everything and wants nothing:

75. Ultimate Beard Kit

He’s gotta keep his beard tame. This will help.

76. USA Beer Cap Map

A super cool gift for any lover of craft beer.

77. Personalized Wine Decanter

A vibrant addition to any wine lover’s collection.

78. Personalized Map TWO STATES Or COUNTRIES

If you moved away from your dad, this will show him you know where your real home is.

79. Personalized Picture Frame

This picture frame will give him a constant reminder of who his favorite child is.

80. Personalized Cutting Board

Chop chop!

81. Waterproof Medical Alert Bracelet

A practical solution to a problem nobody ever wants to have, but inevitably will.

82. Personalized Poker Set Case

A nice conversation starter on poker night with the boys.

83. Personalized Flask

Engrave his initials and his birthdate in this personalized flask.

84. Personalized Hand Stamped Fishing Lure

A reflective fishing lure lets him know you’re always with him… Especially when he’s hooked the big one.

85. Personalized Hunting Name Art

A rustic addition to a hunter’s home.

86. Drink Cooler And Gourmet Food Gift Basket For Golfers

Bring the 19th hole home.

87. Smart Compact Key Organizer Keychain

A slim solution to a bulky keyring filled with keys.

88. Wooden DIY Nest

Help him realize that birdwatching is actually a relaxing experience… Especially in retirement.

89. Beer Flight Tray Made From Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel

A perfect addition to his home bar or man cave.

13 Christmas Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything

It’s never too early to get your Christmas shopping out of the way… Bookmark these Christmas gifts for dad so you have some ideas.

Here are 13 Christmas gifts for dad who has everything:

90. If Dad Can’t Fix It No One Can Keychain

Just a little reminder that he’s the handiest man you know.

91. Personalized Wall Sign

A wooden sign, perfect for marking the entrance to his home.

92. Custom Bobblehead

What dad wouldn’t appreciate a silly bobblehead of himself?

93. Personalized Duffel Bag

A stylish duffel bag, perfect for the traveling dad.

94. Leather Camera Strap

A personalized leather camera strap perfect for the dad who loves capturing the moment.

95. Personalized Docking Station

Phone, keys, wallet… Check!

96. Rustic Wooden 12oz Six Pack Beer Carrier

Engrave this beer carrier with whatever message you like. Comes with an attached bottle opener!

97. Personalized Crystal USB Flash

Keep his files safe with this personalized flash drive, this is one of the best gift ideas for dad.

98. Personalized Leather Portfolio

This leather padfolio is both professional and elegant.

99. Desk Organizer

His desk is a mess. Help him organize it.

100. Leather Storage Custom Catch All Tray

An non intrusive leather tray that will hold whatever knickknacks he likes.

101. Star Wars Yoda Phone Stand Holder

Hold your phone, I will. This item is handmade!

102. Hidden Secret Message Bracelet

A sturdy leather bracelet with up to two personalized messages.

10 Gifts For New Dads Who Have Everything

Oh, man. Aren’t dads just great?

Save for the terrible jokes, they always want the best for everyone. That’s why buying them a gift when the holidays roll around is such a sentimental affair. You want to get a new dad a super-thoughtful gift that he’ll remember for years. But there’s just one problem – he seems to have everything. That’s a ton of pressure!

We’ve taken the guesswork out of your search with our list of amazing gifts for new dads. Thank God you landed here!

Here are 10 gifts for new dads who have everything: 

103. Shiitake Mushroom Growing Kit

Everything he needs to grow mushrooms in one box

104. Gas Pump Beverage Dispenser

A quirky gift that will bring a smile to a dad who has everything.

105. Unique Money Storage

There will be no dull moments with this maze puzzle box.

106. Weather Station With Jumbo Display And Atomic Clock

This nifty gift will enable a new dad to plan their day with the weather in mind, making it one of the greatest gift ideas for dad.

107. Heat Factory Fleece-Lined Hand Muff

For when he needs to keep his hands warm.

108. Pizza Cutter Wheel

You can’t go wrong with this pizza cutter.

109. Beard Shaping Tool

This beard shaper is the perfect gift for the dapper dad.

110. Polaroid Mint OneStep 2 Viewfinder I-Type Camera 9007 Bundle

He only thinks he has everything until he sees this.

111. Sleep Headphones

The perfect partner for when he really has to sleep.

Tasteful cufflinks to remind him of his first child.

More Awesome Gift Ideas

Those aren’t the only gift ideas for a dad who has everything. Check these out!

  1. For a dad who loves beer, beer gifts are the way to go.
  2. Is he more of a wino? Then some gifts for wine lovers are what you need.
  3. Help him celebrate anything with a subscription to a cigar of the month club.
  4. Wine of the month clubs are a brilliant choice.
  5. And of course, a beer of the month club works just as well. It just depends on what he likes!

How To Pick The Best Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything

Let’s face it… A dad who has everything doesn’t want anything else. So he’s going to be happy with whatever you get him.

Just be sure to keep in mind what he already likes when choosing a gift, and you can’t go wrong.

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