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Funny things to talk about

1. Crush and attraction

One of the most fun topics to discuss is your crushes and love interests. Talk to your friends about your crush and why you like him or her. Talk about the girl you love or liked in the class tell about your weird encounter with him or her. You can tell each other about your crushes since school time. Tell them how she was like, how did you talk to her, did you ever get a chance to confess to her your feelings.

You can talk about your love life and interests. Share your feelings with each other and tell some funny incidents about your crush. Like you can talk about your first meeting with her. You can tell about the boyfriends of your crush and your encounter with them. Both of you shall know about each other’s crushes and love interests. These conversations are always interesting and fun to talk about. Ask the other person if he or she had some love interest in the past and how did it go around. This will always be a humorous thing to talk about and everyone will have something to put in this conversation.



2. Embarrassing moments

Another thing that you can actually talk about is your most embarrassing moments. Tell them the incidents that made you feel embarrassed or feel so stupid in front of others. This will be a humorous way to start a conversation and can act as a stress buster. You can tell them the incidents that were funny but equally made you feel embarrassed.
You can tell about the moments where you failed in the class or scored fewer marks. You can tell about your experience at the mall or a place where you gave a speech but ended up in a disaster.

You can talk about the various ways that made you feel embarrassed. You can also tell about your experience at dancing or singing where you miserably failed. You share your experiences with each other. Enjoy each other’s company, share jokes, have fun, and stay happy. This will relax your mind to a great deal and you will find many people telling you about there incidents and it would be a fun juicy conversation.

3. Gossips

Gossiping is a way to reduce your stress to a great level. You can gossip about many things on the way. You can talk about the recent rumors you have heard each other. Indulge in a friendly gossip with your friends. Let others and you be indulged in some juicy rumors and talk about each other. Usually, when colleagues get a break from your work, they get themselves involved in chatting with each other apart from their work. You can talk about your other colleagues and what you have listened about them. Talk about your boss and secretary.

Especially ladies love to talk about each other. They usually gather information from around everybody and convey it threefold. This is considered as their usual time pass. You can talk about each other, share some recent rumor you have heard and made up the stories and predictions, and enjoy your pass time.

4. Cook up your own stories and imaginations

Whenever you talk to each other it is a wonderful Experience to create your own stories. You can cook up your stories and let your creativity do the part. For example, you can imagine The most unpredictable situations and you stuck up in there. Make some weird possibilities and imagine yourself in the most awkward states. For example, you can imagine yourself on an uninhabitable island and how you survive there. You can imagine yourself fighting the zombies and talk to each other about these fantasies.

Let this be a fun, entertainment, and imaginative session. Get yourself involved in these imaginations and let others imagine the fantasy world. This will give you a break from your daily boring routine. You shall get a chance to imagine a world you want, make yourself comfortable and happy. You can also make your friends or colleagues and make them imagine themselves in weird situations and enjoy yourselves. This will help you in reducing your mental anxiety and you will feel happy and enjoy each other.

5. Give each other weird situations

Another thing that sounds very interesting is situation analysis. You can give each other some situations and ask them how would they react upon encountering it. You must remember to give the situations that are actually funny and weird. You can give them awkward situations and
Ask them to imagine their reactions being stuck in it. For example, you can make then imagine a situation if they see there crush with her boyfriend, ask them to be stuck in a building with their ex. You should try to bring up the weirdest and interesting Situations and conversations ever. Enjoy yourselves and release your stress and anxiety.

6. Experiences

Share your worst experiences with them or the awkward situations you have been in. You can also talk about your first time experiences, your first job interview, your first college experience, your first date, and many things like that. You can talk about the experiences that went bizzare for you.
You can also speak about the worst advice you have taken and how did it impact you. You can share your experiences with each other and get to know more about each other. Give everyone an insight into each other’s life.

7. Pranks

You can ask someone if they did any prank on somebody that actually worked out very well. You can talk about the best prank they ever did and tell the to narrate you the whole incident. Ask them if they. Have ever made April fools of someone, how did they do the prank. You can also ask about any prank that backfired and how did other person take it. You can talk about if ever a prank failed badly.

You can ask many questions like, have you ever pranked someone lately? How was the experience? Did they fall for the prank?
You should tell them to narrate the whole incident to you and in no time you all can burst into laughter.
All these things make you happy. Whenever you talk about funny things, you feel positive. It also helps to relax your mind and keeps you free from stress.

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