100 Free Date Ideas – Best activities 2021

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Here are the 15 best free date ideas:


1. Go On A Hike.

A little exercise can release the feel-good chemical dopamine, making it a fun and memorable experience for both of you.

2. Explore A Neighborhood.

Why not explore another part of your city and see what you can find?

3. Attend A Free Concert.

Going to a concert to check out a new style of music is a good way to make fun memories together.

100 Free Date Ideas – Best activities 2021

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4. Eat Samples At A Food Market.

You can grab some food together for free if you take advantage of the samples at a local food market.

5. Try Geocaching.

All you need is a smartphone – download the app and you can hunt your local area for hidden “caches” together.

6. Plan A Game Night.

Stay in and play your favorite board games or video games. You’ll get to share time bonding with each other, even if you don’t win!

7. Make It A Beach Day.

This is a great free date idea because there’s something to do at the beach all year round.

8. Go Roller Skating.

Grabbing a pair of skates is an awesome way to laugh together.

9. Check Out Local Art Shows.

Many art shows, exhibitions and galleries are free.

10. Tour A Local Brewery

Have a look at the brewing process and maybe try a few samples when you visit a local brewery together.

11. Go Stargazing.

This is one of the most romantic date ideas – imagine chatting and laughing while staring up at the stars.

12. Play Sports Together.

If the two of you enjoy the same sports then there is no better way to bond.

13. Give Back To Your Community.

If you’re planning an inexpensive date, keep a lookout for volunteering opportunities.

14. Host A Dance Party.

A themed dance party can be a brilliant opportunity to get to know your date’s friends a bit better.

15. Go For A Test Drive.

If you’re hoping to go on an unusual free date, going on a test drive and talking about your dream cars is an amazing way to help your date imagine a future together.

10 Free First Date Ideas

If you’ve managed to bag yourself a first date, the thrill shouldn’t be overtaken by worry about what the two of you will do (or how much it will cost). There are loads of first date ideas that offer the chance to get to know each other without having to spend much money at all.

Here are 10 free first date ideas: 

16. Feed Ducks At Your Local Park.

A sweet and simple free first date that will give you a chance to chat.

17. Volunteer At An Animal Shelter.

If your date loves animals, this is a chance to show your caring side.

18. Eat Ice Cream Together.

Vanilla or chocolate? Share ice cream together and find out what flavors your date likes.

19. Check Out A Yard Sale.

Browse antiques or check out homeware on this fun first date.

20. Play Cards Or Board Games.

You could introduce your date to your favorite games for an inexpensive evening together.

21. Walk Through The Park.

Going for a walk together makes a brilliant free first date because you have the chance to chat while getting in some gentle exercise.

22. Go To A Used Bookstore Or Library.

Find out about your date’s favorite authors and novels.

23. Craft Something Together.

Check Pinterest for an easy craft DIY that you could complete on your first date.

24. Set Up A Backyard Campsite.

If you have a tent, torch and camping stove you’re all set for a romantic free first date.

25. Attend A Literary Reading.

Free readings offer a chance to experience something new on your first date.

14 Free Second Date Ideas

Sometimes, thinking of perfect second date ideas can be more daunting than thinking of a great first date. But if you already know a little bit about your date, it shouldn’t be too tricky. You can use these enjoyable ideas to plan your second date to make it budget-friendly but memorable.

Here are 14 free second date ideas:

26. Create A Scavenger Hunt.

This free second date idea will make your date feel special knowing you’ve spent time planning the scavenger hunt.

27. Make A Meal Together.

You can find out your date’s favorite types of food.

28. Make A Bonfire.

Just be sure to check that you’re legally allowed to start a fire!

29. Drive Somewhere.

Use the drive as an opportunity to get to know your date.

30. Go To A Hill And Enjoy The City Lights.

This is really romantic on a calm night – a really cute free second date ide

31. Attend A Party.

A chance for you to brush up and show off your social skills.

32. Navigate A Corn Maze.

Maybe you haven’t done this since childhood so you’ll both feel nostalgic on your second date.

33. Set Up A Picnic.

This free second date idea shows that you’re proactive and caring.

Does your date like art? Looking around galleries makes for a unique date.

35. Visit A Botanical Garden.

You’ll win points for originality if you suggest this unusual date idea.

36. Go Ice Skating.

Especially great around the holidays. Grab some skates and hit the ice.

37. See A Pet Show

If you both love dogs or cats, this is a lovely way to spend your second date.

38. Play Video Games.

This free date idea is simple to set up and you’ll get to share time doing something you both enjoy.

39. Clean Up A Beach Together.

Show her that you care about the environment by inviting your date on a short beach clean.

13 Free But Unique Date Ideas

Everyone wants to impress their date and stand out from the crowd. But how can you do this? It’s easy when you pick out some awesome unique date ideas. These can offer an unusual and memorable experience for the two of you.

Here are 13 free unique date ideas:

40. Discover Cool Items At An Antique Store.

Find some interesting and unique items together.

41. Compete In A Bar Trivia Night.

Are you or your date great at quizzes? Test your knowledge when you enter as a team.

42. Power Out Date Night.

This unusual date idea lets you get away from screens and really spend time together.

43. Make A Homemade Piñata Together.

Fill your piñata with candy and you’ll have fun making and breaking into it.

44. Go Donate Blood Together.

Budget dates don’t get much more unusual than this.

45. Go Fossil Hunting.

You never know what you’ll come across when you go fossil hunting.

46. Get Some Sidewalk Chalk And Get Creative.

This is a wonderful date idea if you’re both creative or arty.

47. Visit Some Historical Spots.

Historical destinations can be interesting and unusual, making them great for a date on a budget.

48. Buy A Load Of Modeling Clay And See What You Can Make.

This low cost date idea is certainly out of the ordinary.

49. Do Portraits Of Each Other.

Drawing portraits is a super fun way to spend a date, even if you’re a terrible artist.

50. Plant Seeds In Random Places.

See if you can brighten up a grass sidewalk or roundabout.

51. Try Your Hands At Halloween Makeup

Have you ever wanted to try special effect makeup? You and your date can give it a go!

52. Visit Haunted Places In Your Area.

Visiting haunted houses is a unique free date idea to share laughs and spooky surprises.

14 Free Double Date Ideas

Double dates are awesome because people are usually more relaxed when hanging with their friends. Conversation flows easier and their personalities are allowed to shine through. If you’re stuck for great budget double date ideas, we have just the thing to help.

Here are the 14 best free double date ideas:

53. A Monopoly Duel.

You’re bound to have a Monopoly board between you – why not team up?

54. Sight See Your Own City.

Hit sightseeing spots in a group for a fun free double date.

55. Mini Pool Tournament.

If a friend has a pool table, why not hold a mini tournament for the four of you?

56. Find Some Local Music

Live music makes for a great free date and it’s even better when shared with friends.

57. Host A Game Night.

If you’re not sure what to do on a date, why not host a game night for the four of you?

58. Show Off Your Skills In The Kitchen.

Making a delicious dinner is a good idea for a relaxed double date.

59. Take A Day Trip To A New Location.

This could be somewhere in your city or a bit further afield.

60. Karaoke Night At Home.

Show off your singing skills (or lack of) for a free double date idea.

61. Team Up For A Trivia Night.

Double dates can be even better with an element of competition.

62. Play Ultimate Frisbee

A Frisbee is all you need to make this fun free double date happen.

63. Drop In To Open Mic Night.

An open mic night at a local bar is an interesting free date idea.

64. Go Camping.

Camping as a group is always fun, just remember to pack or borrow a tent.

65. Visit A National Park.

Experience nature and wildlife together for the most incredible free double date experience.

66. Play Charades.

This fun game is always best enjoyed in teams – perfect for a budget double date.

8 Free Date Night Ideas

If you’ve been dating for a while, you might be struggling to come up with new date night ideas. Planning a date night doesn’t have to cost much. You just need to have a little imagination and you can enjoy a fantastic evening together.

Here are the 8 best free date night ideas:

67. Movie Night And Some Popcorn.

Check Netflix to find the perfect movie then spend an evening on the sofa.

68. Take Personality Tests And Compare Results.

This is a super fun way to find out more about your date.

69. Set Up A Romantic Dinner For Your Date.

A dinner at home doesn’t need to cost much at all.

70. Play Never Have I Ever.

Use this game to find out some interesting (and weird) things about your date.

71. Take Out Your Old Yearbooks.

Reliving school days can be fun, why not do it as part of date night?

72. Go To A Free Night At A Local Museum.

An evening at a museum is a great chance to experience something new.

73. Build A Blanket Fort.

This romantic and cosy date night idea is the perfect thing for a tight budget.

74. Play Truth Or Dare.

Remember playing truth or dare as a kid? Relive the experience and find out new things about your date.

6 Free Anniversary Date Ideas

An anniversary is a big occasion so you want to make sure the date is special. Thankfully, it’s easy to plan a fantastic date on a budget if you have the right anniversary date ideas.

Here are 6 free anniversary date ideas:

75. Cook Your Partner’s Favorite Dish.

Your date will really appreciate the effort.

76. Visit The Place Where It All Began.

Go back to the place you met for a romantic free anniversary date.

77. Surprise Each Other With A Handmade Gift.

Handmade gifts show you care and can be very inexpensive.

78. Write Each Other A Love Letter.

What better way to express your feelings?

79. Visit A Farm.

This is a lovely budget anniversary date idea for someone who loves animals.

80. Play Tourist.

Visit the main sites in your area for a fun inexpensive date.

5 Free Date Ideas In Winter

There are loads of fun things to try out in winter, so the weather shouldn’t hinder your plans. For the cold months, there are lots of great winter date ideas to try.

Here are 5 free winter date ideas:

81. Do An Outdoor Winter Photo Shoot.

This is a cute way to spend a winter day together.

82. Cuddle By The Fire.

What better way to spend a cold day than cuddled by the fire?

83. Host A Party And Have Everyone Bring A Dish.

This is an awesome idea for a free way to spend time socializing together.

84. Go Sledding.

Winter dates don’t come more fun than this.

85. Drink Wine And Paint.

Who knows what you’ll create on this budget winter date.

8 Free Adventurous Date Ideas

Is your date the adventurous type? Or do you want to show that you’re fun and excitingAdventurous date ideas are perfect if you want to make sure your date is interesting.

Here are 8 free adventurous date ideas:

86. Get On A Mini Road Trip.

Take a trip somewhere completely new for a fun free adventure.

87. Do One Of The Things That Scare You.

Choose something that scares you or your date and get over your fears.

88. Randomly Go To A Free Event.

An exciting free adventurous date idea – what will you pick?

89. Go Mud Sliding.

This date idea is great if you don’t mind getting dirty.

90. Try Surfing Or Paddleboarding.

If you can borrow a board, you’ll have loads of fun on the water.

91. Get Adventurous In White Water Rafting.

Dates don’t come much more exciting than this!

92. Have A Water Gun Fight.

Have fun soaking each other on a hot day.

93. Race Your Way To Your Favorite Outdoor Dating Spot.

Think of exciting ways to race your partner or date.

3 Free Romantic Date Ideas

Here’s a little secret: you don’t have to spend a single dollar to have a romantic time! Just choose one of these free romantic date ideas, and you’ll be good to go.

Here are 3 free romantic date ideas:

94. Choose Library Books For Each Other.

The library is a magical, wonderful place, and you’d be surprised at how much fun you have there with your date – especially if you’re both bookworms.

95. Stay In And Cuddle.

If you and your crush are both homebodies, then there’s no sense trying to fight your true nature. Stay inside and cuddle… because who cares?

96. Plan A Dream Holiday.

You might not be going on a vacation tomorrow… but that doesn’t mean you two can’t start planning your perfect romantic getaway today.

4 Free 3rd Date Ideas

Your third date is a great opportunity to completely cut down on costs and do something for free. Just check out these free 3rd date ideas for ideas.

97. Volunteer In Your Community.

Show your crush that you care about your community by volunteering in an outreach program. You’ll both get a great sense of accomplishment afterward. 

98. Walk Someone’s Dog Together.

Even if you don’t own a dog of your own, you can still offer to take someone else’s dog for a walk. This is a great way to have fun and show off your animal-loving side.

99. Have A Game Night At Home.

Who says game nights are lame? Playing your favorite game at home is a great way to have a chill, relaxed night that you’ll both enjoy.

100. Play Wii Together.

If you and your crush both love video games, there’s no sense going any further until you’ve both had a solid gaming session together.

Downloadable And Printable List Of Free Date Ideas

Here is a downloadable and printable list of free date ideas (right click the image and select Save Image As…):

More Awesome Ways To Get The Girl

You should have loads of great ideas, but you might feel like you need more help to plan your date. Here are more cool date tips:

  1. These at home date ideas are perfect for spending time together on a budget.
  2. If you’re looking for more inexpensive activities, check out these cheap date ideas.
  3. Finally, it’s always handy to have some options when considering things to talk about on a first date.

How To Pick The Best Free Date Idea

There are three essential tips to help you pick the best free date ideas.

Here is how to pick the best free date idea:

1. Think About Your Budget

Are you looking for something completely free or could you spare a bit of change, for example for inexpensive supplies? Spending a few dollars on snacks or craft materials means you could have a larger choice of date ideas.

2. Consider Your Date’s Personality

Is she an adventurous explorer or does she prefer to stay in her own neighborhood? You’ll be able to pick the perfect date if you know what your date enjoys the most.

3. Plan The Day Or Evening Well

What will you do if it’s rainy or stormy? What if the location you’re visiting is shut? Make sure you have several ideas for what to do on a date and options in case you have some spare time.

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