45 Best Dares Over Text – This is the only 2021

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sparrow jack March 17, 2021
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Here are the 7 best dares over text:


1. Go On Facebook And Change Your Relationship Status Every Hour, For The Entire Day.

Social pressure is a great way to up the ante on any dare, making this one a perfect dare for anybody who is very image-conscious.

2. Go Commando For The Day!

Especially if the person you’re daring is reserved or a little prudish, this simple dare can carry hilarious results. It’s also a great way to not-so-subtly communicate your interest in someone.

3. Give A Nice Foot Massage To Any One Person In The Room.

You’ve gotta get them on video for this dare, so you can see the hilarious facial expressions they’re likely to pull.

45 Best Dares Over Text – This is the only 2021

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4. Call Your Favorite Local Store And Ask For A Variety Of Underwear

Lacy? Thong underwear? Something red and flirty? The type doesn’t matter, as long as the store they’re calling doesn’t sell it.

5. Send A Love Letter To Someone On Facebook.

How detailed will they get on it? Can they come up with something good, without making themselves look too stupid? This dare will really get them thinking.

6. Post A Video Of You Singing And Share It On Your Social Media Account.

You might be surprised at how many people feel bashful about their singing voices, which is what makes this a completely harmless but very entertaining dare.

7. Take A Coin Out Of Your Wallet And Lick It.

Ready to up the ante on your dares? Start getting into gross ones like this. After all, who knows where that coin has been?

8 Embarrassing Dares Over Text

You don’t need to be in-person to reap the rewards of embarrassing dares — just have the recipient film or otherwise give proof of completion of the dare, instead. That way, you’ll be able to save the evidence and use it to give them a hard time later, too!

Here are 8 embarrassing dares over text:

8. Post An Embarrassing Picture Of Yourself On Instagram.

An alternate version of this is to dare them to post an embarrassing picture of themselves as a kid on Instagram — that’s where the real gold is.

9. Knock On Your Neighbor’s Door And Ask If They Have Any Extra Lube Lying Around.

Depending on where you live, this could turn out to be a very funny dare or an incredibly embarrassing one.

10. Make A Funny Tinder Account

It’s fun to do this one together, actually. If both of you have a joke account, you can compare your conversations and responses all day long.

11. Beg For Change From A Stranger.

Embarrassing and humbling at the same time, this dare is perfect for really giving people a hard time when they think very highly of themselves.

12. Pass By An Open-Air Restaurant, Take A Quick Bite From Some One’s Meal And Run.

Equal parts embarrassing and risky, this is a dare that takes some real guts! Save it for when your truth or dare game has escalated, but don’t use it right off the bat.

13. Tell A Stranger That You Love Him.

Quick and easy, this is a great embarrassing dare to start a game of truth or dare with.

14. Tell Me About Your Failed Attempts At Talking To Your Crushes.

Talking to your crush can be super difficult, so this makes an almost perfectly cringe-inducing dare.

15. Put Your Underwear On Your Head And Walk Around.

Harmless but embarrassing at the same time, any dare that makes someone change their appearance around strangers is as good in person as it is via text.

5 Dares For Adults Over Text

Looking to spice things up with your conversation partner? These dares for adults are all specifically designed to be a bit more on the dangerous side and can be a great way to get some reciprocal flirting going.

Here are 5 dares for adults over text:

16. Leave Your Fly Open For The Rest Of The Day

It’s not likely to scandalize anyone, but this faintly embarrassing dare is an excellent way to push things in the direction of seductive flirting.

17. Give Someone Your Phone And Let Them Send A Text To Anyone In Your Contacts.

Oh, man, can this one open up the person you’ve dared to some seriously crazy conversations?

This one is great over text, but may work even better in person and at a party.

18. Screenshot A Picture Of Your Browser History And Send It To A Random Person In Your Contacts.

Many a person’s dying wish might be to have their browser history permanently deleted, so don’t be surprised if this dare gets a rather extreme reaction.

19. Passionately Kiss The Back Of Your Hand And Let Someone Record It.

Hey, anything that has to do with passionate kissing can become a great dare for adults. Let your mind wander with this one, and you’ll definitely come up with unique alternatives.

20. Go Outside And Wink At The First Person You See.

You might be surprised at just how much a single wink can communicate. It might be a dud, or it might lead someone to believe that the person you’ve dared is very interested in talking to them.

5 Funny Dares Over Text

Would you rather keep things light and humorous with your dares? Try out any of these funny dares, and you can stay away from giving someone too much of a hard time. They all make for excellent icebreakers with girls you don’t know very well yet.

Here are 5 funny dares over text:

21. Apply For A Really Weird Job Online.

The fewer qualifications they have, the better! Bonus points if they end up following through all the way and going for a job interview there, too.

22. Post On Social Media Saying You’re Going To Leave Your Job To Become A Professional Clown.

It turns out that clowning school is a real thing, so this dare may not be so far-fetched as it initially seems.

23. Call Your Parents And Tell Them You’re Expecting A Baby.

How well this one hits will be directly proportionate to how conservative and gullible their parents are. If you get a really traditional family, it can be downright hilarious to hear their reactions.

24. Call A Random Phone Number And Talk To That Person For As Long As You Can

While this one works well enough over text, it’s really even better in person where you can listen to them struggle to keep the conversation going as long as possible.

25. Call Your Parents And Tell Them That They Are Grounded For A Week.

Even better, have them make up a reason why they’re telling their parents that they’re grounded. Then, they have to justify two ridiculous stories at the same time!

10 Fun Dares Over Text

Playing truth or dare on your phone can be just as fun as the real thing. These fun dares over text prove it!

Here are 10 fun dares over text:

26. Group Text Your Entire Contact List That You Have A Major Secret To Tell Them.

You know what would be even funnier? If you were to then come up with a fake juicy secret and share it with everyone!

27. Video Yourself Eating A Tablespoon Of Butter And Send It To Me.

Salted butter might be somewhat easier to swallow. 

28. Wrap Your Head With Toilet Paper Like A Mummy, Take A Picture, And Make It Your Profile Pic.

Talk about a budget-friendly Halloween costume!

Those muckbang videos were bound to come back to haunt you one day.

30. Send Me A Screenshot Of Your Text Inbox Without Deleting Anything.

Hmm, are you sure you don’t want to tell the truth instead? 

31. Take A Video Of Yourself Drinking Water Like A Dog.

This one only counts if you get down on all fours and drink from a bowl on the floor!

32. Crack Two Eggs On Your Head And Then Take A Selfie.

Did you know that raw egg yolk is really good for your hair?

33. Record A Video Of You Singing A Song With A Mouthful Of Peanut Butter.

Just be careful not to choke on it.

34. Put Flour All Over Your Face And Take A Selfie.

That should give you a nice exfoliation when you wash it off later.

35. Send Me Your Favorite TikTok/YouTube Video.

Be honest here! 

10 Dares For Guys Over Text

Playing truth or dare with a bunch of guys? These dares for guys over text are just the thing you need to spice up your game. 

Here are 10 dares for guys over text:

36. Tell Your Crush You Like Them Over Text. Screenshot The Conversation.

Ouch. Are you sure they are ready for this? 

37. Use A Picture Of Me As Your Phone Background For Three Days.

And it has to be a funny picture, too!

38. Call Someone And Confess Your New Love Of Justin Beiber.

If they are your true friend, they should accept and like you for who you are, right? 

39. Do A Sexy Dance With Just One Leg.

Let’s see those moves!

40. Write A Status On Facebook Praising Me.

Feel free to check out my resume for inspiration. 

41. Write A Break-Up Text Message And Send It To Someone Random In Your Contacts. Take A Screenshot For Proof.

Just be sure to text them back afterward and explain what’s going on. You don’t want to give anyone a heart attack!

42. Send Me A Picture Of Your First Crush.

High school yearbook pictures count too. 

43. Write My Name On Your Chest And Send Me The Picture.

You get bonus points if you also draw a little heart pierced by an arrow. 

44. Text Someone Random A Bad Joke.

The cornier the joke, the better. 

45. Eat A Handful Of Dry Noodles.

If you are into crunchy food, they shouldn’t taste too bad.

Downloadable And Printable List Of Dares Over Text

Here is a downloadable and printable list of dares over text (right click the image and select Save Image As…):

More Awesome Ways To Pass The Time

Truth or dare isn’t the only great way to keep yourself entertained while you’re at home or at work. You can always try out any of these other awesome ways to pass the time:

  1. Full of simple games and one-liners, check out this list of quick ice breakers.
  2. Fun icebreaker games are an amazing way to take the pressure of conversation off of yourself.
  3. Icebreakers for small groups work just as well at a party as they do in public places or clubs

How To Pick The Best Dares Over Text

There’s a lot of dares here to choose from — so how can you know that you’re picking out the best one for each situation? Simple. Just follow these three easy steps.

Here is how to pick the best dares over text:

1. Know Your Audience To Build Rapport

Gauging your dare texts to the person you’re sending them to is the most important step you can take. How well do you know this person? There’s a fine line between funny and flirty, or rude and sleazy — so if you don’t know this person well, stick with softball questions to build some rapport.

2. Make Sure You Can Get Proof

What good is sending a dare over text if there’s no way to see the person act it out? Always choose texts and dares that can be captured in picture, video, or sound, or else you’ll both quickly lose interest in continuing to play.

3. Don’t Be Too Aggressive

You probably already know that text messages lack a lot of the usual warmth of an in-person conversation, including subtle clues that can make a big difference in how things are received. Even if you know the recipient of your dares very well, it’s best to err on the side of caution when sending them over text.

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