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Second date ideas

1. Take them to one of your favorite places

You should never take someone to your favorite place on the first date as there are many things that can wrong and you can actually ruin your favorite place as well. But by the time its second date, you can take the risk and show them what you like.
Another perk of taking them to your favorite spot is that you will be much more comfortable there and you can fully focus on your date without stressing yourself out. You would know the best things about the place (drinks or food in case of a bar or restaurant!) So you don’t waste your time figuring out about the place and both of you can have plenty of time to know each other.
Lastly, you would know if they are like you or have the same taste as yours, by whether or not they like your favorite spot!

2. Take a long walk together

This would be one of the best ideas for a second date and everyone should try this one. See the thing is when you take a long walk together, you get to know each other more. Taking a walk together will give you a chance to communicate and share many things with your date.
Furthermore, this will also eliminate the pressure of sitting still somewhere and making eye contact constantly. So if you are someone who finds making eye contact hard or being in at a fixed place makes you uncomfortable, then try taking a walk with your date. It’s one of the best low-key second date ideas.

3. Go on a ferry boat ride

If you are one of that hopelessly romantic person and you think that your date is one of them too, then you should consider a Ferry Boat ride for your second date. you have to agree with us that there something very romantic about the ferry boats.
So if you live somewhere where you can take the ferry rides or hire one for a day then go for it. It is going to be very romantic. Although it might cost more, so consider that factor as well. Overall being one a ferry boat will definitely make them feel more romantic and open up about themselves. Lastly, you would enjoy being surrounded by the water, you can even try to plan a cruise dinner as well.

4. Make a meal together

If you enjoy cooking then you can go for making a meal together as your second date. Here you can invite them to your house to make a meal or you can go to a cooking class as well. It may sound very simple but its a lot of fun and you two will do together something and get to know each other as well. Making a meal together will be a nice idea to bond and at last, you can also have a decent conversation while eating the food (if it’s good).

5. Meet at the happy hours after work

It’s okay to lot have a full-fledged dinner on your second date and sometimes it’s nice to just have a few moments with each other and have a light meeting as well. So grab a drink or some snacks at the happy hour’s menu which is available at most of the bars. You can chat a bit and get to each other more.

6. Go to a karaoke bar

If you are someone who likes to be crazy and love to do something fun then going for a karaoke bar seems a nice idea as well. You might have skipped this idea for the first date idea as you didn’t want to be too crazy but for a second date, this seems like a perfect idea.
This would be a lot of fun as you can know how goofy and fun this person is. And you don’t necessarily have to stand up and sing in front of everyone, as you can grab a booth, order some food and watch the free entertainment with your date.

7. Go for a food truck dinner

You might wanna impress them by going for a fancy date in at a nice diner for your first date but you just wanna have some fun and nice food for your second date. And for that, the food truck seems like a nice idea.
Although you need to be comfortable eating the food in public, and without any sophisticated dining area as well. But this will be fun too, and if you like it already then this should be your second date idea as well.

8. Go to the museums

Museums aren’t as boring as you might think, and some times they are a great spot for a date as well. This might be a good idea for a first date as well but since you ate looking for a second date idea, there isn’t any reason why shouldn’t go for it. There will be good lighting and lots of art that you can see and comment about as well. It will be anything but boring so ask them out for a museum date.

9. Make a bonfire

Is there anything more romantic than a bonfire? We all enjoy a bonfire and especially when we have someone with us. So if you want your second date more special then go for making a bonfire and invite your date. You can just sit around and talk as long as you want. There can be a nice wine and food if you like. So if you want to enjoy each other’s company and have a cozy date then bonfire should be your first option.

10. Do a fun activity together

If you like anything sporty then invite your date to join you. You will have a good time together and there would be a lot of fun as well. The activity can be anything such as horse riding, swimming, rock climbing, etc. Anything that you enjoy already and which they are capable of doing.

11. Go for a long drive

This might be a bit risky as people avoid the long drives at the initial dates, but if you have a good connection with your date already then don’t afraid to ask them to go for a long drive. And if they say yes, then you can have plenty of good time together. Plan the long drive on the weekend and make sure you know the popular stops to have nice food. And don’t forget the playlist either.

12. Watch movie

This might be a cliche but it’s still very appreciated so go ahead and find a good movie that you both will like. You can invite them to your home to watch a movie or you can go to a theater as well.
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