Cute Date Ideas – 86 Delightful Ways 2021

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sparrow jack March 26, 2021
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Here are the 6 best cute date ideas:


1. Enjoy A Candlelight Dinner Together At Your Home Or Apartment. Dress Up!

Dressing up inside your home makes the date a whole lot cuter than it already is.

2. Visit An Odd, Unusual Or Quirky Tourist Attraction Together.

You learn something new… and odd every day.

3. Go Stargazing.

Make it more fun by naming all the stars you see.

Cute Date Ideas – 86 Delightful Ways 2021


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4. Have A Spa Night.

Self-care, am I right? Nothing makes a date better than getting the much-deserved rest for you and your date.

5. Go Grocery Shopping Together.

Who says grocery shopping should be a chore? Doing it with your date makes it fun!

6. Ride A Hot Air Balloon.

Let’s hope your date isn’t afraid of heights.

5 Cute And Fun Date Idea

We all want to have the most fun when we’re on dates. How much fun you have on your date depends a lot on how well you can come up with the right fun date ideas. If you want maximum fun, then you’re looking at the right list.

Here are 5 cute and fun date ideas:

7. Buy An Inexpensive Face Painting Kit And Paint Each Others’ Faces.

You can make it a contest. Whoever makes the funnier face paint wins.

8. Go Ziplining.

Feel the air in your skin. And feel your date’s hand on yours.

9. Have A Water Gun/Balloon Fight.

Make sure you tell your date to get ready to get wet.

10. Try On Ridiculous Clothing/Outfits You Would Never Normally Wear.

Mix and match! It’s more fun if you wear your outfits outside.

11. See A Comedy Show.

What can be more fun than laughing at your heart’s content?

5 Cute Free Date Ideas

Let’s admit it, dates can be scary because you know you’ll have to empty your pocket. Good thing there are some free date ideas, and you don’t have to sacrifice anything because even though these ideas are free, they’re still fun and cute!

Here are 5 cute free date ideas:

12. Go To A Playground

It’s free and makes you feel like a kid again!

13. Have A Photoshoot

It’s more fun if you follow a certain theme. You can even turn this into a regular thing.

14. Watch Fireworks

Make sure you make your date feel fireworks deep inside, too.

15. Fly A Kite

How high can you go?

16. Have A Sandcastle Competition

Who can make a better kingdom?

6 Cute Winter Date Ideas

Everytime winter’s here, you crave so much to be warm. What if I told you that these winter date ideas are bound to make you feel warm inside and out?

Here are 6 cute winter date ideas:

17. Build A Campfire Together And Enjoy Sitting By It And Talking. Roast Marshmallow Or Hot Dogs.

Nothing better than keeping you and your date warm, and with food, too!

18. Build A Snowman

Make your own Olaf!

19. Have A Hot Chocolate Competition

Winter isn’t complete without hot chocolate, but the question is, who’s hot chocolate is better?

20. Build A Fort

Make it extra cozy.

21. Go Holiday Shopping

What’s better than shopping? Holiday shopping.

22. Go On A Winter Hike

Make sure you do extra preparations for it to go as smoothly as possible.

4 Cute And Creative Date Ideas

Your date will appreciate you more if she knows that you can come up with creative date ideas that are still romantic and cute. Being able to think out of the box is just attractive in its own way.

Here are 4 cute and creative date ideas:

23. Give An Old Piece Of Furniture A Makeover.

Maybe you can turn this into your joint business?

24. Spend The Night At An Arcade

See who can get the most cumulative high scores.

25. Play Pub Trivia

Get your stock knowledge ready!

26. Explore Each Other’s College School

It’s a great and unique way to learn more about your date.

5 Cute At Home Date Ideas

Going on a cute and fun date doesn’t have to be done outside. Sometimes, the best dates happen at home. These at home date ideas will prove my point.

Here are 5 cute at home date ideas:

27. Enjoy A Board Game Night.

Who can we call the board game master?

28. Make A Fun New Recipe.

The very rare times it’s acceptable to play with your food.

29. Learn About Your Family Trees

A deeper look into someone? What could be better?

30. Listen To Spooky Old-Time Radio Show

Let’s hope you don’t get spooked too much.

31. Turn Your Bedroom Into A Fancy Hotel Room

Complete with the expensive and exquisite services and all.

6 Cute Cheap Date Ideas

Who says a cute date needs to be grand and expensive? The best cute dates are those where you don’t spend a fortune. Just some cheap date ideas and genuine interest and happiness with your date is all you need.

Here are 6 cute cheap date ideas:

32. Make Popcorn And Hot Cocoa And Work On A Puzzle Together.

Sometimes, the best dates are the simplest ones.

33. Try A New Food Truck

You can even try food truck hopping. You’ll be sure to be full after a food-filled day.

34. Write To Each Other Love Letters

Let’s get back to the basics.

35. Buy A Lottery Ticket

It might just be your lucky day.

36. Look For A Spectacular View (I.E City Lights)

Suggest this date and then say that your date is the spectacular view.

37. Participate In A Community Event As A Volunteer

Going on a date and doing a good deed? Hitting two birds with one stone? Those are the best kinds of dates.

6 Cute But Also Cool Date Ideas

Did you know that a cute date can be a cool date? Amazing, right? Be cute with your date, but also look and feel cool at the same time with these cool date ideas. Your date would be amazed at your potential.

Here are 6 cute but also cool date ideas:

38. Go For A Bike Ride Together.

Oh, the places you’ll go. And you’re doing a good deed for the environment.

39. Visit A Historic Or Beautiful Cemetery Together.

It’s great to learn more about the places around you.

40. Rent A Skateboard Or Longboard And Give It A Go.

You don’t need to be good at it!

41. Hit Up A Protest Together.

Go for a cause you believe in for added fun. Although going with a cause you don’t believe in could be interesting, too.

42. Go On A Ghost Tour

Do this only if you’re really up for it.

43. Check Out A Nearby Aquarium

Different kinds of fishes are a spectacular view.

5 Cute Unique Date Ideas

Stand out from all the dates your date has even been to with some unique date ideas. You don’t always have to go the common path. Going to a cute and unique date will give your date the impression that you give a great effort for them.

Here are 5 cute unique date ideas:

44. Go Chalking—Draw Weird Pictures And Funny Or Encouraging Messages On The Sidewalk With Chalk.

It might be good to watch what people’s reactions to your chalk art will be.

45. Put Together Unusual Outfits From A Thrift Store And Go Out While “In Character.”

Pay every time you break character!

46. Go Donate Blood Together.

Knowing you’re qualified to donate blood is a great feeling. You may just be able to save someone’s life.

47. Go To A Plant Nursery And Buy Some Starter Plants To Grow A Lil Garden Together.

You might have a green thumb!

48. Go To A Pottery Class.

It’s always fun to learn something new.

5 Cute Late Night Date Ideas

There’s just something about the late-night that makes it more calming and fun than the day. That’s the perfect time to have cute dates because there’s less pressure. These late night date ideas will give you more fun at night!

Here are 5 cute late night date ideas:

49. Stay Up All Night Talking

Although you may feel extra sleepy and tired the day after, staying up late to talk with someone is rewarding and a good kind of feeling.

50. Watch A Class Movie Neither Of You Has Ever Seen

Not knowing what’s going to happen makes everything more fun. No spoilers ahead!

51. Go Night-Swimming

Swimming, but make it night. It’s more fun!

52. Tell Each Other Ghost Stories

Expect some… vivid dreams.

53. Try Some Glow In The Dark Body Painting

Get creative with what you’ll paint!

5 Cute Romantic Date Ideas

Being cute doesn’t have to sacrifice being romantic. These cute and romantic date ideas will make your partner swoon even though everything’s too adorable.

Here are 5 cute romantic date ideas:

54. Watch The Sunset.

Nothing more romantic than that.

55. Make Each Other Playlists And Go On An Aimless Drive.

They say the songs you dedicate to someone speak volumes about what you think about them.

56. Ask Them About Their Dream Date, Then Surprise Them With It.

Make sure you ask in the most subtle way possible, so as to avoid any suspicions.

57. Dance Under The Moonlight

Just like in movies. This will definitely make her swoon.

58. Go To A Concert She’d Been Waiting For And Sing Her The Lyrics Of Her Favorite Song Of Them

Everyone enjoys concerts of their favorites! This won’t go wrong at all.

4 Cute First Date Ideas

If you’re on your first date, cute dates will do wonders for you by lessening the pressure. These first date ideas will help you so much because now you have less things to think about.

Here are 4 cute first date ideas:

59. Attend A Play Or Musical Event Together.

Let your date choose what musical or play to watch. You might just find yourself with a new favorite.

60. Visit An Amusement Park Together.

It’s a first date classic.

61. Escape An Escape Room

I’m sure getting locked up with your date isn’t that bad.

62. Go Dessert Hunting

The best things in life are sweet.

4 Cute Second Date Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to be thinking about second date ideas, then you have to make sure you go for the right ideas. Your second date is just as important as your first, so choose a cute date that will make you both feel at ease.

Here are 4 cute second date ideas:

63. Take A Bunch Of Personality Quizzes.

Personality quizzes are fun! You’ll even know more about your date with these quizzes. Although not all quizzes are accurate.

64. Do An Open Mic Night

Prepare your spoken poetry for this special night.

65. Check Out A Renaissance Fair

Know what it’s like to live during the renaissance.

66. Play Mini-Golf

Mini golf as a date is another classic. It’s fun and cute, and never fails to lighten up the mood.

4 Cute 3rd Date Ideas

The third date is where you’ll have more idea of your future with your date. You would want your 3rd date ideas to be those where you can see your date comfortable. You want to know more about them to know if the relationship will work out.

Here are 4 cute 3rd date ideas:

67. Play Truth Or Dare.

How adventurous is your date? How much information can you get out of her? Truth or dare is a classic!

68. Take A Moment For Tai Chi.

It’s a fun and unique date idea, and it helps enhance our physical and mental health!

69. Write To Each Other Poetry.

You don’t have to be a wordsmith. Just say what you feel.

70. Get A Couples Tarot Reading.

Whether you believe it or not, it’s something fun to explore.

6 Cute Date Ideas For Couples

If you’re already a couple, you probably have some problems in coming up with date ideas for couples, especially the cute ones. Not to worry, because we’ve got you covered. These ideas are so cute, you’ll be feeling like you’re on your first date.

Here are 6 cute date ideas for couples:

71. Make Pizza Together.

Who doesn’t love pizza? Anything that involves pizza is a good thing to do.

72. Video Game Marathon

Don’t be too competitive. Just have fun!

73. Plan Your Future

Looking ahead and thinking about the things that you will be able to do is very fun and motivating.

74. Visit Each Other’s Hometown

Look deeper into your partner. You’ll learn so much just by visiting their hometown. Give each other a tour.

75. Binge Watch A New TV Series

Make sure you never watch the next episode without your partner.

76. Start A New Tradition Together

It can be anything you want to do! Go as simple or as crazy.

6 Cute Anniversary Date Ideas

For your anniversary, you deserve nothing but only cute anniversary date ideas. Relive and rekindle your love for each other with dates that could never go wrong.

Here are 6 cute anniversary date ideas:

77. Revisit Your First Date Spot

Nothing better than looking back at where everything started and where you are now.

78. Make Bets On A Game

Be creative with your bets and make the most out of it.

79. Go On A Coffee Date

Simple, but never fails.

80. Take A Cake Decorating Class

Maybe for your next anniversary, you can bake each other cakes.

81. Create A Scrapbook Containing All Your Moments Together

Looking back and immortalizing those memories. What fun.

82. Hire A Professional For Your Themed-Anniversary Photoshoot

The crazier the theme, the better! Make sure you take your theme seriously.

4 Cute Double Date Ideas

Double dates are twice the fun! It’s just right you give some effort into choosing the right date ideas. These cute double date ideas will make any double date feel more natural and enjoyable.

Here are 4 cute double date ideas:

83. Sing Karaoke

What a better way to enjoy great company by singing about it in front of other people?

84. Have A Poker Night

Practice your poker face ahead of time.

85. Find The Best Ice Cream In Your Area

Whoever can find the best one wins something!

86. Play Ultimate Frisbee

Get your sports outfits ready, and practice ahead of time. Unleash the competitive spirit in you!

Downloadable List Of Cute Date Ideas

Here is a downloadable list of cute date ideas (right-click the image and select Save Image As…):

More Awesome Date Ideas

Having a long list of ideas can’t hurt. When you need it, you just have one in your mind. That’s why we’ve got more date ideas to help you improve your dating game.

  1. Your wife’s birthday is coming up and you’re not prepared at all? See how well you can turn it around with these birthday ideas for wife.
  2. Dinner can get boring if you always know what to expect. Be fun and unexpected with these unique dinner ideas.
  3. Romance is an important part of any relationship. Show how much she meant to you by reading these romantic things to do for your girlfriend.

How To Pick The Best Cute Date Ideas

There are so many ideas to choose from! It’s both a blessing and a problem. It’s a blessing because you will never run out of ideas, but on the other hand, you don’t know what to choose because of the endless choices. Lucky for you, we’ve going to tell you three things that you should consider so that you can pick the best cute date ideas.

Here is how to pick the best cute date ideas:

1. Nth Date

Is this your first date? Second date? Or the 35th? You can’t bring your date to something that might make her feel uncomfortable if you’re going on a first date. If you’ve been dating for a long time already, then it would be easier to pick the dates where more adventure is involved. Consider this when choosing the right date ideas.

2. Budget

You can’t go to an expensive restaurant if you don’t have the budget for it. But, don’t worry, if you don’t have that much budget, it’s not a bad thing. There are many date ideas you can opt for if you’re on a tight budget. It doesn’t mean they’ll be less fun, though. Choose the date wisely by considering your budget as a deciding factor.

3. Your Date

Think about who you’re going on a date with. This is the ultimate deciding factor. If your date likes adventure, then you should go for dates that are more on the adventurous side. If your date doesn’t like being in crowded places, then maybe at home dates would work. Choose the right date based on your date’s personality.

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