82 Best Awesome Compliments 2021

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Here are the 23 best compliments:


1. I Bet You Make Babies Smile.

You’re recognizing the positivity that shines out of this person.

2. You Have Impeccable Manners.

Good manners are the ultimate form of courtesy and consideration of others.

3. You Are The Most Perfect You There Is.

We all worry that others won’t like who we are at our core. We all benefit from the assurance that being ourselves is enough.

4. Your Perspective Is Refreshing.

This is a powerful affirmation for a person who is brave enough to share their ideas, even if they might be unpopular at first.

82 Best Awesome Compliments 2021

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5. You Should Be Proud Of Yourself.

You’re letting your loved one know that their accomplishment is worthy.

6. You’re More Helpful Than You Realize.

This is a great one to reassure our friends that they are appreciated even beyond what they are aware of.

7. You’ve Got All The Right Moves!

This is a great all-around affirmation and it can cover anything from steps taken in a procedure to dance steps.

8. Your Kindness Is A Balm To All Who Encounter It.

We totally encourage you to embrace your poetic side, especially in texts and writing.

9. You’re Even More Beautiful On The Inside Than You Are On The Outside.

During a time when many of us fear being seen only for what’s on the surface, it is especially valuable to let others know that you perceive what may go unspoken and unseen by others.

10. When You’re Not Afraid To Be Yourself Is When You’re Most Incredible.

It helps when we all encourage each other to be our honest, authentic selves. Fear and insecurity can cloud any endeavor, and we can all benefit from affirming each other that we are enough.

11. If You Were A Box Of Crayons, You’d Be The Giant Name-Brand One With The Built-In Sharpener.

Try on some metaphorical humor to express your compliment words and produce a smile.

12. You’re A Candle In The Darkness.

This one’s deep. It gets the most mileage in writing where it can be read over and over again in times of self-doubt.

13. Actions Speak Louder Than Words, And Yours Tell An Incredible Story.

You’re saying that you are moved by your awareness of another’s courage and tenacity.

14. In High School, I Bet You Were Voted “Most Likely To Keep Being Awesome.”

That’s a funny all-around good compliment that says: “You’re great now and I bet you’ve been great since forever.”

15. You’re Really Something Special.

The word “special” is boundless in its depth.

16. Babies And Small Animals Probably Love You.

The thing about babies and small animals is that they are symbolic of raw honesty and ultimate truth.

17. If Cartoon Bluebirds Were Real, A Couple Of ’Em Would Be Sitting On Your Shoulders Singing Right Now.

This is a humorous way to say that another exudes positivity.

18. You’re More Fun Than A Ball Pit Filled With Candy.

Ball pits, candy, and Disney World are universal metaphors for fun and unfettered happiness.

19. You Always Know How To Find That Silver Lining.

Idioms for positivity never fail to add color and creativity to your words.

20. You’re More Fun Than Bubble Wrap.

Metaphors as compliments are great for adding character to your compliment words. What other metaphors for fun can you think of? Waterslides? Zip lines? Ice cream cones?

21. How Do You Keep Being So Funny And Making Everyone Laugh?

A general awed “How do you do (x)?” is a consistent way to say, “I’m impressed!

22. You Have The Courage Of Your Convictions.

We love this one because it recognizes the value in another’s honesty, authenticity, and integrity. Speaking our truth is hard. It will always be. We can all use all the support and encouragement we can get to keep being strong in our beliefs no matter how vulnerable we may feel when we fight for them, especially in the face of opposition.

23. You Are Making A Difference.

You are letting your loved one know that their actions, thoughts, insights, and presence matter to you, and to everyone around you.

18 Best Compliments For Girls

Letting your girl know you love her in every way imaginable is key to keeping your relationship dynamic and evolving. Compliments for girls can begin quite simply. To tell her she’s beautiful is a no-brainer. However, you’ll want to level up as far as how you See her not just from your body, mind, and heart, but from the depths of your soul. Even the atheists out there who may or may not believe in “the soul” per say can benefit from creating good praises from the deepest place possible because this isn’t at all just about affirming the other person in question or putting you in good favor with them:

In expanding the ways you appreciate and express your gratitude for a loved one, you are expanding the depth of your own self-awareness of what you find worthy and valuable. The more positivity you exude, the more positivity will find you.

Here are 18 sweet compliments to say to a girl:

24. You’re That “Nothing” When People Ask Me What I’m Thinking About.

We all say “nothing” when we really mean we are intently focused on the person in our lives whose presence sometimes feels to vast for words.

25. You’re A Gift To Those Around You.

You love not only what she offers you but what she offers others. You are unselfish in your appreciation of her presence.

26. You Are Astoundingly Gorgeous And That’s The Least Interesting Thing About You.

This is one way to say you can hardly put into words all of the wonder and inspiration that she makes you feel.

27. Your One Smile Can Make My Day.

You’re letting her know she doesn’t have to try too hard to completely transform your day.

28. You Are So Wise.

The thing about wisdom is that it goes vastly beyond street smarts and book smarts. It speaks of the ability to self-teach from all manner of experiences.

29. You’re Perceptive.

You’re letting her know that you know that she reads between the lines and that there are lines of communication going on between you two that are hidden from the world.

30. You’re A Brilliant Listener.

Listening is highly underrated in this day and age. Few people actually listen with total presence. Let her know how much you appreciate her talent for this lost art. Add the word brilliant to let her know you know she’s critically thinking about what she receives.

31. You Are Very Good At Seeing The Best In People, Even When Everyone Else Sees The Worst.

A person who can turn water into wine and rocks into gold when everyone else is complaining about scarcity is a gift to the world indeed. This is such a supportive thing to hear from another; remembering where this streak of courage was seen can be fuel for a particularly difficult day.

32. You’re The Person Everyone Wants On Their Team.

Her positive traits are universal in their appeal.

33. If I Threw Something At You With No Warning, I Bet You’d Catch It.

You’re saying that you see that she has the flexibility and ability to handle anything the world might throw at her.

34. You Have An Adventurous Spirit.

You’re saying you love her daring, spontaneous openness to everything the world offers.

35. You Embody All The Best Qualities Of Each Hogwarts House, Rolled Into One.

Although this may sound like just a cute, nerdy Potter reference, this one is actually quite powerful: You’re saying she’s a perfect balance of yin and yang, capable of deep empathy across any spectrum.

36. I Always Learn So Much From You.

There is no greater relationship than one in which both members are eager to learn from the other.

37. Talking To You Is So Refreshing. I’m Happy That We Can Communicate Like This All The Time.

You’re specifically saying that you appreciate the openness of communication that the two of you have established. You’re letting her know you feel supported in your connection and encourage the same.

38. That Is An Excellent Choice. I’m Glad You Picked That.

Actively supporting your girl’s choices and other things she has active control over can go a lot further than complimenting static qualities like her height or eye color.

39. You’re A Strong (Sweet/Optimistic/Practical, Etc.) Woman. Never Change That About You.

Although people change over time, our core values stay the same.

40. Every Guy In This Room Has Been Staring At You.

You are letting her know that you feel lucky that she chose you out of lots of stiff competition.

41. There’s Just Something About You…

There comes a point where our love, appreciation, and gratitude for our partners becomes totally intangible and bigger than what fits into words. In these cases, it’s the tone of your voice that conveys the fullness of your heart.

23 Best Compliments For Men

Cultivating our relationships with our brothers is just as important as that of our family members, romantic partners, and work associates. Knowing how to give compliments for men is vital. Sometimes really letting our guy friends know we appreciate them is the most difficult challenge of all!

Here are 23 compliments for guys:

42. You Always Know When To Lend A Hand.

It takes insight to know when and how to step in and when to stand back and let others have their turn. Not only are you expressing thanks for the help, you’re recognizing another man’s intuition.

43. You’re A Savvy Problem-Solver.

Critical thinking is one of humanity’s most valuable assets.

44. I Love Your Enthusiasm.

You’re letting him know that you appreciate his positive energy and the support you feel because of it.

45. I Appreciate Your Trust.

Trust is difficult. It is rare. It should be recognized and cherished wherever it is had.

46. You’ve Got A Killer Work Ethic.

In a world where proactivity, ambition, and diligence are some of the most coveted qualities, these words go a long way.

47. Your Positive Attitude Is Infectious.

You’re letting him know that his mindset is inspiring your own.

48. I Love Your Ideas.

It’s a liberating self-exercise to let a peer know there’s something about them you absolutely love. Great ideas are universally awesome. Let him know you love what he’s bringing to the table.

49. You’re Great At Taking Initiative.

Here’s another intrinsically masculine value to recognize in another dude.

50. Thank You For Being So Flexible.

Flexibility is an underrated value that really needs to be more widely recognized! Flexibility is all about being adaptable. Adaptability shows balance and empathy.

51. You Have A Mind For Detail.

You appreciate that he is being present for the process and seeing what others might overlook.

52. You Really Know How To Treat A Woman.

You are openly admiring your comrade’s ability to communicate effectively with the finer sex. You are recognizing him as the epitome of the cisgender masculine ideal.

53. You Always Know Exactly What To Say.

You appreciate how your buddy has spoken with honesty and integrity.

54. Is There Anything You CAN’T Do?

You are in awe of his talents.

55. You Look Really Good In That Suit.

As a society, we’ve got to eradicate the idea that men can’t take just as much benefit and pleasure in cultivating a sense of style as women do. A fashionably confident man is eye candy for everyone. Let your brothers know that their efforts are both appreciated and inspiring.

56. Your Outlook On Life Is Amazing.

This is another powerful one. You’re recognizing the entirety of your friend’s mindset and the diligence and self-care required to maintain such positivity in the face of challenges.

57. You’re An Awesome Friend.

You can never go wrong with thanking you for the high quality of the friendship he offers you.

58. Everything Would Be Better If More People Were Like You!

You are recognizing that people like him are few and far between.

59. You Were Cool Way Before Hipsters Were Cool.

Add a funny, ironic comparison in there for emphasis.

60. Hanging Out With You Is Always A Blast.

You are grateful for the time you have spent together.

61. Everyone Gets Knocked Down Sometimes, But You Always Get Back Up And Keep Going.

His resilience is inspiring and it encourages you to approach your life in the same way.

62. When You Make Up Your Mind About Something, Nothing Stands In Your Way.

To recognize when another never gives up on their dreams is the stuff of legends.

63. You Seem To Really Know Who You Are.

As simple as it sounds, this is one of the highest compliment imaginable.

64. There’s Ordinary, And Then There’s You.

He’s extraordinary and you’re not afraid to say it, except that it sounds cooler this way– like it could have been a jest, which honors your familiarity.

18 Best Funny Compliments

Creativity and humor heighten any friendship or relationship. Depending on our level of self-confidence as teens, some of us don’t fully come into our unique sense of humor until later in life.

Funny compliments can be great for establishing connections with others. They make others want more of you. Their positive responses to your humor can really bolster your social confidence.

Here are the 18 best funny compliments:

65. Even If You Were Cloned, You’d Still Be One Of A Kind. And The Better-Looking One.

Not only are you unique, you’re the most special of the unique.

66. You’re Smarter Than Google And Mary Poppins Combined.

Take two archetypally smart forces and still, you’re tops.

67. Your Face Makes Other People Ugly.

You’re so good looking that nobody else can be gorgeous so long as you are.

The idea of standing at the altar with a slice of pizza carries this one far.

69. You Are More Unique And Wonderful Than The Smell Of A New Book.

The smell of industrial ink on fresh paper is a gloriously nerdy euphemism for awesome.

70. You Are So Beautiful I Would Certainly Steal Your Photos, Make A Fake Account And Impress People Online.

You’re iconically hot.

71. Looking Like A Complete Idiot With You Is Really Fun.

You’re so amazing that it almost makes me feel insecure, except that I’m so busy having a blast with you.

72. I Would Hang Out With You Even If You Hadn’t Showered For A Couple Days.

You’re perfect at your worst and smelliest.

73. You’re One Of My Favorite Drunken Karaoke Partners.

I can be myself around you and I love that you feel like you can be yourself around me.

74. You Have Really Good Taste In Friends (I.E. Me).

A little bit of sassiness in your words works.

75. I Would Go On An 18-Hour Road Trip With You, I Like You That Much.

To spend that much time with anyone really shows how much you like them.

76. You Know, You’re Almost As Wonderful As Pizza. Almost.

There’s nothing more loving than a compliment disguised as a non-compliment because it affirms two levels of communication between you where you can say one thing and mean another.

77. You’re Like The Human Form Of Sweatpants… Because I’m So Comfortable With You.

There’s not a more accurate metaphor for comfortable than sweatpants.

78. Luckily, You’re Not A Drug, Because I Would Be A Nasty Addict And You’d Have To Pay For Rehab.

Jokingly making non-literal demands of your loved one is another way to deepen a connection.

79. Polar Bears And Penguins Should Fear Your Cuteness.

You’re cuter than the cutest animals on record.

80. Your Eyes Are So Fierce, It’s Like I’m Looking At Beyoncé Strut.

You can’t go wrong when using Beyoncé as a metaphor for confidence.

81. You Are Not Someone I Pretend To Not See In Public.

You’re a shameless fanboy when they’re around.

82. Compared To What I Would Do For You, The Legend Of Zelda Is Just Child’s Play.

Here’s one for the gamers. The Legend of Zelda refers to going to the ends of the earth for another.

Downloadable And Printable List Of Compliments

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of compliments (right-click the image and select Save Image As…):

More Steps To Get The Girl

Learning how to deeply connect to women is a powerful rite of passage for every man. To fit traditionally masculine social ideals, a lot of us had to give up the softer side of ourselves early on. Courtship reawakens it. Learning how to be balanced, confident men through dating, romance, long-term partnerships, and marriages is the ultimate journey in personal development.

Here are some resources that are sure to help you along the way:

  1. Learning how to compliment a girl will take your verbal confidence to new heights.
  2. When you’re dating, you’ll want to make the best of every opportunity: Learning how to talk to girls in any situation will be key.
  3. In addition to this list, you’ll want to use your words to stay connected to her: Knowing some sweet things to say to a girl can definitely improve the quality of your connection.

How To Give Compliments

Alright guys, you’ve got to really listen carefully now. It’s very important that you know how to use our compliment lists correctly.

Here is everything you need to know:

1. Nobody Likes Fake People

You can give all the praises in the world, but if they’re not given with honesty and sincerity, your efforts can really backfire and put you in a really negative light. It must come from the heart. You’ve got to mean them, and genuinely wish good vibes and encouraging thoughts.

2. Think About The Kind Of Relationship

Sometimes you’ll need to think about the kind of relationship you have with the person you’re complimenting. Like your work colleagues might be more comfortable receiving praises about their professional performance than about their appearance or personal lives. However, if you’ve hung out a couple of times outside of work, more personal appreciation might be just fine.

3. Create A Positive Social Atmosphere

One powerful way to create an especially positive social atmosphere is to compliment a person while addressing others whom he or she respects. Example: You, Sophie and Adam are gathered for a chat by the water cooler. You turn to Adam and tell him that “Sophie is one of the most tenacious, hardworking people you know and anyone would be lucky to work with her.” Then turn to Sophie and thank her being such an inspiring colleague. Boom! Sophie feels seen and appreciated by not only you, but Adam and anyone else within earshot.

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