24 Best Smokeless Grills – Grill food anytime 2021

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sparrow jack March 24, 2021
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Here are the 10 best smokeless grills:

1. Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill

This 1500 watt grill is perfect for grilling indoors. It’s thin and elegant. And at $43, completely affordable.

2. Foggo Grill Smokeless Portable Grill

The Foggo is aptly named. A battery powered fan distributes airflow evenly around the grill, ensuring there are no hot spots that form from a poorly constructed heat source.

24 Best Smokeless Grills – Grill food anytime 2021

3. COSTWAY Smoke-Less Infrared Grill

Now, I’m not a scientist, but I know infrared technology sounds impressive. This grill purports to produce 80% less smoke than a typical indoor grill. So, maybe you won’t have to turn on the exhaust fan over the oven. Classy.

4. George Foreman Rapid Grill Series

The granddaddy of indoor grilling, the latest entry in the Foreman line is still a lean, mean, fat reducing, machine.

5. COSTWAY 1500W Smokeless Electric Grill

Costway’s 1500 watt panini press does a lot more than toast a sandwich. This indoor grill is a strong contender for the best indoor smokeless grill.

6. Lotus Grill

The Lotus grill is a work of art. Granted, it’s a charcoal grill, so you’ll need to use it outside, but the outer shell stays stone cold, so you can handle it with ease.

7. Charles Oakley Hot Shot Smokeless Grill

The Hot Shot is excellent. It’s a sleek indoor grill that is easy to store in even the most modest of man dwellings. At 20″ by 15″ its diminutive size won’t slow your food prep down in the least bit.

8. Best Choice Charcoal BBQ Grill

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear Apple designed this grill. It is designed such that any fats or oils dripping from your food don’t hit the coals and produce smoke. That’s kind of amazing.

9. MegaChef Smokeless Grill

The MegaChef grill has a glass cover that creates an oven effect to preserve flavor. It also has the added benefit of keeping any spray or splatter within the grilling surface. This reduces smoke and any overall mess.

10. ZLH-Outdoor Charcoal Grill

The ZLH keeps the charcoal burning in a completely separate chamber, so the heat imparted to the food is indirect. This means that there is very little smoke and any food debris is kept off your heat source.

10 Best Smokeless Indoor Grill

There’s something very Don Draper about grilling in the great outdoors. Be that your own backyard, the beach, the park, or anywhere with enough fresh air to make it worthwhile.

But sometimes, you just need to grill indoors. Michigan in the middle of winter for example. I’m not judging your decision to live in Michigan, I’m just saying, we’ve got some of the best smokeless indoor grills outlined here as well.

You’re welcome.

Here are the 10 best smokeless indoor grills: 

11. New House Kitchen Electric Smokeless Indoor

A 1200 watt system drives the New House electric grill. Why only 1200 watts? Two words, longevity, and durability. You’ll have this grill in your stable of kitchen appliances for the long haul.

12. Chefman Grill With Infrared Instant Heating

Another entry in the infrared grill category, the Chefman grill produces almost zero smoke. That is going to make it exceedingly difficult (read: not impossible) to set off your smoke detectors.

13. Hamilton Beach 25361 Electric Indoor Searing Grill

With a closing lid with a viewing window, you’ll know that you’re getting the perfect sear on your meats every time.

14. Power Smokeless Grill With Tempered Glass Lid

With a glass lid and removable ceramic grilling surface, the Power Smokeless Grill is equal parts efficient and easy to clean. Nothing worse than having to clean up after a good grilling session.

15. Philips Smoke-Less Indoor BBQ Grill

The Phillips Smokeless grill is a beast. Clocking in at 1650 watts, you can grill well over 500 degrees fahrenheit. It also boasts a setup time of less than one minute… so you know, if you’re hungry and in a hurry…

16. Chefman Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill

The Chefman electric indoor grill features multiple heat zones. This means you can grill your meats, and your veg at the same time. What a time saver.

17. GOTHAM STEEL Smokeless Electric Grill

The Gotham Steel electric grill is something you might consider having on display at all times. It’s beautiful. Its nonstick ceramic grilling surface ensures that your food is cooked evenly every time. Form and function? Yes, please.

18. VonShef Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill

This 14″ grill actually features a fan below the grilling surface that pulls smoke down and away from your grilling action. It also features an LED touch screen so you can dial in the precise temperature desired.

19. Magic-Mill Electric Smokeless Grill

The Magic-Mill is actually a 2 in 1 grill and griddle. So after a long night of grilling steaks, you can wake up bright and early to throw down some pancake batter. Dinner and breakfast… now that’s a quality date. Thanks Magic-Mill!

20. Techwood Indoor Smokeless Grill

For the purists among us, another induction fan, this time analog-driven, will make sure that your food is cooked without any greasy smoke. Sometimes you really want to taste the food, not the grease, and when that’s the case, Techwood has you covered.

4 Best Smokeless Stove Top Grill

If we’re being honest, and can I be honest for a minute? If we’re grilling indoors, we’ve already got a big giant heat source taking up half the kitchen. Yeah, I’m talking about the stove. Maybe we don’t need another gigantic electric appliance drawing down amp hours.

There are plenty of quality smokeless stove top grills that can take advantage of the appliance you already have at home. Let’s take a deeper dive.

Here are the 4 best smokeless stove top grills: 

21. Kitchen + Home Stove Top Smokeless Grill

Look… it’s $20. You can’t buy a nice cut of meat for $20, but this stove top appliance is going to have your indoor grilling covered.

22. Grill It, The Original Stove Top Grill

This is a decent entry in the stove top grilling category, and its got delicious right in the name. That should count for something.

23. Swissmar KF-77045 Classic 8 Person Raclette With Granite Stone Grill Top

The Swissmar entry in stove top grilling doesn’t actually use the stove’s heat but does utilize its steady perch to deliver a 14″ granite grilling experience. Think of it like grilling on your counter top.

24. Marukyo Stone Stove Top In/Outdoor Grill

This Korean entry utilizes a stone plate that absorbs the oils, fragrances, and aromas of your food to create something akin to outdoor grilling indoors.

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How To Pick The Best Smokeless Grill

There aren’t a lot of wrong ways to grill, but there are certainly ways to ensure you’re getting the best, and most appropriate grilling experience for your unique circumstances. Let’s take a look at some of the most basic questions to make sure you pick the right smokeless grill for you.

Here is how to pick the best smokeless grill:

1. Where Are You?

Basically, this question is asking, are you going to be able to be outside at all? Are you going to be grilling at a tailgate, or in your backyard? If it’s 13 degrees outside, then maybe you’d better off with a smokeless indoor model.

On the other hand, if you’re in planning on doing most of your grilling in Florida or Southern California, maybe a charcoal model that won’t eat up your power bill is the right choice for you.

2. What Are You Cooking?

In order to choose the right grill, especially a smokeless model, you need to know what you’re going to be grilling. If you’re grilling exceedingly lean cuts of meat, or fish, then maybe maximum smoke reduction isn’t your bag. You might be looking for a ceramic top that’s easy to clean.

But if you’re going to be buying really fatty ground beef from the dollar store to grill inside, then, yeah, you’re probably going to prioritize your smoke reduction capabilities.

If you’re just grilling vegetables, and I don’t know why that would be the case, but you do you, then who cares. Make a pros and cons list of your food prep and plan accordingly.

3. Who Are You Cooking For?

Is this for a family? Are you planning to have grilling parties? Do you want to show off your grilling prowess, or are you grilling to get a little “me” time?

Grilling is more than just preparing a meal. For a lot of men, it’s the one time of the day when you can get some alone time, have a zen like experience making some food, and at the end of it all, enjoy a delicious meal.

Just know why you’re grilling. It goes a long way to making sure you get the right grill.

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