52 Best Anniversary Gifts For Parents Because 2021

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sparrow jack March 24, 2021
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Here are the 6 best anniversary gifts for parents:


1. Willow Tree Anniversary, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figurine

Understated and classy… vaguely Amish. This piece of art is evergreen.

2. Greatest Parents Wood Wall Frame Art Plaque

A piece of wall art that reminds them of how awesome they are? Heck yeah. Eat that siblings.

52 Best Anniversary Gifts For Parents Because 2021

3. Lovers Cups Wine Tumbler

Angling and wining are the bedrock of any successful marriage.

4. Personalized Blanket

Remind them to snuggle under the covers.

5. Crystal Seamless Wine Glass Set

Stemless means you need to drink faster to keep the wine cold. Stemless are harder to knock over. Score.

6. Apron Set

Cooking at home is a trend that’s here to stay. Add a little extra snark to the parental kitchen.

4 5th Anniversary Gifts For Parents

Alright guys, admittedly, you’re going to have to step it up from the last time you were thinking about your parents and 5th anniversary gifts in the same sentence. This means anything with popsicle sticks or construction paper isn’t going to cut it.

It doesn’t matter if this is their second go-round or if they were just late to the commitment table,…

Here are 4 5th anniversary gifts for parents:

7. Wooden Hand Carved Egg Wedding Anniversary

An intricately carved wooden testament to harmony and balance.

8. Hand Carved 5 Wood Roses In Vase

Want to stay top of mind with parents? Give them art. It will be forever synonymous with how good a job they did raising you.

9. Wooden Shadow Box

A shadow box is an elegant way to display art. So, this is one of those items you can almost assure will be displayed.

10. Coffee Mug Gag Set

Around year 5 in a marriage the snarky gloves can come off. His and her gift sets like this are a nice touch at the five year mark.

5 20th Anniversary Gifts For Parents

Ah… this is the first big milestone with you as an adult… the 20th anniversary gifts must come with gusto. What used to be known as the porcelain anniversary, probably because you were moving out and their lives were basically down the toilet, has been rebranded as the platinum anniversary. And what do you get for a platinum anniversary?

Here are 5 20th anniversary gifts for parents:

11. Garden Sundial With Message

Because a sundial is still just about the classiest way to tell time, this brass art piece is sure to please anyone with a garden.

12. Couple Matching Jewelry Set

They are yin and yang. They are two peas in a pod. They complete each other. They need this jewelry set to drive the point home in a way only material goods can.

13. Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes Print With Frame

A gift that breaks the gravity of 20 years down to the second.

14. 20th Wedding Anniversary Art

This custom wall art distills the mundane details of 20 years into a cocktail that is more than the sum of its ingredients.

15. Star Map

Twenty trips around the sun may seem like a lot, but not when compared to the vastness of the universe. Remind them of that with this star map art.

3 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Parents

A quarter century surely calls for pulling out all the stops right? All the stops that can be pulled out on a minimum wage budget. Here are the 25th wedding anniversary gifts that are sure to make you the favorite child.

Here are 3 25th wedding anniversary gifts for parents:

16. 25th Royal Windsor Anniversary Plate

If they’ve made it to 25 years together, they need some china. They probably have some… but they need more.

17. 25th Anniversary Champagne Toasting Flutes

Because by this point there’s a good chance the ones they got at their wedding reception are no longer around.

18. Tally Mark 25 Years

Time certainly does fly. But this small, but in no way insignificant, reminder that the march of time is as relentless as it is rewarding.

5 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Parents

Can you believe they made it to 50 years together without killing each other? I bet you can’t. So when it comes to 50th wedding anniversary gifts you have to put a lot of time and effort into selecting just the right memento. You have to strike just the right chord. These gifts will do just that.

Here are 5 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents:

19. 5oth Wedding Anniversary Gift

50 years is a long haul for sure. These gold laced mugs remind the happy couple every day of this fact.

20. We Share A Love Forever Young, 50th Anniversary

At this advanced state, loving forever isn’t exactly the easiest of bets. Just make sure to include earplugs in this triip

21. 5oth Years Down Forever To Go Puzzle Keychain

50 down… 50 to go. Right? Another 50?

22. 50th Anniversary Collage Picture Frame

In 50 years together you’re going to rack up a lot of memories. Memories that need displaying. This frame does just that.

23. 50th Anniversary Glass Bell

This glass bell is tastefully adorned with gold lettering and leafing that added an error of sophistication.

5 60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Parents

While you may be on your third marriage by now, the parents are staying strong. Here are some 60th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents that will help them remember who you are.

Here are 5 60th wedding anniversary gifts for parents:

24. Whiskey Diamond Decanter

After 60 years together, sharing a liter of whiskey doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

25. Diamond Wedding Anniversary Personalized Wishes

The diamond anniversary is one where you are going to be racking up gifts left and right. Various party favors are going to be needed, and this disposable set isn’t at all intrusive.

26. 60 Years Ago Poster

A this day in history gift is an excellent way to keep the mind sharp.

27. Milestone Wall Plaque Gifts

The numbers at 60 years are just mind-boggling. 720 months? Wow.

28. 60th Wedding Anniversary Bottle Opener

A simple bottle opener for all the libations they’ll share together moving forward.

3 Cheap Anniversary Gifts For Parents

Did your parents make it to all of your baseball games as a kid? No? Well, why not return the sentiment with some cheap gift ideas.

Here are 3 cheap anniversary gifts for parents:

29. Our Bucket List: A Creative And Inspirational Journal For Couples

There are a lot of ways to maintain motivation. It makes sense then, in every way possible) to follow your heart.

30. Questions For Couples

Relationships takes lot of work. Even if nobody wants to admit it. Here are 450+ questions to spark curiosity in a couple.

31. Personalized Pocket Hug Love Token

Maybe the kids will leave the parents alone long enough to get a shower in? Probably not, but who did wishful thinking ever hurt?

4 Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts For Parents

Oh… they did make it to all your baseball games. Oops. Well, in that case, even if you don’t have a ton of money to spend (kudos to you if you do balla’) you can tug at the old heartstrings with some thoughtful gifts on this most auspicious of anniversaries.

Here are 4 thoughtful anniversary gifts for parents:

32. Wedding Anniversary Burlap Print With Frame

For the DIY’er or prepper in your life.

33. Marriage Prayer Wood Plaque

It’s like the serenity prayer but for marriage.

34. Memory Jar

A memory jar is like scrapbooking but in jar form.

35. Where We Met Frame

A collage of photos from when they met will bring them back down memory lane.

3 Cute Anniversary Gifts For Parents

Nothing says “I love you guys” like some cute gifts on their anniversary. Remember, there are two parents, so there’s no reason not to get a couple of these.

Here are 3 cute anniversary gifts for parents:

36. 3d Pop-Up Anniversary Card

This 3d pop up card lets your love jump off the page. Quite literally.

37. Custom Ceramic Vase

This is a lot more fun than just another vase.

38. Custom Bobblehead

Bobbleheads are adorable. Even guys can agree on that.

2 Practical Anniversary Gifts For Parents

At some point in the gift giving cycle, you just run out of creative gift ideas and need to shift the process over into getting practical gifts. These may not be the most creative gifts in the world, but they are certainly some times that your parents will actually use.

Here are 2 practical anniversary gifts for parents:

39. Mama Bear & Papa Bear Coffee Mug Set

They don’t have enough coffee mugs right? Come on… what’s one more set?

40. Couple Wooden Quartz Watch

Sustainable wooden watches are all the rage right now. And they happen to be endlessly practical to boot.

4 Small Anniversary Gifts For Parents

You know what’s better than a big grand gesture? A small one. Here are some small gift ideas that your parents will love.

Here are 4 small anniversary gifts for parents:

41. Origami Miniature In Mini Glass Bottle

Ships in bottles are cool, but cranes in bottles? Not sure how they do it, but these are definitely small.

42. Ring Dish

Never lose a ring again.

43. Scented Candle

This one advertises as being targeted to women, but he’ll be sneaking in some zen moments as well.

44. Amazon E-Gift

Amazon may as well be currency.

3 DIY Anniversary Gifts For Parents

Does your Mom keep trotting out that homemade Christmas card year in and year out? What did they shellack those things with anyway? How are they not completely disintegrated by now? If she liked that card then, why not some DIY gifts now?

Here are 3 DIY anniversary gifts for parents:

45. DIY Anniversary Gifts For Parents – 3D Papercut Light Boxes Frame Night Light

Never use a boring nightlight again. This backlit paper sculpture is a real conversation piece.

46. Surprise Picture Box

Quite literally a photo explosion.

47. Scrapbook Photo Album

Because it’s nice to have physical pictures… everything can’t be digital.

3 Cool Anniversary Gifts For Parents

Even if your parents aren’t the coolest parents in the world, they will still benefit from this list of cool gifts for their anniversary.

48. Personalized Artwork With Names And Dates

A museum-quality piece of custom art? Yes, please.

49. Custom World Push Pin Travel Map

For all the places they have been and will go.


Especially directions. He knows directions.

2 Unique Anniversary Gifts For Parents

You are a special little snowflake and these unique gifts will remind your parents of this everytime they look at it.

Here are 2 unique anniversary gifts for parents:

51. Any Recording Or Song On Acrylic Block

This doesn’t have to be just a song. You can also use a clip from their wedding video.

52. Wedding Time Capsule

Because it’s fun to go back and reminisce.

How To Pick The Best Anniversary Gifts For Parents

Anniversaries are a bit tricky in the old gift-giving department. Unlike a birthday, or a major holiday, an anniversary has a level of intimacy that you may not immediately be a part of, and thus, may not be expected to recognize with a gift. So there are a couple of steps you need to follow when deciding how to pick the best anniversary gift for parents.

Here’s how to pick the best anniversary gifts for parents:

1. Their Relationship To You

Notice that this list doesn’t say “your” parents. Just parents. There’s no reason you can’t get a gift for a couple that is friends who also happen to be parents. This is especially true of the anniversaries that are later in years or for the practical or unique gift ideas.

In fact, this year, go ahead and pick some good friends who are parents and make a tangible expression of appreciation at their commitment to one another. That’s just a nice thing to do and people don’t do it enough. There, it’s been said. Now, what’s the next factor to consider?

2. Your Relationship With Them

Look, it’d be nice if every relationship was a home run in the love department, but that simply isn’t the case. While the group of parents you are buying for might be madly in love with one another, perhaps your relationship to them is more lukewarm and distant. Maybe you are socially pressured to buy a gift, but your heart just isn’t in it.

That’s perfectly okay. You don’t need to feel bad about it.

There are plenty of gifts on this list that won’t break the bank and can be given without any real emotional investment.

3. Budget

This always is a mitigating factor when deciding to buy a gift. No matter the context. And, for anniversary gifts for parents? Well, it’s no different. You’ve got to take all the emotional gravity of the prior two steps and assign it a dollar value. Not the easiest thing in the world to do, but hopefully this list is diverse enough to take some of the hard work off your plate.

More Awesome Gift Ideas

Feeling like you’re really in the gift-giving stride after going through this near exhaustive list of anniversary gift ideas for parents? Well, no need to stop there! Everyone likes getting gifts, so here are some more gift idea lists to get scratch that altruistic itch.

  1. If you want a wife, you’ll need anniversary gifts for your girlfriend first.
  2. You need Christmas gift ideas. It comes around every year.
  3. You made it once around the sun, so one year anniversary gifts are in order.
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