33 Best American History Trivia Questions 2021

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sparrow jack March 26, 2021
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Here are the 3 best American history trivia:


1. When Was America Discovered?

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2. In The United States, What Is Marine One?

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3. Which President Was The First To Be Televised?

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33 Best American History Trivia Questions 2021

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3 American History Trivia For Kids

In order to make history fun for kids, it’s important to present it in a way that seems lighthearted and friendly. You can do just that with this American history trivia for kids.

Here are 3 American history trivia for kids:

4. In 1951, What Was Broadcasted In America?

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5. Who Discovered America?

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6. On What Date Was The Declaration Of Independence Signed?

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3 Funny American History Trivia

While some American history trivia might be serious, there are also some hilarious moments to remember. Relive them all with these funny trivia questions.

Here are 3 funny American history trivia:

7. Tell The Name Of Abraham Lincoln’s Dog?

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8. Name The Campaign Against The Sale Or Drinking Of Alcohol.

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9. George Washington Thomas Jefferson And Sam Adams All Did What?

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3 Fun American History Trivia

If you simply want to have fun while answering American history trivia questions, then it’s best to choose jovial and upbeat questions, such as these fun trivia questions.

Here are 3 fun American history trivia:

10. What Was The Original Name Of Martin Luther King, Jr.?

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11. Which President Gave The Shortest Inaugural Speech?

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12. Which Actor Top-Billed The 1960’S Television Series Batman?

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3 Easy American History Trivia

It’s always a good idea to mix in a few easy questions. Choose these easy trivia questions, and you can answer them without breaking a sweat.

Here are 3 easy American history trivia:

13. Before America Was Apparently Discovered By Columbus Who Lived There?

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14. To Which US State Would We Need To Travel To See The Statue Of Liberty?

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15. What City Was The First Capital Of The United States?

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4 Hard American History Trivia

If you’re looking for a bit of a challenge, you might want to try out something with a higher difficulty rating, such as these hard trivia questions.

Here are 4 hard American history trivia:

16. In Which Year Abraham Lincoln Was Assassinated?

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17. Which European Language Was First Spoken In The United States?

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18. Which Year Did California Become A State?

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19. On What Year Did The Ford Model T Enter Production?

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4 Random American History Trivia

Sometimes, it makes sense to shake things up a little. Choose one of these random trivia questions, and you can keep things spontaneous.

Here are 4 random American history trivia:

20. What Was The Initial Reported Cause Of Death For Elvis Presley That Spread In The Media?

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21. When Was The Hoover Dam Construction Completed?

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22. Who Installed The First Elevator In America?

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23. In Which Year Cigarettes Were Banned On The US Television.

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4 80s American History Trivia

The 80s were a great decade for America. If you want to learn more about what happened in America during the 80s, check out these 80s trivia questions.

Here are 4 80s American history trivia:

24. Who Was Elected U.S. President In 1980?

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26. Which Menu Item Did McDonald’s Unveil In 1983?

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27. Who Preceded Ronald Raegan’s Presidency In The United States Of America?

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90s American History Trivia

Many adults today fondly remember the 90s in America. If you want to relive this awesome decade, all you need to do is answer these 90s trivia questions.

Here are 3 90s American history trivia:

28. In 1992, The Largest Mall In The US, Mall Of America, Opened In Which State?

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29. True Or False. Bill Clinton Was The First President In American History To Be Impeached In 1998.

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30. What Was The Top-Grossing Movie Of 1990?

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3 American Sports History Trivia

If there’s one thing that almost all Americans love, it’s sports. If you think you know sports, try out this American sports trivia.

Here are 3 American sports history trivia:

31. What’s The Last Grand Slam Tennis Tournament Played In A Calendar Year?

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32. What Did An MIT Instructor Add To A Baseball Bat To Reduce Its Air Drag By 60 Percent?

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33. Which Two Cities Have The Oldest Stadiums In Major League Baseball?

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Downloadable List Of American History Trivia

Here is a downloadable list of American history trivia questions (right-click the image and select Save Image As:…)

More Awesome Trivia Question

If you’re enjoying the benefits of trivia questions, then the fun doesn’t need to stop. There are plenty more awesome trivia questions that you can answer, so why wait?

  1. Think you know football? Well, you’re not a true football expert until you’ve answered all of these football trivia questions.
  2. Ready for some baseball trivia? Learn more about this great American game as you answer some nifty and challenging questions.
  3. If you think you know everything there is to know about the National Football League, you need to challenge yourself with some NFL trivia. It’s the only way you’ll know whether you’re a true fan.

Here Is How To Pick The Best American History Trivia

When choosing American history trivia questions, it can be a little challenging to decide on the best ones. How do you know which American history trivia questions are good?

Well, all you need to do is follow this simple guide, and you can feel assured that your American history trivia will be filled with only the best questions.

Here is how to pick the best American history trivia:

1. Pick Questions On A Variety Of Different States

Don’t just focus on one or two US states when choosing your trivia questions. Each state has its own unique and interesting history, so do your best to cover them all. You never know what kinds of interesting information you might find.

2. Pick Questions That Cover A Variety Of Different Eras

America might be a relatively “young” nation as far as history is concerned, but there are lots of interesting moments to choose from through the ages.

When picking questions, it’s important to cover all of these different eras without focusing too heavily on a particular one.

3. Don’t Just Focus On The Presidents And The “Important” People

Some of the most interesting stories of US history come from the experiences of the “average Joe.”

When choosing questions, make sure to focus on the achievements of the average American instead of picking only questions that cover US presidents and other “important figures.”

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