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sparrow jack March 14, 2021
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Questions To Ask Before You Get Engaged

What’s our expectation about where to live geographically?
What differences do I love now but may find grating in five years?
How do we individually and collectively handle strees?
How important is the upkeep of physical appearance?
What is my partner’s relationship with drugs, alcohol, and gambling?
How are we as roommates?
What are our thoughts about kids, and how certain are they?
How are things in the bedroom?
How much do we talk about our relationship with others?
How do we handle conflict, and how could we be better about it?
How are we with each other’s families?
Is there something that I am expecting to change?
How compatible are we in our money styles, and how will we handle finances once married?
Who needs more free and alone time, and is that okay?
How should household chores be divided?
How stuck are we in each of our jobs, and what would happen if we got fired or wanted to leave?
How okay am I with my partner’s closeness to others, and when might I think of it as an emotional affair?
What’s our relationship to religion?
Why do you want to get married?
What are your thoughts on having children?
Do you have any issues with my family?
Do you have any issues with my family?
How will we handle conflict and rough patches?
What role does religion play in your life?
Are you in any debt?
How open about our relationship are we with others?
How will we divide household chores?
Are you truly prepared for “for better or for worse”?
What’s your love language?
What do you see in our future?
Are you prepared to put our relationship first?
Is there anything you’re afraid to talk to me about?
Do you have any hesitations?
Do you want this to last forever?
Would you rather be rich and miserable or poor and happy?
Who will make the biggest decisions of the household?
What would you do if someone said something bad about me?
How do you feel about debt?
Would you share all money with your spouse or split the money into different accounts?
What are your views on saving money?
What are your views on spending money?
What if we both want something but can’t afford both?
How well do you budget?
Would you follow the advice of your family before your spouse?
What do you believe the role of a wife is?
Who should do household chores?
Do you enjoy traveling?
How often would you like to travel?
Where would you like to travel?
How important is spending time alone to you?
How would you feel about me going on a trip with the girls (boys) for a couple of weeks?
How important is spending time with friends to you?
What would be the perfect weekday evening to you?
What would we do if we both had a break from work, but each of us had different ideas on how to spend it?
What do you believe the role of a husband is?
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